Hans Fleer

FleurI wrote the attached article with the support and advice from Mick Angell, Bill Cane & Gary Adams (A company 1969/70).  As the Acoy Representative for the 6 RAR Association, it was customary to provide a representative on behalf of the Association.  A copy of the completed article may be downloaded by clicking on: FLEER Johannes

On the day, the church was filled to the brim and members from around the world attended the funeral. Members were from all walks of life, apart from family members, there were ex veterans, serving members, SAS, RAR Commandos, Spooks, Government officials, Politicians etc.

I also caught up with an old mate Dave Piggot ex D Coy 6 RAR and a few others that cannot be named but I was surprised that they were in attendance.   It was a very moving experience and many felt that the great man had gone far too early.

On a personal note, I first met and heard of Hans Fleer as a young digger in 6 RAR who were at the time in Malaya/Singapore 1973. I remember him as a tall, skinny and good looking young bloke, smiling and spoke softly. Then some years later, we had the pleasure of meeting him again, whilst on a exercise near Winton – Charleville area, Queensland. He had heard that his mates from 6 RAR were in the area and he paid us a visit.

I remember correctly he had been promoted to a Lieutenant and was posted to SASR. To us young diggers he was something special even though we did not know him personally. His mates still with us told us about Hans Fleers Vietnam heroism in the face of battle. As time went on we would often hear of his name in one context or another and it is with great sadness to hear of his passing.  Peter Adamis


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