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LIBERAL PARTY SHOCKING REVELATIONS MAY BRING DOWN NAPTHINE GOVERNMENT.   Peter Adamis 24 June 2014 More at:    This article is in response to the recent Ted Ballieu tape recordings and ABC article. A complete copy of the article, associated documents and a transcript of the leaked BaillieuGate recording may be downloaded by clicking on: BaillieuGate

First it was Watergate tapes with Richard Nixon a past United States President (above let) and now we have our own version aptly named BaillieuGate tapes with Ted Baillieu the former Victorian State Premier (above right).  What is the difference, one may ask. Well the answer is that one lied and the other leaked.  However it is most disappointing to discover that such recordings existed in the first place and leaked by an unknown individual.

WaterGate and BaillieuGateA link to BaillieuGate tape may be accessed by clicking on: BaillieuGate Leaked Tape

This individual whoever they may be, according to recent communication received from Tony Snell the President of the Liberal party indicates that he or she is not a Liberal Party member.

Tony SnellTony Snell states that:  ‘I can confirm that there is no member of the Party with that name, and no-one of that name has ever been a Party member.  The Age journalist mentioned in the email has denied having spoken to a person of that name about these matters.’    That may be so, but being politically savvy and not surprised at all by anything or anyone,  one can only surmise that it is in fact a Liberal Party member hiding behind a pseudonym, bent on bringing down upon the management and parliamentary wings of the Liberal party, negative publicity prior to the State election.    

I am of the belief that the nefarious and ill advised member will sooner or later be found wanting and be expelled from the party.  One wonders why it has taken so long to surface and why now in the critical months leading up to the State election.  As a result of these revelations, who gains the advantage and maximises their influence over the party? Is it the Ted Baillieu/David Davis camp, the Peter Costello/Michael O’Brien/Kelly O’Dwyer entourage, the Scott Ryan/Matthew Guy, the Tony Snell/Frank Greenstein and company, the Denis Napthine and his band of merry men, Michael Kroger and the Coalition group, the usual mischief makers comprising of sycophants and Liberal Party recalcitrant’s. It is difficult to unmask who will gain from BaillieuGate.

Whatever the case may be, the BaillieuGate tape recordings unfortunately do not put Ted Baillieu and his group in a favourable light. I find it personally it odd that Ted Baillieu has allowed himself to fall into the trap with talking to journalists, but then again so are all the other “leakers’ to blame according to the reports received to date. These recording have the potential to bring down the Denis Napthine government at a time when Denis Napthine has been instrumental in steering the Liberal ship towards a successful outcome at the coming Stat election. All of Denis Napthine’s hard work is now in jeopardy and it will take a string and courageous leaders to bring the Liberal party out of this mess.

In any political Party it is the responsibility of a Party President to ensure that the political management of the party is on solid ground by the laying of foundations and building up of trust amongst the grass roots members. There are some within the Liberal party who doubt that Tony Snell the current Liberal party President has the leadership skills and credibility to pull it off. while on the other hand Tony Snell as been instrumental in creating an environment and surrounding himself with reasonable advisers that under normal circumstances would raise him above the level of competency. In this particular case there does not appear to be any one competent enough to raise that banner of leadership high enough to what is expected, especially by the grass roots.

Within the recording there is mention of a number of individuals, Geoff Shaw, Sandra mercer Moore, Michael Gidley, Bernie Finn and others in a derisive manner. This sarcasm has its origins in the past where the “the Young Turks” within the Liberal party were beginning to spread their wings and wanting to make a difference. Ted Baillieu was no different as a youngster and it is only fitting that a younger breed of budding leaders crop up now and then to contest the top position. There must be a generational change for any organisation to remain effective and productive to achieve its political objectives.

Ted and the journalist discuss the allegedly link between Sandra Mercer Moore (past female Vice President of the Liberal party) and that of Geoff Shaw and Bernie Finn. the truth of the matter is that Geoff Shaw was never the chosen one for Frankston and that he was given the job after the original female candidate (who was a former mayor), husband suddenly was diagnosed with cancer and had to withdraw. it is also a fact that it was Frank Greenstein a current Metropolitan male Vice President who introduced Geoff Shaw as a potential candidate and followed it up with meetings at his home in order that he prepare Geoff Shaw for the seat of Frankston.

Now it appears that those same sycophants responsible for undermining Ted Baillieu and were instrumental in his removal  as Victorian Premier appear to have been instrumental in the unwarranted and personal attacks on Sandra Mercer Moore, by undermining her role and long contribution to the Liberal Party and eventually replacing her with Caroline Elliott who incidentally was a protégé of Sandra Mercer Moore. In fact it gets even better, those now at the management helm of the liberal Party owe much to the support and advice provided by Sandra Mercer Moore. Something that has been hidden from the grass roots members but now these same recalcitrant’s and sycophants have been exposed and have been found wanting.

Ted Baillieu during the Indian taxi drivers strike and protest was once again provided with the wrong advice and unfortunately that advice by an Indian (former Taxi driver) who once stood for the Northern Metro upper House was given a job as an adviser to Ted Baillieu and then relocated to Nicholas Kotsiras who did not have a choice in the matter other than to accept him on staff. this same Indian taxi driver/adviser was removed from office by the incoming Multicultural Minister Matthew Guy on the grounds of some security breach if we are to believe that is close to Matthew Guys office.

Is it Ted Baillieu fault that he had poor advisers, one could say that the ultimate decision is with the Minister himself and others could say it was his chief of staff. what the case may have been it is now all in the past.  I have met ted Baillieu in the past over the years and have found to be a pleasant and affable, caring and knowledgeable person who cars deeply for his constituents. this unfortunate incident will cost him dearly and may end his political career.

There are rumours and gossip of “dirt sheets” about lazy members of parliament, of members misusing their funds for the purpose other than what they were allocated and/or designed for, of members an candidates making deliberate misleading statements about their past, of the lack of decisions by the Party management team, of staff member recording Senators to gain favour and increase their profile.

Then there are the innuendos about peoples personal lives  being misused and spread maliciously to reduce and restrain an individual’s capacity to be effective, followed by staff members taking on the leadership role in the members electorate and creating havoc, mistrust and alienating the grass roots long time Liberal party members. These staff members have been known to move from one minister to another or from one office to another until their effectiveness and usefulness is no longer valid or required.

Selection of candidates suitable for electorates has now become a laughing matter with candidates being selected based on alliances, access to funds, manpower resources and who has the greatest numbers on their side. The selection of candidates being based on the merit paradigm of the past is but a mere word to attract those silly enough to be seduced by the attraction of representing an electorate, in many cases an electorate that can never be won.  Today if an individual does not belong to a group or does not have allegiances or alliances is doomed to be selected. Mind if we are to believe the recent Labor Party Post Action Review of the Federal election, the Labor party is no different and that it too has many management and outstanding issues that it has to face in order to move forward.

The purists, the conservatives, the wets’, the drys’, the left, the right, the forgotten, the factions (if any) and the bystanders are all vying to be heard above the din and chatter of the sycophants and long time recalcitrant who are bent on destroying the party structure within. Then we have the sisterhood and boyhood clubs that comprise of Liberal party members whose sexual lifestyle and behaviours appear to be used to gain support, friends, information, allegiances and employment.  These members may be found at all levels of the Liberal party structure which to I can safely say is not an issue or a problem until those very same members abuse their responsibilities, knowledge, access to ministers to block up and coming new talent.

It is safe to say that leadership is the main problem within the Liberal party. This sickness that has permeated throughout all levels of the party need to cleansed and exorcism of all nefarious individuals be conducted by a competition and politically savvy panel of bipartisan group of Liberals.  This panel should comprise individuals from all levels of the Liberals Party. That the panel reviews all matters pertaining to red tape, procedure that stifle growth and development, unwarranted regulations, inappropriate clauses and bylaw that only serve the few and if found wanting relocate them to the waste paper bin where they belong. To achieve this it will require the services of a leader who is honest, competent, compassionate, trustworthy, knowledgeable, with life experiences, politically savvy and the credulity to lead the Liberal Party out of this mess they now find themselves in.

In closing the Liberal Party and its members are now faced with enormous hurdles to overcome in order to prepare for the upcoming State election. That in the face of adversity,  The Liberal party’s  best bet is to unite as a party  and that every member gets behind Tony Snell and his management team, put aside their negative attitudes and long held animosities to support Denis Napthine win Government at the next State Election. If members failed to support a Denis Napthine Government in the bid to retain government, it means that it was done o purpose to lay the foundations for a thorough cleansing of the Liberal Party.

Peter Adamis Australia Day iconThe Voice from the Pavement – Peter Adamis is a Journalist/Commentator and writer. He is a retired Australian military serviceman and an Industry organisational & Occupational (OHS) & Training Consultant whose interests are within the parameters of domestic and international political spectrum.  He is an avid blogger and contributes to domestic and international community news media outlets as well as to local and Ethnic News.  He holds a Bachelor   of Adult Learning & Development (Monash), Grad Dip Occupational Health  & Safety, (Monash),  Dip. Training & Assessment, Dip Public Administration, and Dip Frontline Management. Contact via Email: [email protected] or via Mobile: 0409965538

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