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Peter Adamis 25 June 2014.  A Copy of the complete document may be downloaded by clicking on: BAILLIEUGATE2    We are providing an update to the BaillieuGate1 leaked tape with information sourced from public,  online resources, discussions with members on both sides of the political divide and personal observations.  This article is but an opinion of the author and not associated with any media or online relationships.  BaillieuGate makes fascinating reading as it is believed that more is yet to come as the political scorpion prepares itself to strike back at the very heart of a rotten political structure within Victoria. 

Victorians are becoming sick and tired of the stunts and silly antics of those who have been elected to represent them Many believe that in Victoria the public is ready for a whole new generational changed that is laced with the wisdom of its elders.  According to the political trends that we are being subjected to, it can be safely assumed that the BaillieuGate leaked tape is but an example of what is yet to be exposed in the coming months. 

Jeff Kennet.  I applaud individuals like Jeff Kennet who has the courage of his convictions to come out publicly and say what he feels about the BaillieuGate leaked tap and what should occur in order to cleanse the Liberal party of recalcitrant’s and sycophants who are past their use by date.  More members should be following his example and stand up say it as it is without fear of favour.  This author may not be a follower of Jeff Kennett (Although we both have served in the same Regiment – RAR), but I admire his commitment, honesty and tenacity to speak his mind.  

Sycophant and recalcitrant .                   The words sycophants and recalcitrant’s apply to those who returned to the fold after Ted Baillieu narrowly won the Victorian State election, the same individuals who worked under Ted Baillieu and gave him the wrong advice on many matters, the same individuals who deserted Ted Baillieu at a time when he needed counselling and encouragement and not undermining him, the same individuals responsible for creating havoc during preselection periods and finally it is the same individuals who are providing the wrong advice to Denis Napthine and Tony Snell.  

Privately some members are saying that it has been engineered by members within the Liberal party in order to bring down the Denis Napthine Government and clear the stable of lazy, non performing and recalcitrant members of Parliament who have been doing absolutely nothing to contribute to the welfare of Victoria.

Tony Snell .  Tony Snell is now in a difficult position as his allegiances and alliances are slowly being eroded and many are now looking to relocate and/or find allegiances based on solid foundations.  His handling of a number issues over the past few years has certainly put many Liberals offside.  It is alleged that this is no better illustrated when he amongst many others (not named at this stage) worked against the past female Vice President Sandra Mercer Moore and replaced her with Caroline Elliott who has much to learn.

It is believed that at the last State Council election the numbers who attended were by half of the Liberal Party delegates with the remainder staying away in absolute disgust at the manner the Liberal Party ship was drifting from its Conservative moorings.  Mind you, I am of the belief that tony Snell has done a marvellous job and should be commended for heralding in some new changes, but he has not gone far enough and should consider stepping down at the next State council elections.

Damien Mantach.    The leaked tape is but another indication of the current Liberal management team to bring into line sycophants and characters that have been reducing the productivity and effectiveness of a Denis Napthine Government.  The State Director, Damien Mantach is doing a reasonable job at keeping his management team, together but at what cost to his credibility. His hands are basically tied to the President Tony Snell. It has been rumoured around Liberal party circles that although he has a good grasp of the Victorian Politics, he reacts only when politically necessary and not for the long term good..

Others indicate that he has been indecisive and ineffective by not doing what he was employed to do and that is to be not involved in the political decision making and only to manage the professional side of the Party such as Election campaigns.  Whatever the case may, one cannot fault him for keeping a diverse team together under many changing circumstances and environments. However despite al of his innovations, many within the party are of the belief that its time that Damien re-considered his future.

Frank Greenstein.  The administrative Committee side kick and alleged “multicultural recruiter” Frank Greenstein. It is my view that the word multicultural is n longer viable not appealing to the general public who have now lived under this divisive description of new Australians. The word to many is that multicultural is only a vehicle t becoming a good Australian citizen, nothing more and nothing less.  who some say has used the young Liberal and upcoming new generational members in manners that have left them with a sour taste in their mouths. An example is when young Liberals who are clamoring for a generational change are used up after allegedly being promised safe seats, positions on the Administrative council, only to be spat out at the other end when a project has been completed.

It is alleged that this same Frank Greenstein was also responsible for the delay and overturn of a decision in Goldstein because the vote did not go as expected and that it may have upset the apple cart so to speak with the sitting member.  The young and upcoming  Liberals were not happy about the outcome, but took it into good grace and bowed out to the leaders on this occasion.   Frank Greenstein it is alleged is also responsible for and picking protégés to stand for seats in unwinnable electorates and encouraging new diverse community members to raise funds on the promise of being offered a seat. One gentleman of the Pakistan/Indian origins did just that and only to find that h had been shafted.

Generational Change.       There is a new wind blowing and it’s not as result of El Nino or climate change, but it has its origins in the groundswell of the younger generation chaffing at the bit so speak to be heard and to be heard now. Top marks must be given where credit is due and that is to the progress by stealth from unlikely sources within the Liberal party. The credit of course must go to Matthew Guy and Scott Ryan via his best man Scott Pearce.   Both of the gentlemen have been silently working behind the scenes shoring up alliance creating new allegiances, installing their own into key positions, monitoring the dominos as they fall one by one and active use any opportunity that may be useful for their long term goals and objectives. combination of youth and elders with ration of 70% new generation and 30% elder generation.

Such a combination in any organisation is lethal in political terms and productive on e in industry. It is where the activities generated by the youth are tempered with the wisdom of the elders who act as mentors in some cases. This is the true essence a generational change. It is unfortunate that many in the Liberal Party are against drastic changes as it affects many whose positions, status and comfort zones will be undermined and that they will no longer feel a sense of belonging and  useful in any sense.  Generational change in this context does not necessarily mean a complete overhaul of an organisation or political structure other than to describe a change that is a win win situation for all.

Matthew Guy.                       It is no secret want that Matthew Guy wants to become the next Victorian state Premier but is currently blocked due to the lack of numbers held by Denis Napthine’s conglomerate made up of Ted Baillieu/David Davis mob, Peter Costello/Michael O’Brien fledglings and the Michael Kroger Coalition. However now with the current revelations arising from the Ted BaillieuGate leaked tape, it would appear that the Ted Ballieu/David Davis relationship and influence may be reduced and could disappear altogether within the next twelve months.  

Mathew Guy is a very smart operator having been around the traps for a long time and many can still remember him when he was running around as a youngster prior to and during his days at university. Many including the author liked him and supported him on his climb to the top of the political pyramid. The only fault with Matthew Guy is that he has been noted for his ruthlessness with his past friendships and has been found to make the odd slip of the tongue now and then which could one day come back to bite him.

Mathew Guys recent foray into Northern Metropolitan region failed when he tried to get his mate Sirinivasan Vasan (Indian origins) up as the preferred candidate. That battle was won by the Ted Baillieu/David Davis mob who were allegedly found to have been working around the clock three days prior to the preselection to get their candidate Gladys Lieu up. Gladys won so it seems convincingly with a little help from the current sitting member Craig Ondarchie who is believed to be also a groupie of the same team. Mind you despite what is said there is no love lost between Matthew Guy and Craig Ondarchie but both put on a facade for the public which as it should be. Gladys Lieu a member originally from eastern Metropolitan is working to close her knowledge gap of the new electorate, building new relationships and raising funds for the State election campaign. 

What does this mean to the Denis Napthine government, only the political strategists can answer such a question and we mere mortals, the Victorian voters can only loom and analyse the facts as they come to hand hoping that some good will come out of the current chaos we call parliament.  From a personal point of view I am nostalgic for the days of Jeff Kennett who energised a failing Victorian landscape and put Victorian back n the map as a vital and productive state of Australia. Alas such leaders as Jeff Kennet and Sir Henry Bolte are hard to find these days. Still it’s not all lost, who can tell what the winds of generational change bring post November State elections.

1 Peter Adamis iconThe Voice from the Pavement – Peter Adamis is a Journalist/Commentator and writer. He is a retired Australian military serviceman and an Industry organisational & Occupational (OHS) & Training Consultant whose interests are within the parameters of domestic and international political spectrum.  He is an avid blogger and contributes to domestic and international community news media outlets as well as to local and Ethnic News.  He holds a Bachelor   of Adult Learning & Development (Monash), Grad Dip Occupational Health  & Safety, (Monash),  Dip. Training & Assessment, Dip Public Administration, and Dip Frontline Management. Contact via Email: [email protected] or via Mobile: 0409965538

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