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Peter Adamis 1 August 2014.  Just when life was becoming normal the public is struck with further revelations of political misdemeanours and surprises that belong to party political administrative archives and the dungeons. A complete copy of the article may be downloaded by clicking on: BAILLIEUGATE 12

BaillieuGate ongoing saga.                     The BaillieuGate leaked tape sage is continuing with no concrete results other than to discredit a political party that erred in its strategic use of the BaillieuGate leaked tape.  Having said this does not mean that there no more repercussions with their opponents in the Liberal Party. It would appear that it is now confirmed that a political witch-hunt is occurring as we speak and a purge of the membership is occurring to weed out toes who are not compatible with the Socialist left wing of the Liberal party.

 Political witch hunt.                        Over the past few days those members who were originally suspected of being involved have been contacted by senior Liberals and advised that they were no longer considered to be a party to the nefarious leaking of the BaillieuGate leaked tape and/or associated with the distribution of the email to Liberal party members.  The employment of an outside resource to ‘forensic audit’ the Liberal party networks is not the way to go and one should be looking at the errors made by parliamentary colleagues in their failure to hide the emails in the first place when they are sent out to members. When the dust finally settles, one can be sure that old scores will be settled, political knives be shaped. powder in the musket, targets identified and  a reshuffle of positions of influence and power.  If parties can overcome such a scenario and world together for the good of Victoria and Australia, all the better for it.

Damien Mantach.    I have said tis before and will probably repeat it after the State election that I feel sorry for the Liberal State Director, Damien Mantach, not being given the longitude and latitude to control the situation  and having to do the bidding of others, but I guess that the negative side of being the State Director. In days of old, the State Director had the power to use his discretion whether to decide what was in the best interest of the Liberal party without the continuous interference of self interest groups. Should the Liberals lose government, the first person to be asked to resign will be the State Director and the blame be placed squarely on his shoulders even though he would have done everything humanly possible to bring about a Denis Napthine Government.

Private lives should be private.  Private lives only become public when individuals have gone beyond the parameters of a civilised society and or outside the limits of the law itself. While the recent cases of Peter Slipper and Geoff Shaw are but some examples, there are others who have escaped the long arm of the law because of their knowledge of that law and have used it to extricate themselves from being charged.

Some of these members are still serving in Parliament and/or hold senior positions.   Although on a personal level I may not be happy with them escaping, I am of the belief that their activities of responsibility should be curtailed as an example to others and to demonstrate that no one is above the law. To continuously flout the law as it stands and the bring the office they hold into disrepute only leads to a public loss of confidence and trust.

Gays in political circles and positions of responsibility.                 There are vicious rumours circulating within  both political parties of candidates considering going on the attack against their political opponents based on sexual preferences. These attacks would not be made by the candidates themselves but by their supporters in a gross attempt to reduce their voting appeal and discredit them in the eyes of a public that is now enlightened with changes in society and have realised. If this is the case then it’s a sad day for Australians where personal life styles and private lives are made public in order to win votes. Politics should be about policies and being able to communicate to the electorate in order to represent them and not to denigrate an opponent to win a few measly votes.   Aaron Lane is but one example of what can happen to a candidate who decides to create an environment that is not compatible with today’s society.

Doing the job is what is important.                    I have been accused of being a right wing conservatist and I dont hide behind the veil of a ‘Victorian elitist society but lead a life that is compatible with my immediate surroundings and accept people for whom they are. I have nothing personal against those whose life style is different from mine and I would only be happy to work with them on any level as long as their private life remans their own.  I say this because having worked with people from diverse backgrounds and different sexuality preferences and life styles, that at no time did I feel or was made to feel out of place or indifferent. My concern working with such people was whether they could do the job on hand.

Misuse of power and influence.             It is true that in some political parties gays, hold senior positions and are in a position of influence and power, but that should have no relevance in regards to their competence, responsibilities and the work they do. Their private lives are private and should remain so and be treated like any other member of our society.  The again there are those who use their sexual life style preference to employ, influence, control and coerce others into travelling along a path that is not compatible with their beliefs and outlook on life. These most of are the most dangerous and I would call them the latter day predators of our society that use their influence in an inappropriate manner.

Michael Kroger and Bill Clinton.             There are a few in the inner circle that were aware of the close relationship that Michael Kroger had with the former President of the United States Bill Clinton. That close relationship has come to light in the release of an audio tape regarding the opportunities to destroy Osama bin laden.  Michael Kroger the Liberal Party power broker and political gladiator recalls Bill Clinton’s recollection of Osama bin Laden and his lost opportunities to bring about his demise.  Michael Kroger in his infinite wisdom brought out the audio recording long after Bill Clinton was in Australia and kept the tape secret until recently. Michael Kroger said that it was only since Bill Clintons return did he remember the audio tape and decide it was time to release it to the public after approval was granted by Bill Clinton. See below for additional reporting by  Francesca Chambers  from the Daily Mail.  

Diplomatic overseas posts.                     There is no reason in my view for top performers who have been consistently contributed to the political, economic, welfare and stability of Australia to be considered for a diplomatic or overseas trade mission. It matters little what side of politics one may be as long as their networks, contacts and friendships are in the interest of Australia. To go even further, it is my opinion only that Michael Kroger should be given an overseas post commensurate with his status. Given that others have also been offered overseas posts, there is no reason at all why good talent cannot be utilised effectively. Michael Kroger has many and diverse networks throughout the world he would make an ideal ambassador to the USA, Canada, Britain and/or countries that would benefit Australia given his merchant banking experience as well. A diplomatic post,

Double Standards by Denis Napthine.              I find it of great interest that Denis Napthine; according the article by the Australian that he said:    “There is no place in my team or in the Coalition for this sort of behaviour and these sorts of comments,’’ . I say this in light of the comments made by Ted Baillieu regarding his parliamentary colleagues and the disciplinary action against Geoff Shaw.  I expect Denis to discipline Ted Baillieu over this comments and demonstrate that he is in control of the parliamentary wing.  Punitive action against a potential and aspiring politician is not the way to go. I have always been an advocate for justice, fair crack of the whip, for the battler and doing the right thing by setting an example. Its time our law makers and those representing the public followed suit.

Aaron Lane undermined within.             This young man’s tweets should have been brought to the attention of the administrative committee when he was being preselected and not wait for it to become public knowledge. Methinks its stink to high heaven of some form of collusion amongst certain left wing socialist to discredit the candidate and those who support him. What kind of message is Denis Napthine sending. It’s not his role to dictate. Today he may be the Premier, tomorrow he is just another citizen “walking the pavement” like the rest of us. I expect all politicians to set an example for other to follow and not become elitist in their attitude. I am quite sure that the new and upcoming generation will sit up and take notice of how they treated one of their own.

A rocky road for Ricky Muir.                    This is an interesting turn for the books. Tensions arising between personalities, amongst members and now the dumping of Mr Druery who helped Ricky Muir become a Senator. Who is at fault, who is to blame and what is to happen are questions that soon will be answered.  What is not yet known is whether Ricky Muir will survive the political arena and the gladiatorial battles and challenges that he is destined to face. Without his advisers, without the support of his party and with a diminishing confidence by membership of him, it is quite possible that Ricky Muir could be one of the first Senators to be relieved of his position as not being representative of anyone other than himself. 

If I was Ricky Muir, I would shut my mouth and beg forgiveness and understanding on the grounds of inexperience and lack of political procedures from the parry he represents. Ricky Muir is not in a position to dictate and nor does he have the numbers to carry his political party. what he does have is the capacity to bring about the demise of his party and make it the laughing stock of Canberra and the rest of Australia. Already now people are asking how in heavens name did this man ever be elected. This flaw in the system needs to be reviewed and plugged. 

Return of Helen Kroger.    If this is to be the case, one can speculate on who is to replace him. Will it be someone from the political party that he was initially representing at the last Federal election or will it be a matter for the Electorate office to decide as to his replacement. Not being conversant with all of past political models and precedents, is it possible that there is room for the return of the second runner up to replace Ricky Muir. Less stranger things have happened in politics and this is but one event that could make political history. That is the return of former Senator Helen Kroger by default. I cannot see why this cannot be made possible given the above actions being played out by the potential removal of Ricky Muir from the Senate.   We certainly live in interesting times.

Abalinx is not a replacement for Vex News.                It has come to the authors attention that there are some who are attempting to define the Abalinx website and what it stands for. Some are trying to tie it in with Vex News and that is trying to replace it. In the first place Abalinx has been around a lot longer, secondly Abalinx is about enhancing the quality of life through Social Media, thirdly Abalinx is not merely a political site as it involves many other facets of society which can be visited and also by a quick perusal of its about page. Most of all Abalinx is supported by a number of like minded individuals who have the same or similar outlook on life.

Disclaimer.               Abalinx has been instrumental in supporting diverse groups ranging from political, community, military, cultural and national including providing free information on other subjects such as occupational health and safety, career, mature age and employment.  It is a not for profit organisation that is not reliant on external funding from any source.  Abalinx has no favourites and prefer to be seen as saying things as they are and writing about life from a grass roots point of view. Information that is relevant to all Victorians and Australians alike will be considered sacrosanct and as always, readers and associates contributions are most welcome. Be always sure that your identity is safe with us.

Peter Adamis Australia Day iconThe Voice from the Pavement – Peter Adamis is a Journalist/Commentator and writer. He is a retired Australian military serviceman and an Industry organisational & Occupational (OHS) & Training Consultant whose interests are within the parameters of domestic and international political spectrum.  He is an avid blogger and contributes to domestic and international community news media outlets as well as to local and Ethnic News.  He holds a Bachelor   of Adult Learning & Development (Monash), Grad Dip Occupational Health  & Safety, (Monash),  Dip. Training & Assessment, Dip Public Administration, and Dip Frontline Management. Contact via Email: [email protected] or via Mobile: 0409965538

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