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Abalinx 12 December 2004 Peter Adamis

Preamble.        This is a living document to record the progress, development and future of Abalinx. It will be reviewed periodically to record progress. A copy of the article may be downloaded by clicking on: Abalinx in the beginning

Origins.             .  The idea of creating Abalinx came up as a result of leaving the employment of the Australian Defence Force on the 10 June 1998.  The aim was to create a business based on mentoring, training, education and information technology using skills and knowledge gained throughout ones military career.  

Peter Adamis plans was to have it online by the end of 1998. However due to unforeseen circumstances the concept was delayed and shelved until additional resources could be identified. In 2000 the concept was discussed further with his friend and associate Maurice Barwick and both decided to explore the concept further. In addition, Peter Adamis in discussions with his ex-military mates regarding a website to record the past and was in the process of developing a section on the website based on his association with members of A Company, the 6th Royal Australian Regiment. However as it turned out, this idea had to be shelved as one of his friends (Richard Creagh) beat him to it.  The concept of Abalinx was placed on the back burner while Peter gained employment with a traffic Engineering Company and also worked for a Welfare organisation to support the family.

In 2002, after further discussions, plans were put into motion to create an ex-service military website in conjunction with training including a small social media network based on friends.  On the 8 March 2004 The domain name Abalinx = (Adamis and Barwick Associates) was registered while the finishing touches were being applied to the website. Finally on the 28 March 2004 the Abalinx website went online.  The logo was designed by Mark Adamis, son of the owner.

Although Maurice Barwick did not actively take part in the establishment of Abalinx, out of respect, the name was retained and expressions of interest in the project by Maurice Barwick ceased. However despite this turn of events the project continued over the years without removing Maurice Barwick from the project. While Abalinx developed over the years, Maurice continued with his work as a solicitor and worked on his farm named Mureybet at Beaufort, Victoria. 

Team members.                       On the 15 November of 2004, a young man named Amri Sannang joined the team. Amri was a programmer and was instrumental in reprogramming and reviewing the website using Dreamweaver amongst other programmes at the time. A few months later a young lady named Tian Zhao also joined the team making it a total of two young team members adding to the development of Abalinx.  In addition to these two young member, Bob Astill an ex RAAF member also joined, assisting with developing training programmes.

Description.      ABALINX began as a not for profit organisation dedicated to enhancing the quality of life using social media as its platform. Abalinx is based on Social Media Network that consists of a team of skilled professionals dedicated to providing information about Mature Age Career Services, Occupational Environmental Health & Safety. Abalinx also provides free online support forums.

Mission.            The mission of Abalinx is to enhance the quality of life for all humans no matter their colour, race, religion or culture through our website abalinx.com Its aim is to lay the foundations for the interchange and sharing of knowledge to all and shine light into the dark recesses of ignorance and believe that communication is the gateway to building relationships throughout the world.

Global & domestic network.                  ABALINX has links on a National & International level. Its physical main office is located in Melbourne, Australia with associates in North America, Europe, India and Asia.


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