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baillieugate 6Peter Adamis  7 July 2014  July 2014.   I am having a chuckle at the utter rubbish that is being reported in the media regarding the leaking of the tapes.  It is my uneducated guess that the Liberal party is not involved and that will be the outcome of any investigation. But the investigative witch hunt will leave a bitter taste in many Liberal party members. A copy of the complete article may be downloaded by clicking on: BAILLIEUGATE 6

To assist readers, selected tweets have been added to provide additional information regarding g the alleged theft or deliberate leak of the BaillieuGate tape. One now can only assume that whoever the culprit, it was cleverly and strategically thought out to capture the imagination of all Victorians and to create divisions within the Liberal party. All the names have been removed as it  was believed that it is was not appropriate or necessary and that the messages alone spell out their own story. Furthermore, as I don’t have a legal or investigative background, I have put aside that i was a Liberal party member and concentrated on the belief that it was an operation by a Labor supporter. I am also of the belief as I make mention of it down below that the CCTV footage will prove me correct.

Despite my prediction, the manner in which this so called with hunt has been conducted by Liberal Party hierarchy and management team leaves a lot to be desired and i can state now that certain individuals have created a rod for their won backs.  The people had been targeted were placed under undue stress and accused them such aggravation that it’s impossible to know what effect it has had on their families. Luckily their names were not mentioned publicly as it may have been grounds for defamation. 

Without any further ado I was reading an recent article regarding a journalist lint of view and I just could not stop the laughter.  I am referring to the following statement:  ‘Higgins MP Kelly O’Dwyer, Liberal Party President Tony Snell, Senator Scott Ryan, former MPs Sophie Mirabella and Peter Costello, former Liberal State Director Julian Sheezel and Liberal power broker Frank Greenstein. Not a group, with much in common one would have thought, including as it does, Baillieu and Mirabella’. 

What is this nonsense about calling someone a Power broker and trying to group individuals under the one umbrella. It couldn’t be further from the truth. If they (The news media) are trying to make me stand up and take notice, they have achieved their aim. indeed!  BUT for the wrong reasons. (see article below).   What a turn up for the books is this? Firstly since when did Frank Greenstein suddenly become a Power Broker within the Liberal Party? You have to have credibility and a good understanding of the Liberal party psyche and a lot more to know what makes it tick. Anyway what would I know I am, just a mere grass roots member voicing an opinion. Secondly what is the point of marshalling,  MP Kelly O’Dwyer, Tony Snell, Scott Ryan, Sophie Mirabella,  Peter Costello, Julian Sheezel and Frank Greenstein under one canopy.

TWITTER-1It is well known that there are elements under this umbrella that detest each other and that no one in the Liberal party knows what Frank Greenstein is doing. Frank Greenstein is doing his own thing.   Farrah Tomazin the journalist whose dictaphone was allegedly stolen is yet to be confirmed. However I would not be surprised if the CCTV footage indicates that the culprit was in fact NOT a Liberal party member and that the emails again allegedly being stolen from Liberal party secretariat will indicate that it was a conglomeration of email messages that were gleamed from upper house members that were sent without being hidden. Furthermore it is believed that emails can still be gathered by legitimate means and added to a political data base. It does not tale and Einstein to work that out.

Trying to place on the blame on anti-abortion MP Bernie Finn and his “crazy mates” for preselecting Geoff Shaw in Frankston is a bit much to bear and the questions one should be asking is why was Bernie Finn  selected as a target. Bernie Finn should be congratulated for controlling his emotions and not retaliating at such nefarious remarks, after all every Australian is entitled to their opinion. I may not be a follower of Ted Ballieu but mover the years I have respected his stance on a number of issues and was little disturbed that he was undermined by recalcitrant’s within the Party.

Still in fairness to Bernie Finn, I found that the comments by Ted Ballieu were unwarranted for and SHOULD never have been passed onto a member of the media. Bernie Finn is a wonderful family man, a fighter for what is in the best interests of all Victorians and Australians and I now from personal experience that he can be a pit bull gladiator in the political arena we call the Victorian parliament.    Ted Ballieu discussion with the journalist has cast a dark shadow over the integrity of our current parliamentary members and I for one now question their credibility. Denis Napthine certainly has  difficult task ahead of im and I for one wish him all the best at the net State Election.  As previously discussed in BaillieuGate 5, this has been a deliberate witch-hunt designed to cast dark shadows over opponents of those currently holding the reins of influence at the management level. (see articles below).

TITTER-2It is also my opinion that it is the a strategic first strike by one group against another and to lay the foundations of blame against particular groups in the event the Liberal party loses at the next election. Everyone from the President as well as the State Director know that the real showdown will be post State election and that virtual blood bath and purging of the party will occur. One hopes that cooler and wiser heads can prevail and avert such bloodletting. A bloodletting that has not been seen since the Michael Kroger/Peter Costello versus Jeff Kennet/Ted Ballieu factional wars.    One must admit that the reforms that were implemented still require further refining and additional enhancements to ensure that all members are given the opportunity to have a say and not for the few.

Unfortunately the current design is responsible for the waning interest of attending branch meetings, a reduction  of memberships in some areas, alienation of long time members in Labor held areas, members jockeying for position and of course we must not forget the ever ready to please sycophants and recalcitrant who will be seeking safe havens in the not too distant future. 

There was one chap who was on Administrative committee who was so taken aback by the unwarranted intimidation, innuendoes, personal character assassination, attacks against himself and losing his job in the process, that he resigned in utter disgust. A great pity because he demonstrated clarity, fairness and above all an absolute commitment to the Liberal party. Sad to say the Liberal party due to its stupidity and hunger for power lost a valuable and dedicated member. 

Then we had a past parliamentary member who made a mockery of out Australian Indian Community but was put into his place when a Liberal party member approached him on the stage and quietly told him to watch his mouth as he was denigrating those who were supporting him.  Then we have another parliamentary member who is allegedly to have told other Liberal party members that all the Jews in the Ukraine should have been exterminated. I of course don’t believe such allegations as to me they are just political scuttlebutt designed to undermine members.

On the other hand we have long time Liberal party members rubbishing other long time members who have been loyal and consistently hard working Liberals by allegedly calling tem monkeys and stating that they should return back where they come from.  Another bloke donated part of his superannuation towards a Liberal party campaign and yet did not receive the acknowledgement he so richly deserved.

TITTER-3Not to be out done, we had two members at a Liberal function who for reasons of personal ego outbid each other to the tune of in excess of $30,000. I must admit that this auction raised a few eyebrows as it appeared that one or both of the bidders were under the influence and one wonders whether it was appropriate that the funds should have been accepted. Still that’s politics for you.

I can remember at one function early in my political adventures where during an auction I accidently raised my arm and I was given a bid and when I tried to wave my arm that I was not bidding the auctioneer took it upon himself to keep in the auction.   Much to relief, some kind old gentlemen must have taken pity on me and luckily ‘outbid’ be. Mind you I only had about $150 on me at the time whilst the final bid was about $4000. I am quite sure that readers have many more hilarious stories to tell.

During the Michael Kroger/Peter Costello and Jeff Kennet/Ted Ballieu factional wars we knew who were our political domestic opponents and I must admit they were extremely very bitter, boisterous and it was not unheard of to receive telephone threats, intimidation, predator type of behaviour by persons who one held responsible positions in our society.

Still one rolled with the punches and more that often words that today we would believe to be considered harsh were common. There were no rules and whenever a battle was one it energised one group or another.   There was one time I can remember attending a Liberal community function and enjoying myself with some dear friends at our table when an Upper House member came over to our table, leaned over an staring directly at me said with a sneer on his face “we trashed you at policy assembly this evening, it’s all over for your group.

I can remember quite well to the this day what my response was. “[email protected]&CK OFF STUPID. He looked at me as if he did not hear me so I stood up and told him the same thing, adding  that I didn’t want him gloating over the removal of a sitting Senator who happened to be a dear friend of mine.   I have to confess that this member was the only member that I have ever regretted in supporting him at his preselection some many years ago.

This same member was the one who also accosted a female waitress at the old Southern Cross hotel only to have a bowl of soup thrown on top of his head for whatever he may have said to the waitress.  This very same Upper House member was the one who advised me or should I say told me that it was a heinous crime to stand against a sitting member and that it was considered mutiny.  It did not matter to him that it was vacancy, but he thought he could use his position to intimidate. He picked the wrong bloke.   This same upper house member it is believed will  no longer be in a position to be as influential as he once was.

 I initially joined the Liberal party because of the conservative views and now some 24 years later I still hold true to those views. I have friends on both sides of the major political fence and although both have excellent and mediocre policies, my loyalty is still with that of the Liberal party. Having said that, it does not mean that the party that I have joined is above any constructive criticism and that no one is above the laws of this land and no one in my opinion deserves to be treated any different from the man and/or woman in the street.

I do detest abuse of power, I do detest hypocrisy for political reasons and that compromise should only be a last resort when all else fails.   The Labor party has some excellent parliamentary members, the union  movement has some good people within its ranks, the Greens whether you like them or not are not far behind the now almost defunct Democratic party and now the Clive Palmer (PUP) party is beginning to usher in a new era of political robust discussiosn. After all that is what politics is all about.   

In my opinion this is the first time since the John Howard Government that the Federal Liberal Government is returning back to its conservative roots and one hopes that this turn of events will eventually infiltrate down to the states.   The recent comments by Brian Loughnane that the Liberal party is being clever in selecting community leaders is not necessarily true but a spin on the maintaewnace of past paradigms which desperately need reviewing.   

The Liberal party in Victoria is slowing being eroded of its conservatist roots by extremely clever people who at this stage will remain unnamed and as such and many are concerned that it will no longer be the Party that Sir Robert Menzies first envisage some many years ago.  I fear that he would be turning in his grave so to speak if were privy to the social media battles and domestic in-house factional skirmishes or the witch hunts and guerrilla tactics being used to reduce the influence or undermine a member of parliaments profile within the conservative Liberal party community. (see articles below)

What does all this mean to the current generation and the new members on the political podium. I am quite sure that they are all monitoring the parliamentary members, their achievements, their failings and their behaviour. I am quite sure that there are many who are disgusted with the personal behaviour of some members but what can they do but to watch, listen and wait until their time comes.  I for one can only hope that its sooner rather than later in order that credibility, personal ethics and behaviour returns to the Victorian parliament. That they who are voted in as our representatives behave in a manner that others can only try and emulate.

When I was in the Australian Defence Force and we found that we were somehow losing the plot so to speak, we always reverted back to the basics. Maybe our parliamentarians can do the same, otherwise they should bite the bullet and resign or quietly move aside for others. My advice to these members is to take the bull by the horns, look at their political environment, observe whether they are relevant and if they can come to an unbiased opinion that it’s time to move on, then have the courage to do so. If they don’t take a good hard look at themselves, they will be removed unceremoniously by the very people who voted them in the first place.

Take it or leave it.  I have stated this on many occasions that Denis Napthine has extremely difficult task ahead of him and deserves all the support from his parliamentary colleagues to work with him, not undermine him and/or make innuendoes and to stop their long term plans of a political coup. The same goes for Tony Snell and his management team to stop the internal cannibalism that is currently going on at the this very moment and become a united team in order to support Denis Napthine and the State Director. 

Having said this, the State Director Damien Mantach should be given a free reign to focus on the coming State election and bring about a successful conclusion. If Damien Mantach is not given a free reign (without interference), the State Director may have some difficulty in achieving a Liberal party over the line in Late November. He has a difficult role as it is and every Liberal party member should be behind him. As a parting note, I hate being in opposition and in the end when it’s all over and done with, no one wins.

It’s quite obvious to the readers that I detest and abhor individuals who profess to be dedicated and committed to conservative values to be so hypocritical of others and try to place the blame on others to hide their own inadequacies. Bring back the Jeff Kennets, the Michael Krogers, Peter Costellos, Richard Alston’s, Rod Kemps, Peter Reith’s and the fighters of old. They at least can set an example for other to emulate or follow.

Peter Adamis Australia Day iconThe Voice from the Pavement – Peter Adamis is a Journalist/Commentator and writer. He is a retired Australian military serviceman and an Industry organisational & Occupational (OHS) & Training Consultant whose interests are within the parameters of domestic and international political spectrum.  He is an avid blogger and contributes to domestic and international community news media outlets as well as to local and Ethnic News.  He holds a Bachelor   of Adult Learning & Development (Monash), Grad Dip Occupational Health  & Safety, (Monash),  Dip. Training & Assessment, Dip Public Administration, and Dip Frontline Management. Contact via Email: [email protected] or via Mobile: 0409965538

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