Thelma Barwick 2011 – A tribute to a fine lady

Maurice and Thelma enjoying the overseas trip together

The time is now 1.38 am on the 28 March 2011 and it is two years to the day since Thelma passed away in Ballarat.  Yesterday, Auntie Thelma”s husband, Maurice paid a surprise and expected visit to the Adamis family and wished me a Happy Birthday. It was most unexpected as Maurice was in Ballarat at the time and he made the long journey to our home just to wish me the best for the next day. He brought with him some flowers and and a bottle of wine.

I immediately thought the flowers and wine were for me. Silly me, the flowers were for Yovanna and the wine was for the home. In any case, both were appreciated. Maurice’s (aka Silver Fox, Boss, Uncle Maurie) visit to the Adamis family  home reminded me of my other military mate, Eddie black, who had driven all the way from Brisbane just to be at the wedding of Yovanna and I in 2001. Although that another story, both visits meant a lot to me. Maurice was my Officer Commanding (OC) in 1985 to 1986 whilst members of Deakin University in Geelong, Victoria and like my friendship with Eddie Black we have become firm friends over the years.

Both members and their families have been there for me during the most difficult and dark ages of my life and continue to support during the current issues that I am now confronted with in life. Both friends along with their wives Auntie Thelma and Eddie’s wife Lisa are very hard to find. When one does find them, they are cherished forever. This article is not so much about Maurice’s visit but more so about “Auntie”Thelma who had has not been forgotten and nor will our memory of her be forgotten.

Maurice had gone to Castlemain (to pay his respects to Thelma) a week prior to coming down and was in Ballarat to attend a meeting with the Cemeteries trust when he returned my call on his Birthday. his surprise visit was certainly most welcome and when he came down he asked if we could down load some of his photographs from his camera. Lo and behold we found some other photographs that Maurice had retained on his camera. Scanning the photos quickly it was noticed that there were some photographs of Auntie Thelma and approval to post them online was obtained from Maurice. The photographs displayed below were kept in Maurice’s camera for over two years and had been taken when Maurice and Auntie Thelma were overseas on their last trip together.

Maurice and Auntie Thelma were always a private couple and they lived a life that was interesting, fulfilling and enjoyable. The photographs shown below speak for them selves and words need not describe the moments. It is hope that the next article will be about Auntie Thelma’s origins on her fathers side. Her grandfather was of Greek origins who arrived in Austrian in the last century and lived near the goldfields. The articles are therefore centered around the Kotsiakos family and hence their online within the Hellenic Forum.

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