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Welcome to Vigilance, a website dedicated to those who have served, continue serving and/or are forever watchful.  This website is ten years online although the origins of it began in the year 1998. It first began as a dedication to those who had served with the Royal Australian Regiment, but over the years developed into involving all those men and women who have served and continue serving as the watchers of this nations security. 

It matters little whether you served in a civilian, military and/or paramilitary capacity, this site is dedicated to all. The site welcomes contributions as long as their focus is with Australia and its people. This site also recognises the original guardians of this land, our aboriginal nations who roamed it for thousands of years before the coming of civilization as we know it today.

The emphasis is on those who have worn the uniform of Australia  and with this also comes the question what would be acknowledged and accepted as being the definition of uniform. It could be civilian attire or it could mean a form of dress worn by a designated group of individuals and/or organisations with like minded objectives. The security of this home we call Australia. . 

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