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Abalinx 8 February 2018 Peter Adamis

Recently I wrote an “Open letter to an online social media contributor”. A copy of that letter is shown below.  I am appalled by his and others language and behaviour and wonder just where these member spawned from. A copy of the article may be downloaded by clicking on:  AUSSIE GREEKS NEED A LESSON IN HUMILITY

Is it the Australian environment that has given them the false courage to contribute in such a negative fashion or is it merely ego on their part.  I am of the belief that it is the latter based on the language used.  Greek newspapers in Greece and in Australia have contributed to the falsification of news and surprise surprise even editors have fallen into the trap of making errors of judgement when one knows full well the extent of their falsehoods. They know who they are and from a personal point of view, they should hold their heads in shame.

We have some fine journalist of Aussie Greek background who write well and there are many who contribute to the world of learning based upon their life experiences. Finally we have those with academic qualifications who pontificate from nigh on high or in some cases from the pulpit, telling others what is the right thing to do according to their opinion.  On the other hand these same “educated individuals” criticise others, their place of origin, (Hellas – Greece) and heap abuse and sarcasm upon those who are Australians of Greek background.

These are the same individuals who do not contribute to the body of mankind’s knowledge, do not contribute to Aussie or Hellenic causes and still they want to be admired for their skill with the quill. Sooner or later all of become undone, get caught out or found wanting because the opinions provided lack the depth and the integrity. I as a freelance journalist am not immune to this disease and I do fight the urge to throw in the odd piece that is not fact.  But those urges are few and far between.

I would prefer that these same Aussie Greeks use their time to contribute to this great nation of ours, (Australia) knowledge that supports and strengthens society rather than use the negativity of the quill pen to justify their importance in their own eyes. I for one would be full of praise and would go out on a limb if I witnessed such a contribution.  We all have a story to tell, but let us temper it with some degree of humility as it’s not all about me so the saying goes. We are surrounded by beautiful people who have all had a hand in our development, we did not do this alone.

I do hope for the sake of Australian Hellenism, that current and future writers contribute to a more positive platform of learning and put aside their egos and self-interested agendas. Let others judge you for your contribution and you will attract the followers you may seek.  Stand out from the crowd, be humble, learn to serve, learn what humility is all about and once you have learnt that, keep on writing and leave a legacy behind that you can be remembered for.

The ancient Greeks knew a thing or two and it is not up to me to teach current and budding authors how to suck eggs, but merely to show the way that life is not all about the self or the “me concept”.  Think about it, sit back, think about it and have another beer to quench your thirst for knowledge, acclamation and with some luck, recognition from your peers.

Peter Adamis is a Journalist/Social Media Commentator and writer. He is a retired Australian military serviceman and an Industry organisational & Occupational (OHS) & Training Consultant whose interests are within the parameters of domestic and international political spectrum.  He is an avid blogger and contributes to domestic and international community news media outlets as well as to local and Ethnic News.  He holds a Bachelor   of Adult Learning & Development (Monash), Grad Dip Occupational Health & Safety, (Monash), and Dip. Training & Assessment, Dip Public Administration, and Dip Frontline Management. Website: abalinx.com Contact via Email: [email protected] or via Mobile: 0481 342 791


Peter Adamis 8 February 2018

My Dear Mr. Socrates Papadopoulos, try as I might to control my own aggressive, passion and volatile emotions that can often be misconstrued for lunacy; I will endeavour to be as tactful as possible. I say this, as I do not wish to be seen as being ungrateful by your insane and unwarranted comments.

As such you deserve a suitable response. I say this in light of the high opinion that your hold of yourself and less of others.  This is an open letter to you as a demonstration that your comments about others is inappropriate and not in the spirit of an intelligent and robust debate.  This is my analysis of you:

  1. You know nothing about me other than what you glean from internet sources. You are therefore at the mercy of what you read.
  2. You have no idea of my life experiences other than what you believe and assume.
  3. You write in a language that demonstrates intelligence and yet you lack the commonsense that one hopes you would have accumulated throughout life.
  4. You pontificate from your perceived high perch because you feel you are superior to others and look down upon us mere mortals.
  5. You bait people and destroy them sitting behind a keyboard of your choice, because you lack the courage to be honest.
  6. It is my “professional opinion” that you:
    A. Lack emotional intelligence;
    B. Have a skewed and misinformed outlook on life;
    C. You are not humble with your peers, colleagues;
    D. You are sarcastic, ignoble, lacking in good manner;
    E. You like to appear well read, but it’s a false assumption;

    F. You copy and paste from various sources to look good;
    G. You lack self-esteem and have not tasted self-actualisation;
    H. You revel in making others cringe because they don’t how to respond; and
    I. You are downright rude, boring and not an academic or intellectual.

Summary.     You a nothing but a toadstool living in the shade of ignorance and feeding on the carrion of unbelievable stupidity.   If you believe that I have misjudged you or that my analysis of you is wrong, then and only after you have demonstrated to me that you deserve to be in any of our online social media groups, I may apologise for my harsh judgement of you.

However, I am of the belief that you will find it difficult to come to terms with my description of you above and will resort to aggressive and abusive behaviour. That is your right and you choice to make. But remember this, no matter what you say or do, it is no skin off my nose and you will certainly not be missed in our serious, animated and robust discussions.

Please do not assume that you know what others think or what phobias that have or have not. Life is not as simple as you make it out to be. Furthermore I am not convinced that you deserve my attention, but for your sake, I am making an exception.   It takes me little more than ten seconds to block you and have you off my debates and groups. If you tried to use a pseudonym, then sooner or later you will be exposed and shamed publicly for the foolish behaviour you are demonstrating. I have already blocked you in the past, but against my better judgement, I unblocked you. Life is far too short to concern myself with the foolish things of life.

Do not assume that we are all fools. I do hope for you sake that you get my message.  I am more than happy to discuss this matter privately as all gentlemen should. Otherwise Mr.  Socrates Papadopoulos, you are nothing but a wannabee, moron, maggot, wanker weasel, worm.

(PS: Visit the following link for a complete understanding of these descriptions:

Peter Adamis

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