Baillieugate Series

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Peter Adamis 25 June 2014.  A Copy of the complete document may be downloaded by clicking on: BAILLIEUGATE2    We are providing an update to the BaillieuGate1 leaked tape with information sourced from public,  online resources, discussions with members
Peter Adamis 26 June 2014.    The following articles are but a roundup of online media reports that continually spew out their points of view and trying to keep a story alive by attacking and displaying information on the BaillieuGate leaked tape by
Peter Adamis 27 June 2014.  The plot thickens and we the Victorian tax payer are no closer to the truth that what we were some days ago. Now we find that our well earned tax dollars are being used to investigate a leaked tape when  the matter should
Peter Adamis  7 July 2014  July 2014.   I am having a chuckle at the utter rubbish that is being reported in the media regarding the leaking of the tapes.  It is my uneducated guess that the Liberal party is not involved and that will be the outcome of
Peter Adamis   July 2014.  We have reached a stage in Victorian politics where it can be truly said that political cyber warfare is here to stay.    The recent BaillieuGate leaked tape is but the tip of the iceberg and it is the authors belief that we
Peter Adamis  13 July 2014.   Liberal Party members concerned about the direction of the party have made representation to the author regarding recent incidents and the lack of focus on the coming State election. In all cases they have been advised that
Peter Adamis  27 July 2014.  Politics is not for the faint hearted as some are beginning to find out. The political environment within the Victorian region is such that it could come close to rivaling the intrigues of a Byzantine era and the zealots
Peter Adamis  July 2014.   What a waste of man-hours, resources and money over an alleged stolen tape. My question is what was the end result?  A Victorian public lapping it all up or a Victorian public fed up?  My uneducated guess it's the latter. 


Peter Adamis 1 August 2014.  Just when life was becoming normal the public is struck with further revelations of political misdemeanours and surprises that belong to party political administrative archives and the dungeons. A complete
Peter Adamis 5 August 2014.   On reflection one would believe that the matter of the BaillieuGate leaked tape affair would have been concluded, that Denis Napthine would have disciplined and/or counselled Ted Baillieu over his poor commentary about
Peter Adamis 11 August 2014.   We are approaching mid August and yet nothing has been brought to light regarding and independent forensic report by the Liberals into the alleged involvement of Liberal Party members in the BaillieuGate leaked tape

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