Alleged Liberal Party links to crime

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liberal logoPeter Adamis 25 may 2014

Over the past few days, there has been much furore over the alleged Political party links to the Mafia in Victoria.  Over the years, alleged links with either of the major parties political parties have appeared in the media and as to be expected the Mafia is always the grounds for  a good story. A copy of the article may be downloaded by clicking onALLEGED LIBERAL PARTY LINKS TO CRIME

What is the attraction I really don’t know other than to believe that there is a sinister plot being hatched to bring down the government of the day.  Members of Parliament on a State and federal level as well as political candidates have been unfairly linked to alleged crime syndicates by attending functions where some of the guests have been identified as being linked to them. This so far from the truth that I sit back and wonder where is our society headed to.

In this case, it is the turn of the Liberal party to wear the heat regarding alleged Mafia links.  The Premier is doing a Pontius Pilate and washing his hands of the whole affair, Matthew Guy, an aspiring and ambitious young man with his eye on the top job is distancing himself from the whole affair, Russell Broadbent is unfairly wearing the flak and the Liberal party machine in its infinite wisdom is doing its best to clarify the situation by denying such allegations.

Whatever the case may be, it is a well known fact that it is the organisers who are responsible for such events and that Ministers are normally kept in the dark of who may be in attendance. the only time that they would be advised if a notable guest who is willing to provide political funds would get a special mention or acknowledgement by a minister.   Acknowledgement does not infer or even indicate that the minister is aware of a guests history other that the guest would like t make a contribution towards the function and the political party in question.

We as readers love a good story and the more juicy, saucy, cynicism, half truths, misinformation that is fed up to us at the dinner table, online, text messages, twitter, face book, LinkedIn and a host of other communication methods the more we want. We as readers again crave for the unusual, feign ignorance, surprise and astonishment at what were a fed and subjected to on confrontational and Subliminal messages designed to capture our imagination.

In this case, readers will find that that no matter what political party is involved, POLITICAL FUNDS WILL ALWAYS BE ACCEPTED, no matter what their origins are.  If this is the case and readers are still shocked, they should look no closer than home and ask whether investment companies are clean and whether their investments in third world and developing countries policies, strategies and workplace methods are in line with Australian standards.  

LiberalsIf such matters are investigated further they may be shocked at the truth and then think again regarding their legal morals and values within Australia. Remembering at the same time that these investment companies also contribute and lobby the major political parties at election time.  The year 2014 is no different as Victoria heads towards an State election on the 27 November 2014 for control of Victorias assets and resources as the main prize, not the people who will vote for them.

This therefore returns us back to fundraising and the alleged links with Mafia communities within Melbourne and Victoria. I will go on record to state that I am of the belief that there is no such thing as the Mafia in Melbourne Victoria. However having said that does not mean that there is no organised crime or families of a particular cultural background that have not banded together to look after their family business and interests. Their methods, business strategies and modus operandi  would probably shock many citizens, but law enforcement and government agencies and institutions are in place within our society to deal with such matters.  Instead of using the word Mafia, why not use the Lebanese, Chinese, Greek, Serbian, Italian crime syndicates. To do so will not attract the publicity that sells the news and as such sensationalism rules the media airways.

Political parties income comes from three primary sources such as memberships, donations and fundraising. This does not appear to be changing now or in the near future. What is acceptable donations is a matter for each political party to make a judgement upon as long as its moral values are not compromised. lose the respect of the people and lose its credibility.  

In this particular case, it appears that other recalcitrant individuals, interested parties and nefarious groups are at play to denigrate the Premier Denis Napthine, The Planning Minister and Federal member, Russel Broadbent.  Making allegations and inferring that these members are involved or had knowledge of such fundraising and alleged crime indicate links are  barking up the wrong tree. I am of the belief that the attacks are politically motivated to weaken the Denis Napthine Government and reduce the effectiveness of the Liberal Party in Victoria.

Peter Adamis Australia Day iconThe Voice from the Pavement – Peter Adamis is a Journalist/Commentator and writer. He is a retired Australian military serviceman and an Industry organisational & Occupational (OHS) & Training Consultant whose interests are within the parameters of domestic and international political spectrum.  He is an avid blogger and contributes to domestic and international community news media outlets as well as to local and Ethnic News.  He holds a Bachelor   of Adult Learning & Development (Monash), Grad Dip Occupational Health  & Safety, (Monash),  Dip. Training & Assessment, Dip Public Administration, and Dip Frontline Management. Contact via Email: [email protected] or via Mobile: 0409965538

Vic premier in dark over Lib Mafia claim

AAP  MAY 23, 2014   Source: AAP

denis napthineAn alleged Mafia godfather from Melbourne donated to a federal Liberal Party fundraiser in 2013.  THE Victorian premier says he knows nothing about a Liberal Party fundraiser that had alleged links to the Mafia.  A Liberal Party campaign for a marginal seat in the 2013 federal election was reported to be partially funded by a suspected Mafia godfather from Melbourne.  Fairfax Media reports the Bruce electorate campaign fundraising dinner, attended by Planning Minister Matthew Guy, was hosted at the alleged Mafia boss’s Docklands reception centre on March 1 last year.

Premier Denis Napthine says he knows nothing about it and it is not a matter for him. “It was a federal election candidate, it was run by the Liberal Party, it is not my responsibility,” he told reporters on Friday.  “These questions are best directed to the Liberal Party itself, who organise these fundraising events.

“I know nothing about these matters. I don’t even know who they’re talking about.”  The premier said people were free to refer the issue to anti-corruption watchdog IBAC if they felt it was appropriate.  The Labor opposition says Dr Napthine and Mr Guy need to answer questions about what they knew.

“These are very serious allegations about Liberal Party fundraisers allegedly linked with the Calabrian Mafia,” Deputy Opposition Leader James Merlino told reporters on Friday.  “There is nothing right about that.  “What did the premier know and when?  “Did Matthew Guy know when he headlined this event that he was doing so with allegedly the Calabrian Mafia?”

Federal Liberal MP Russell Broadbent, Mr Guy, state Liberal MP for Hastings Neale Burgess, as well as Bruce candidate Emanuele Cicchiello and former Bass Coast mayor Neville Goodwin attended the fundraiser, Fairfax Media said.  A spokesperson for Mr Guy said the minister was invited to attend the Docklands function by the Liberal campaign for Bruce.  “The minister had no role in organising the event or its guest list.”

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