Peter Adamis  19 June 2014.   Despite the victories and successes of Western nations against the Islamic force across the world, it is becoming evident that the West is losing the war against Islam and its adherents.  It has been costly in manpower, material
Peter Adamis 2 July 2014. To download the complete article click on on:  AUSSIE ISLAMIC LEADERS UNITE AGAINST TERRORISM   The news is good and it demonstrates the Abbott's government mature approach to dealing with those who are and were intent on leaving
Peter Adamis 16 July 2014.   The article attached (I would fight in Syria today if I could) barely touches the inner emotions of a person of the Islamic faith and does not truly address all the good work of parents, Imams, Islamic clerics and  teachers
Peter Adamis  17 July 2014.   Australia is currently facing a number of challenges which have short term and long term consequences for the economy, security and culture.  Illegal boats, unrest in the Pacific basin, returning "Jihad"  Australian citizens, cyber
Abalinx -Peter Adamis 19 April 2015
Soon we will be engulfed by media reports of the ANZAC spirit and heroic deeds of a bygone past that created a nation and a people. While at the same time, a battle would be raging on social media and other media

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