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Peter Adamis  27 July 2014.  Politics is not for the faint hearted as some are beginning to find out. The political environment within the Victorian region is such that it could come close to rivaling the intrigues of a Byzantine era and the zealots of a bygone Roman era. A copy of the complete document may be downloaded bu clicking on: BAILLIEUGATE 9

Political innocence.                       An influx of new arrivals to the political scene are being led like lambs to the slaughter believing in the machinations and parasitic concepts and ideas of their political leaders. Many have approached the author advising that since they joined the Liberal party they have been subjected to the influences of political activist factional warriors vying for their support and allegiance. They have all stated that they did not join to become members of factions and only wish to see that the status quo remained in Victoria, by supporting Denis Napthine Government.

Keeping powder dry.                     In all cases the author has advised them to enjoy the political journey and to  make their own mind in regarding whom to support and to steer clear of an factions bent on bring about the destruction of the Liberal party and its conservatist values. This is no easy feat as those of the Liberal social left  entice the new members with seductive gifts and promises that cannot be kept. Still one must keep ones powder dry in such trying and uncertain times. In any case its common knowledge that powder is often useless if it’s too dry and not used occasionally!

Opposition denials fall on deaf ears.    The opposition for example are denying any connection with the alleged stolen BaillieuGate tape, they are denying any involvement with the emails sent to Liberal Party members and they are denying that they are the cause of causing rifts within the Liberal Party. This however is still too early to tell what the outcome will be as police investigations into the matter it would appear have not been finalised. When the official report is released, one can be sure that there will be some red faces, embarrassed parliamentary colleagues and a den of other iniquitous characters who are currently hiding behind a veil of political respectability.

State Government on the attack.                        The party in Government is now back on the attack, armed with the knowledge that the leaking of the tape had nothing to do with Liberal party members and/or that they had any knowledge of the tape itself. In fact one Minister has gone on to say that Liberal Party members would be sacked if found to be involved.  Talking this line of attack is like saying who is calling the kettle black one might think. The same Minister has been quietly preparing his turf in order to create an environment that will cause a leadership challenge in the near future of post election time. This is not a bad thing, but his actions and those of his underlings are playing a risky game of politics that demonstrates not having any life line or brakes when approaching the political abyss.

One rule for one – one rule for all.          However Victorians must not forget a similar case where according to The Age: “the explosive email cites the case, saying: Mr Baillieu not only insisted that they were sacked, but that they be thrown out of the Liberal Party for disloyalty. The email called on party members to do the same to Mr Baillieu, and kick him out for breaching party rules.” Does one rule apply to parliamentary figures, another for the hierarchy and yet another for the members who make up the bulk of the Liberal party? Why is it that the same rule that applied to Geoff Shaw not apply to Ted Baillieu is the question on every bodies lips. Heaven forbid that it does as Ted Baillieu for all his faults is a good bloke but was let down by others who were his advisers and minders.

Political Role switches.     Methinks that Ted Baillieu will hang on to his position at Hawthorn and I would not be surprised if he steps down as a Minister, resign and pave the way for David Davis to take his seat and provide the platform for a leadership challenge. David Davis is a truly political animal that is a gladiator who normally survives in the arena of second class fighters.  This should only come as a surprise to those who fail to see the signs being created by the silent and nefarious  characters plotting in the background using the minions and pawns to change the political chessboard and Victorian landscape. With David Davis in the lower house, this will allow Mary Woolridge to be the “Top Dog and the big Kahuna in the Upper House. ‘

News Media.             The Age and other news media are keeping their powder dry for the moment, monitoring the political and community environment for opportunities that will provide them with the platform to launch their attacks back upon the lawmakers who profess to be above such negative and guerrilla type shenanigans. Most journalists if not all are a good natured lot and all want to see a level playing field, a stable economy and a secure political environment that mirrors that of the community it is supposed to represent. as such it is not out o the question that these same journalists work long into the night in cultivating and engaging their sources of information in order to bring about and/or expose activities that would be considered nefarious in nature.

Opposition failed opportunities.            The State opposition according to many believe that they had it in the bag so to speak regarding the upcoming State election, but it would appear that some hot heads against the better judgement of wiser and cooler elders, felt that they could widen the credibility gap by taking advantage of alleged potential rifts within the Liberal party. What the opposition failed to do was to follow u on the leaked tape by concentrating on the people in question rather than denying and withdrawing from the BaillieuGate leaked tape. In doing so they lost many opportunities to strike home the final nail into the political coffin and bury their opponents.

Cannibalistic witch-hunt.  The Liberals on the other hand went on a ill-conceived witch-hunt which alienated members, supporters and potential new members and in some cases caused undue anxiety by the innumerable insinuations and innuendoes within Liberal party ranks. These poorly -planned cannibalistic investigations have revealed absolutely nothing and much time has been lost in attempting to identify innocent Liberals who have different points of view. It is the authors view that these are all side shows designed to deflect from the hidden agendas that are being plotted, hatched and subtly carried out by a conglomerate of members of parliament, headed by a Federal Victorian Minister (“Little Napoleon”) and aided by his State Minister counterpart, (“Attila the Hun”) and a member of the hierarchy (Pinocchio who will not tell a lie). On a personal note, this author is of the belief that not enough focus is being paid to the upcoming state election and that the Victorian public is still an undecided conglomeration of unbelievers.

Leadership challengers.              One could go on further to state that Victorians should not be surprised if an environment is being created for a leadership challenge and that that challenge will come as surprise to many.  In any case who is to win the prize of leadership will be tarred with the brush of destabilisation and the finger will ALWAYS be pointed at them when that time comes. No matter how well they dress it up, therefore Victorians should keep in mind that no leadership challenge is ever successful unless all the stake holders involved have played out their role in accordance with the game plan. There are four contenders, two in the upper house and two in the lower house. One of the challengers if successful will bring about many changes within the Victorian political system that will have long lasting effects and usher in a new era of left wing Liberal Socialism, thus reducing the influence of the right wing conservatist.

Rival of right wing Conservatism.                      Over the past decade the socialist Left wing of the Liberal party has been growing in strength at the expense of an ageing of the right wing conservatist membership. This growing left wing presence has been checked on a number of fronts by the conservatist loyalists and activist who have returned as a result of monitoring the growing danger of extreme left wing activist.             New members as indicated above are more susceptible to the Liberal left wing seductive promises and political handouts than those who have had the benefit of political  experience and hindsight. Although all alleged factions are keeping their powder dry, it will not be long before an explosion of political storms come battering at our doorstep that will change the course of political history in Victoria.

Political cloaking.   There are members who are attempting to use the successful Josh Frydenberg template to win a Federal seat. These same members have been monitored to be hovering like mosquitoes around new members, political influencers, creating alliances and cloaking their real objectives. These same members are also creating waves at a time when such action should be avoided at all costs and should be biding their time. The use of irregular and infantry minor tactics as used by the Defence Force are no match for the skilled political activist and/or operator as the rules of engagement are different. One could say that the best advice is to keep abreast of what is occurring in their particular electorate, work hard by cultivating members, contributing by developing and assisting towards campaigns and sharing the knowledge gained with others whilst at the same time selecting suitable political warriors that can be trusted when the opportunity arises.

Peter Adamis Australia Day iconThe Voice from the Pavement – Peter Adamis is a Journalist/Commentator and writer. He is a retired Australian military serviceman and an Industry organisational & Occupational (OHS) & Training Consultant whose interests are within the parameters of domestic and international political spectrum.  He is an avid blogger and contributes to domestic and international community news media outlets as well as to local and Ethnic News.  He holds a Bachelor   of Adult Learning & Development (Monash), Grad Dip Occupational Health  & Safety, (Monash),  Dip. Training & Assessment, Dip Public Administration, and Dip Frontline Management. Contact via Email: [email protected] or via Mobile: 0409965538

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