His Grace Bishop Iakovos of Militoupolis visits the Pallaconians of Melbourne Victoria.

On a beautiful warm and sunny April Tuesday in 2012, a simple broth of Fasolada was being shared amongst the kinsmen and women of the Pallaconian Brotherhood of Melbourne Victoria.  The Pallaconian Brotherhood of Melbourne and Victoria was blessed with the visit of his Grace Bishop Iakovos of Militoupolis. The last time his Grace had visited his kinsmen the Laconians of Melbourne was at the 50 year Anniversary of the Pallaconian Brotherhood, Leonidas. The event had attracted in excess of 200 members who had waited a long time to come to see one of their own. To view His Grace Bishop Iakovos of Militoupolis speech click on the left side bar You tube.

Many of those in the community centre had not realised the significance of their visitor until it was made known to them that His Grace Bishop Iakovos of Militoupolis was one of their own people whose parent’s origins were from Lakonia, Greece. His Grace of Laconian heritage is the first Bishop to have been born in Australia and as such it was first for Australians of Hellenic origins. His Grace Bishop Iakovos of Militoupolis is well known within the Melbourne, Victoria Australian Hellenic community as well as in the wider Australian community.

Upon entering the confines of the community, his Grace Bishop Iakovos of Militoupolis greeted every member in the community. It was not long before he was mobbed by the many trying to obtain an audience and wish him well in his role of Bishop. His Grace was most humble and appreciative of the invitation extended to him by Laconians of Melbourne Victoria and looks forward to many a return .

The Pallaconians, emulating their ancient Spartan ancestors (who ate a simple black broth) did not disappoint “their own Laconian kinsman (his Grace) by the offering of a simple and frugal meal of Fasolada (Bean broth). This simple meal was most welcome by His Grace Bishop Iakovos of Militoupolis who blessed the offering. Kon Karavitis the Pallaconian Brotherhood Public Relations Officer was the Master of Ceremonies, welcome the special guest of honour and his fellow clergy. This greeting was also followed up by the Pallaconian brotherhoods Senior Citizens President who spoke on behalf of all members that it was an honour and privilege that the Bishop had come to visit its members. His Grace Bishop Iakovos of Militoupolis, smiling and beaming from the many well wishers, gave a most heart warming and passionate speech about the virtues of Christianity, what the meaning of Easter was and wished one and all a very happy Easter.

At the conclusion of the dinner and the official speeches, the Bishop began to converse met with the members but was overwhelmed by the multitude of people wanting to speak with him and/or get a photograph with him.  It was a very fine and successful event that promised of better tiding for the future. Kon Karavitis advised the members that his grace had been invited to attend another function at the community hall in May of this year. This announcement went down well with the members and the bishop was given a tumultuous applause. Chris Paikopoulos the President of the Pallaconian Brotherhood said later, that he was looking forward to meeting with his Grace, the Consulate General and the City of Moreland Mayor again in May of this year.


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