Hellenic fiscal crisis

the olive and greecePeter Adamis 13 July 2015

I have consistently stated many times over that Greece will not leave the Euro. A copy of the article may be downloaded by clicking on:AN ALTERNATIVE POINT OF VIEW ON THE HELLENIC FISCAL CRISIS

My sympathies have always been with the YES voters in Greece because like them I understood that it was better to remain in the EU, accept the Euro as currency, tighten belts and accept the austerity measures until such time world opinion pressured the EU to make changes.

Those who supported the NO vote did so on emotional and financial reasons and not for patriotic or longevity of Greece. Their aims were short-sighted that would have led down the path of Argentina. Likewise here in Melbourne, the organizers for the NO vote were all ideologically driven to support Syriza by any means and fooled the Australians of Greek heritage. The referendum was a farce and politically motivated which led to nothing at all in the end. It’s a simple case of owing money on a national level, nothing more and simple as that. If you owe money, you either make deals with your creditors, obtain loans, sell assets, tighten your belt and become frugal, all of the above and the last is to go bankrupt.

Yes it’s difficult for the Greeks in Greece, but judging them by history, they will survive as a nation once they are out of the austerity measures and learn to live within their means. Gone are the days where small plots of land were sold to make way for high rise buildings, gone are the days where land was sold to purchase vehicles, gone are the days where money was borrowed on a large scale, gone are days of enormous public service staff feeding off the nation, gone are the early retirements, gone are the short working hours, and so forth.

It’s time once again for the Greek nation to pull together, including the elite who still live well in their fashionable suburbs and can be seen at night eating and drinking and having a great old time while the rest of the country suffers. This includes ALL of the big businesses and ship owners who do not pay the taxes that they should. Greece needs to restructure its economy in order to attract tourism and others to invest in Greece once again.

My comments are but random thoughts and are the subject of further material yet to be published. They come after a six week working holiday (freelance journalist) in Greece collecting information on the country and its people as well as investing in buying land and supporting the local economy. In addition to my main reason for going being to cater for the well being of an aunt.

I am no expert on the subject and can only report upon my own observations during my time and my comments are subject to constructive criticism of which I welcome. Apologies to the Hellenic purists for any comments that may offend.

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