Lakonians welcome the Peloponnesian Confederation

The Committee of the  Pallaconian Brotherhood of Melbourne & Victoria

‘Leonidas’ Inc.,  welcomes the newly formed Peloponnesian Confederation of

Melbourne & Victoria, and wishes it every success in the future.


 On Sunday 11 March 2012, The Pallaconian Brotherhood “Leonidas” will host the first official function of the Peloponnesian Confederation.  Chris Paikopoulos will act as the Master of Ceremonies on behalf of the Peloponnesian Brotherhood. It is envisaged that the meeting will be attended by the Ethnic, Local Media, and Online Internet Media Observers, (OIMO), Peloponnesian representatives, Laconians and the general public. The Peloponnesian Confederation will present the audience and visitors alike with an overview of their objectives and aims of the organisation. Funds have already been pledged and discussions have taken place regarding future joint events that would be of benefit to all Confederation members.

In a recent interview with Mr Chris Paikopoulos about his views on the Confederation were of a positive nature, but he felt that all members need further information to clarify matters and ease any concerns regarding the issues that have been brought to the Confederation’s attention. Mr Chris Paikopoulos emphasized that he intends to advise all members present that the newly formed Confederation has no ulterior designs regarding financial accounts and/or assets that belonged to member organisations of the Confederation and that the aims and objectives of the Confederation are simply a council of members representing a region within the Peloponnese, Greece via their organisations located in Victoria, Australia. Mr Chris Paikopoulos is of the belief that the more Australian Hellenic organisations there are, the better Australians of Hellenic background are catered for and their needs met.  Peter Adamis – Abalinx


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