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Peter Adamis 5 August 2014.   On reflection one would believe that the matter of the BaillieuGate leaked tape affair would have been concluded, that Denis Napthine would have disciplined and/or counselled Ted Baillieu over his poor commentary about his parliamentary colleagues and that the Place investigation would have been over. Unfortunately that is not the case. A complete copy of the article may be downloaded by clicking on: BAILLIEUGATE 13

Labor party saga and exposure.                        Mr. Samaras the Labor culprit for orchestrating the BaillieuGate leaked tape affair allegedly destroyed the tape in my opinion did so because there were other recordings that he did not want to be made public. Recordngs that would have embarrassed the Labor Party in its lead up to the State election. The man was but a fool to thin that he could pull it off. Everyone knows that those who lay traps for others a have a habit of falling into their own trap.  the leaked debacle will have caused irreparable damage to its campaign to win over the trust and confidence of Victorian voters and should never have been put into operation in the first place. it appears that some within the Labor party were out to shore up their political status and support base but failed in executing their plans effectively.

No Liberal Party involvement in BaillieuGate affair.  In the absence of any tangible evidence and/or anecdotal information, it is becoming apparent clear that there was no Liberal party member associated with the leaking of the tape other that somehow Liberal party membership email addresses were involved. In one of the scenarios provided in a previous article, it was pointed out that two Liberal party upper house members had inadvertently sent out emails without ‘hiding’ or using the “BCC” aspects of a n email program. 

Mismanagement of BaillieuGate leaked Tape.            This error on their part may have cost much embarrassment and cause much angst against a number of Liberal party members who were allegedly suspected of being associated with the leaking of the tape and its distribution. Had the Liberal party Secretariat and/or Party officials identified by name these alleged suspects, defamation action would have soon followed those accusations.  Sad to say, we can be sure that this matter will not rest until all the dominoes have fallen, political masks have been revealed and the hidden agendas of those who have been undermining the Premier will soon be known. One hope that those who have  leadership ambitions do so in the confines of their dreams and be prepared to take on that mantle of leadership when the timing is correct.

Purge, house cleaning or restructure.  Is there apurge by the Liberal parry Socialist left against the right wing conservatist members or is it merely housing cleaning and/or a restructure of party membership. Whatever the case may be, the facts speak for themselves and the weight of evidence is leaning towards an unwarranted purge of members.  The battle between the two has been ongoing for some time and now that the State election is looming, both sides are storing their political weapons in preparation for a battle post election.  Candidate, potential candidates, leaked tapes, leaking ministers and those posturing for positions and status all form part of the overall conspiracies that are being hatched behind closed doors.

Future leaders.        There is a flurry of excitement going on at the moment for potential leaders to leader the Liberal party into the future. Even as we write there are some who reflect upon the good old days and would prefer that some of the ‘old proven war horses’ were back into the fray. ‘War horses’ such Peter Reith, Peter Costellos, Jeff Kennett, Rod Kemp and others of their vintage.    However such a move would only raise the ire of a number of budding new leaders who are nipping at the heels of the current leaders. Whoever is to be selected will require to be acceptable and be known to the majority of the Liberal Party membership.

The current team.               The current leadership and management team led by Tony Snell have come under scathing attacks from both within and outside the Liberal membership base and no matter what decisions are being made, Tony Snell has been able to steer clear of any major controversial subject that will be seen as a negative of his leadership style. Tony Snell is believed to be interested in running for the title of President again in order that all of the David Kemp’s reforms are embedded within the Liberal party.

Denise Napthine.    Denis Napthine to his credit is doing the best he can under the circumstances in remaining in control of his own political ground and keeping happy those up and coming younger members of his cabinet who are watching his performance and are hot on his heels waiting for the opportunity to pounce. These younger members of Parliament is a reminder of the huntsmen who are following the hounds who chasing the fox who is chasing the hare and so forth until one or the other is caught, escapes or gives up. One wonders whether Denis Napthine is the Hound, the fox and/or the hate. It is my guess that he is the fox and that the others in the chase failed to identify him as that.

amanda millar jack lyons Norma wells

Days of solidarity and need to make good decisions:Pictured are Amanda Millar and Jack Lyons – Liberal candidates that Norma Wells.  It is of interest to note that Jack Lyons disgraced candidate is pictured here with the charming Norma Wells who supported Jack and Peter Wiseman in Bendigo against Chris Earl a right wing conservative

Administrative Committee.                       It is being  been rumoured amongst Liberal members that maybe some of those on the Administrative Committee are not good judges of character and make poor decisions that will return at some future date to bite them.  In all my years as a member of the Liberal party, I cannot remember so much controversy surrounding the members who have been elected to the roles of decision makers. Some members had been elected by default, others using the numbers game, others on allegiance and then worse of all, some on the old boys’ net.  There are only a few that have the political depth and experience to make the appropriate decisions that ate in the interest of the Liberal Party.

Wrong directions and wrong decisions made.                      It is my opinion that the current administrative Party is not doing enough regarding the State Election and they should be focusing on wining the State election rather seeking to feather their own nest and worrying about whether they will still be there the following year.  It well known that no matter which of the two groups that one belongs on an ideological level, a member will be judged on their merits and will normally be re-elected if they have been working in the interests of the Liberal Party.

Grass roots members alienated.                        Membership Unfortunately this Administrative Committee has alienated many of the long time members and not addressing the main issues that are facing them. they are so intent on finding scapegoats that resources are being wasted and hampering the good work being conducted by the State director Damien Mantach. Whether this is the fault of top level management only Tony Snell the Liberal party President and his Executive can answer such a two edged question.

Young Liberals are they a conglomeration of political tribes.        The young Liberals in NSW appear to becoming more militant in their political activities and their military methodologies of factionalising and categorising members is becoming untenable at a time when unity it is the best option to move forward and achieve their political objectives. Victoria Yong Liberals are being deliberately kept apart by interested influencers that have their origins at the federal parliamentary level, right and left wing groups and associations with educational institutions. Other young liberals are drawn to personalities whose leaders have their own agendas to execute and use their influence, resources and manpower to effectively gain political support, status and positions of influence. More of this in future articles.

Tony Abbott calls of changes. Passionate supporter of free speech and said that the Government was starting from scratch and believes in unity and thus taken the action not to proceed with any changes to 18C.   Therefore one could say with some certainty that Tony Abbott showed leadership today.

By taking off the table any changes to 18C of the racial and discrimination Act. Tony Abbot said when it came to terrorism he felt that everyone has to be part of team Australia.  that those who had dual citizenship and returned to serve in the Defence of the country will not be seen as being involved in any terrorist activities.  To assist Australian National Security organisations over $600 million dollars will be provided over the next four years to assist them into their roles in securing the interests of Australia. In addition  data retention legislation with the normal safe guards such as warrants would be considered to enable law enforcement agencies to identify and prevent potential security threats.

George Brandis the Attorney General also took the podium to state that  changes to the definitions of terrorism, training what constitutes a terrorist group, to fighters in overseas conflicts had been considered and legislation being made to reflect those changes.    Powers have been drawn up for the national security agencies and legislation is before the Senate committee and expects with the bipartisan support of the Labor party it should be passed through Parliament.

Changes to Australian passports.    Julie Bishop The Foreign Minister spoke about making changes regarding leaving and entering the shores of Australia.   Changes such as making it difficult for any Australian to become involved in an overseas conflict.    These changes being made in light of alleged Australian citizens who have been involved in, associated with and /or committed atrocities against mankind in designated areas.    The cancellation, suspension and/or non approval of a passport, the questioning of alleged terrorist and any association with a terrorist organisation.   These changes which are in the interests of Australian security are long overdue and it is believed that they will soon become legislation. 

Peter Adamis Australia Day iconThe Voice from the Pavement – Peter Adamis is a Journalist/Commentator and writer. He is a retired Australian military serviceman and an Industry organisational & Occupational (OHS) & Training Consultant whose interests are within the parameters of domestic and international political spectrum.  He is an avid blogger and contributes to domestic and international community news media outlets as well as to local and Ethnic News.  He holds a Bachelor   of Adult Learning & Development (Monash), Grad Dip Occupational Health  & Safety, (Monash),  Dip. Training & Assessment, Dip Public Administration, and Dip Frontline Management. Contact via Email: [email protected] or via Mobile: 0409965538

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