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Peter Adamis 11 August 2014.   We are approaching mid August and yet nothing has been brought to light regarding and independent forensic report by the Liberals into the alleged involvement of Liberal Party members in the BaillieuGate leaked tape affair. A copy of the complete article may be downloaded by clicking on:  BAILLIEUGATE 14

Broad church Therefore we are disappointed to find that recent revelations are not in the interests of the broad church that some call the Liberal party and that “selfies” are the order of the day.  Those currently in leadership positions are not leading by example and creating an environment of conciliation. Suffice to say, people are tight lipped and are considering their options regarding their future involvement with the party. It is also a sad day for all those who believe in Australian values and a fair crack of the whip. See attached for further reading.

Wrong management decisions.             I am of the belief that Liberal party candidates have been hauled into the Secretariat and advised that their social media comments are being monitored and that any comments that are deemed inappropriate, not in the best interests of the Liberal party and outside the parameters of what society deems acceptable. If this is the case one can view it into ways: One that it is a precaution being taken by the Liberal Party to ensure no further demonstrations of inappropriate comments are brought to the notice of the media and the other is that there is a purge against right wing conservatist. Whatever the case may be, both are flawed in their approach and the manner in which they have been delivered.

Errors and skeletons of the past.                       Furthermore, the matter of Aaron Lane and Jack Lyons would have been handled in a far more sympathetic and compassionate manner by advising and counselling both members that their comments are not conducive to the interests of the party and do not reflect Liberal party ideologies and philosophies.  In addition they could have been counselled that they would be placed on notice and should they continue, their services would no longer be required. Using this methodology and management would have sent a powerful message out to al Liberal party members. 

To err is human to forgive is divine.                  If only this was true in life, then I would not be writing about the errors of those who are representing us and the poor reporting and subsequent mediocre management of such recalcitrant members. To be sure that there are ministers at the Federal and State level who at one point in time either before entering parliament and/or since being in parliament to have erred using social media and as well as their personal inappropriate behaviour.  Some of these ministers who have misused their position to obtain favours of one kind or another have evaded public backlash and when they are exposed. One hopes that the new generation of ministers will not be tarred with the same brush.

Has Tony Snell gone too far.       Having stated the above, members are questioning whether Tony Snell  gone too far and if it’s time for him to reconsider his quest for another year as President. Unfortunately this is not the path that the Liberal party hierarchy have taken and it is a poor reflection on Tony Snell and his management team the Administrative Committee.   There are some within the Liberal Party that are questioning the path he has taken and are of the belief that he alone has been responsible for alienating members. In addition members are concerned by his close associations with the left wing of the Liberal Party, his management of the administrative committee handling of the BaillieuGate tape affair and the alleged hounding and purging the Liberal party of members.

Unity versus disunity.       Members believe that Tony Snell should rise above internal politics and preach unity rather than creating an environment of disunity and targeting those with right wing conservatist views who may differ or disagree with him.  If Tony Snell cannot be a leader who can be unbiased, impartial and above such petty politics, some members believe that there only one thing for Tony Snell and his management team to do and that is to resign. From my point of view, I believe that Tony Snell and his management team should be concentrating on the State election, not alienating members and be given the opportunity to remain for another year as President. After all there is no other identifiable member within the party that has the expertise to lead the party into the future.

Balance of power minister (s).    Looking back upon the recent BaillieuGate leaked tape and the lack of disciplinary and/or counselling action on the part of Denis Napthine towards Ministers and parliamentary colleagues is a sign of weakness and demonstrates that he alone does not hold the balance of power to remain in the top job. Methinks that should he have taken disciplinary action or even counselling of certain members, the government would have fallen and thus it placed him in the inevitable ironic state of a being between a rock and a hard place.  This unknown minister or parliamentary colleague who controls the balance of power is holding the Denis Napthine government to ransom, appears to hold a grudge against a number of members.

Power struggle.       This power struggle and breaking the gridlock can only be resolved by resignation, public exposure, that  worst still be humiliated. Therefore one can assume that Denis Napthine is attempting to place Liberal candidates in electorates that are loyal to him and him alone. Although unity in leadership is a good principle and strategy, politically it can also create an environment of elitism and old boys club that is not conducive to long term relationships. The Post Victorian state election will be a good starting point for any changes to occur, but much can be achieved by the laying political environmental foundations now. Allegiances, alliances will be subject to who will be successful at the polls. I will go on record to state that a Denis Napthine Government will be returned with unexpected results at the next State election.

Are political mentors to blame.   In recent years we have started to see a rise in young Liberals and their counterparts the young Labor and Green members cutting their teeth at university clubs each being advised that they are the elite, the future of their respective parties, Australia’s future and they are the best of the best. Those of the new generation who are gullible enough and naive into believing every word that their political mentors preach are doomed to find that life on the political trail is not what it is being painted to appear.  It s well known that some Federal Ministers and Senators are tied to and associated with selected University clubs, Leadership programs, sporting clubs and cultural communities. It is also well known that they sue such organisations to identify, recruit and make unrealistic promises to those seeking a political journey in life.

Divide, conquer and control.                   Many are given their first job in working on a part time basis in the electoral offices and finding that life was not as glamorous as they once thought. Some of these young hopeful in wanting to lease their mentor become involved in  activities that attracts negative responses and places them in positions that are not to their liking or to their long term political career objectives. Their negative activities on social media programs, their activities on the spread of misinformation, their activities on monitoring other young Liberal and creating unwarranted character assassinations, all of which are designed to discredit one of their own. What is of interest is that the political mentors do not want unity amongst the young Liberals and such are content to use divide and conquer principles as a mean of control  These political mentors have much to answer for. See attached for further reading.

Planning Minister under fire.        according to media reports the popular Minister for planning is under fire for the manner in which the department under his portfolio umbrella is in being criticised regarding themaster plan for a  future high-rise residential region which is being hailed Australia’s most significant urban renewal project. It appears the master plan may cost taxpayers in excess of $340 million in a number of planning blunders that involve rezoning of land, potential blow out costs for tax payers, Bolte bridge roundabouts, car parks and primary school near a brothel are but some of the alleged blunders that have been criticised by blasted by planning experts, residents and businesses. See attached for further reading.

Federal Treasurer under pressure.       Poor old Joe Hockey is being pressured to cut his losses regarding his budget which to some appear t be draconian and harsh. A budget that was not welcomed by the majority of Australian despite the many assurance and explanations being provided by Joe Hockey and his colleagues.  It is unfortunate that Australians have not understood that the thrust of the budget was a short term pain for long term gain and prosperity.  It must be difficult to swallow ones pride and to scale back a budget that was in the interests of Australian economic security, but one has to be pragmatic and run with the wolves in order to survive in the political arena. See attached for further reading.

Health Minister Under fire.            The Health Minister David Davis who prior to the last state election announced Victoria would gain 800 new public hospital beds is being criticised for falling short of his expectations and according to media reports. There some confusion over the definition of what constitutes a bed, the methodology used and the lack of transparency. For example, it would appear that the definition of beds also includes chairs, people’s own beds at home and beds external to hospitals. This is just not good enough and the Health Minister needs to take  a closer examination of his department in order that funds are being spent for the benefit of the tax payer.  See attached for further reading.

Federal Minister supports Prime Minister over 18C and Budget.              It was left up to that young and aspiring Federal Minister Christopher Pyne to praise the Prime Minister, Tony abbot’s leadership call over the shelving of any changes to the Racial Discrimination act. Christopher Pyne appears to becoming the minister responsible for explaining further to the Australian public in a language that all Australians understand without the political rhetoric. In fact he is on record for explaining the reasons for the budget and the requirement for some changes being made in order to get through the Senate. Does this mean that Christopher Pyne is being groomed for additional responsibilities in the future. See attached for further reading.

Peter Adamis Australia Day iconThe Voice from the Pavement – Peter Adamis is a Journalist/Commentator and writer. He is a retired Australian military serviceman and an Industry organisational & Occupational (OHS) & Training Consultant whose interests are within the parameters of domestic and international political spectrum.  He is an avid blogger and contributes to domestic and international community news media outlets as well as to local and Ethnic News.  He holds a Bachelor   of Adult Learning & Development (Monash), Grad Dip Occupational Health  & Safety, (Monash),  Dip. Training & Assessment, Dip Public Administration, and Dip Frontline Management. Contact via Email: [email protected] or via Mobile: 0409965538

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