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Abalinx 2 March 2020 Peter Adamis

What an odd title for a political article, but if you seriously think about it, Australian political hypocrisy of media slings and arrows have much in common with the cut and thrust of the short swords being used in the political arena. ‘The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune or to take arms against a sea of troubles are the tools of trade used by the media, observers, irregulars, sycophants, gutless folk that hid in the shadows, the whisperers who have no political clout other than to pass on wicked and veiled Chinese whispers. They know who they are for it is not for me to demonstrate that I know who these pseudo false individuals are. One insidious word from such sycophants is enough to sink the political lifeboat of a potential rival no matter how good they are.  The greatest purveyor’s contributors of fake news and sensationalism are the news media. A copy of the article may be downloaded by clicking on: AUSSIE SLINGS AND ARROWS

At the present moment Victoria is going through a change in demographics that is so far removed from its traditional conservative Christian motivated grass roots base. In the past these traditional conservative Christian regions would be classified as the Bible belt, while others would be considered as the working man’s region where income was the decider.  Today, those regions having become blurred, we find that religion, status, financial and education are no longer the deciding factors in what constitutes a good candidate.  Political correctness, demographic changes, alternative life styles, climate change, and extreme ideologies appear to be the norm in today’s society are all being sensationalised by the news media to boost their ratings, finances and image.

Both main political parties in Victoria are prone to housing such innocuous elements within their broad church and as such each political party deals with individuals according to a conglomeration of preconceived compatible ideological needs. On the Federal level, Labor and the Greens have different ideological beliefs but both realise that by collaborating together they can achieve better outcomes on some issues, but never to share power for the sake of power at a government level. The Liberal and National party on the other hand work hand in glove with one another according to long held agreements forged many years ago to the interests of both parties. In theory The National party in the absence of a Liberal leader steps into the vacuum and fulfils the role of leader.

Having stated the above, have readers reflected on the bushfire crisis and realised that the Australian people were being led by the nose regarding the management of the Australian bushfire crisis. Who was responsible, none other that the media. The media in this case used the absence of the Prime Minister to highlight his poor judgment on going on a holiday but to his credit returned once he realised the severity of the crisis. Was this fair reporting of the facts or merely just hypocrisy on their part?  The media did not focus on the Deputy leader who happened to be the leader of the Nationals and who stepped in while the Prime Minister was away.  It is unfortunate that the Deputy Leader is held in such poor light by his colleagues and those in his electorate. Many who have met him believe that his leadership style is rather shallow and lacking in sincerity.  The media congenitally forgot about those absent during the Black Friday bush fire disaster in Victoria and never once did it become news during the 2019 and 2020 bushfire crisis.

The media were more intent on painting the Prime Minister as a demagogue, or another Nero who was absent on a holiday while Australia burned. Had Tim Fischer been alive he would have done a marvellous job while the Prime Minister was absent, but then again Tim Fischer had the benefit of leadership having been a Vietnam Veteran.  The media did not focus on the Labor members that were absent, the news media did not focus on the absence of the Greens who had voted many years ago against burning of grasslands and forests of fuel that required to be undertaken.

The Greens in this case should have been roasted by the media and dragged over hot coals to expose them and their policies for the sham that they are, but the media failed to act in a responsible manner yet again. Malcolm Turnbull, the former Prime Minister ousted by his own party criticised his former colleague the current Prime Minister over his handling of the Bush fore crisis. This former Prime Minister flew to the United States with his tail between his legs and failed to support his former colleagues win the Federal election. The coalition won the election without him.

In the context of this article the words news media takes into account news readers, online social media platforms, journalists, talk back jockeys, and those appearing on televised programmes.  The media did not focus parliamentarians absent on holidays in Asia during the corona virus crisis. The media were merely trying to make a name for themselves by going after the scalp of the Prime Minister and to create an elaborate platform for further attacks on the leadership of the leader of the nation.

Slings and arrows were thrown in the form of innuendoes, blanket statements of poor judgement, leader’s errors and concentrating on minor actions of a few boguns and ugly Australians. In China for example, those who report the truth disappear and as such, the globe is kept in the dark of the magnitude of the corona virus. The news media are the greatest purveyors of slings and arrows and of fake news to the extent that brings into question their integrity and credibility.

What does all of the above mean to the average person in the street? Nothing, absolutely nothing. As long as there is work, food on the table, enough for some entertainment and a little put away, the average person is not interested in the politics of the day or what the media has to say. Is it because society has fallen into the abyss of apathy, self-indulgence and all about what is in it for them. 

Gone are the days when life meant much more and where society thought about the future in a logical and commonsense environment and were not led by the sensationalism of the media with their political slings and arrows.  Why has society changed so much, where have we as a society gone wrong, where are the leaders of today who had the courage to stand up and call a spade a spade and not afraid of political correctness. We as a society have become a farce and could be considered a society of mindless drones afraid to speak out.

Emerging generations will be faced with a whole new world where the challenges and paradigms of the past will no longer be the same and society will have to adjust to a whole new world that may not be equipped physically and mentally to cope.  Artificial intelligence combined with breakthroughs in nanotechnologies will change the face of the world as we know. People will be left behind from a technological point of view here money will be in the form of electronic credits based on behaviour, ideology, health status and network alliances.

A society where insurance companies will have a greater voice in society, and big corporations will be ruling the world through a means of collaborative alliances that is of mutual benefit. The news media if it’s true to form will rise to challenges of a new society and report on what is important rather than on what is sensationalism and fake news and once again revert to a time when news media had integrity, was credible, newsworthy a voice for the people. Until that time comes, society must learn to live within the narrow parameters of the slim freedoms we enjoy today.

Peter Adamis is a Journalist/Social Media Commentator and writer. He is a retired Australian military serviceman and an Industry organisational & Occupational (OHS) & Training Consultant whose interests are within the parameters of domestic and international political spectrum.  He is an avid blogger and contributes to domestic and international community news media outlets as well as to local and Ethnic News.  He holds a Bachelor   of Adult Learning & Development (Monash), Grad Dip Occupational Health & Safety, (Monash), and Dip. Training & Assessment, Dip Public Administration, and Dip Frontline Management. Website: Contact via Email: [email protected] 

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