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Peter Adamis 27 June 2014.  The plot thickens and we the Victorian tax payer are no closer to the truth that what we were some days ago. Now we find that our well earned tax dollars are being used to investigate a leaked tape when  the matter should be handled quietly behind the scenes without all the political pondering and eager seeking young journalists out to make a killing. A complete copy of the article may be downloaded by clicking on: BAILLIEUGATE4

The gate was left open and the horse has bolted.  Talk about closing the gate after the horse has bolted. Well that is exactly what has occurred at the moment over the allegations as to who was responsible for the leaking of the Ted Baillieu tape.  Staffers, are being targeted as the sources of the leak and yet one wonders whether this investigation which is “side show” as indicated by Denis Napthine as deliberate ploy to distract Victorian voters from the key issues facing all Victorians.


1.         Is this distraction deception plan to destabilise the government by the opposition. after all Labor has a media machine that is well oiled, trained in the art of deception and whose spin doctors are the best in the political arena. The Geoff Lake affair is a good example of what can happen to a potential candidate, the former Labor candidate for Frankston removed for alleged bullying is another. The list goes on and on.

2.         Is it a payback by Ted Baillieu supporters for the manner in which he was unceremoniously dumped as the Victorian Premier. This is not an unlikely scenario when one looks at the damage caused by those responsible. The Police Affair and leaking of tapes is one, the Indian Taxi protests is another and the loss of political influence in the political arena is also a consideration.

3.         Could it be an attempt by the current Liberal party hierarchy sycophants to create an environment where a distraction such as the Ted Baillieu leaked tape is blamed on their opposition within the party. The objective of a such an environment is possible as their internal polling and external polling is indicating that they are facing a massive defeat in Victoria and such will want to blame it on the Scott Ryan/Matthew Guy, Peter Costello/Michael O’Brien, The Coalition of the willing and/or Ted Baillieu/David Davis crew.

4.         Could it be disgruntled Liberal party members who have an axe to grind and would go to any length to bring about anarchy, disunity and chaos in order to come in as ‘liberators and saviours’ of the party, only to install their own puppets and people in positions of influence and power. All things are possible when members at the grass roots level become disgruntled and alienated. 

5.         Let us not forget the media itself and ascertain whether they had a hand in the preparation and planning of the leaked tape in order to increase their sales in hardcopy and online subscriptions. This scenario is difficult to imagine but then again all things are possible.

6.         Is it possible that it is an internal Liberal Party staffers fighting an online guerrilla warfare using cyber online technology tricks and whistles to dazzle their opponents and thus gain the upper hand. I cannot see why not as those who win the challenges are then looked upon as someone to be respected, followed and possibly feared by the political opponents. I will not put it past some of these young staffers as they are of a generation that is well educated, come from good homes, are well acquainted within political circles, always on the go, quick to react and to put out political fires all in the aid of who is top dog.

7.         Let us not forget the mature age and long time supporters who have been looked upon as past their use by date and are considered useless and unproductive by the current generation of leaders within the Liberal party. Is it possible that some of these members have the skills and tenacity to pull off such a political could. again anything is possible as it is well known that there are some die hard individuals who will work behind the scenes by stealth to achieve their objectives no matter how long it takes. If it was me I would not want to wake a sleeping and injured tiger.

8.         Heaven forbid that it could be the fault of the right wing conservatives whose values are based on the respect of all individuals, follow the path of Sir Robert Menzies, family values, against abortion, believe in loyalty, unity and a hatred of communism or anything that is left of the political pendulum. why not, one must think outside the box if the matter of the leaked tape is to be taken seriously and investigated appropriately.

9.         Let us go further and observe if you like whether it is the work of a few members who are on a crusade to remove all of their political opponents in ne foul swoop of the pen. This scenario has potential but it would require collusion at the Secretariat level, the hierarchy, the State Director and those that follow the leader as sheep like lambs to the slaughter. this scenario is unlikely but it must not be discarded.

10.       Lets stop and have a rest for one moment and cast our minds back to the least member to be suspected and that of the Victorian Premier and his myriad of supporters who are committed to winning the next State election at all costs. Is this a potential scenario? Why not one may ask, what better way to distract your political opponents by putting on a ‘side show’ and working diligently behind the scenes to achieve your political objectives. Any student of history will tell you that this was a favourite ploy by the ancient Roman Caesars and that of the Byzantium Emperors.

11. Last but not the least one wonders whether this is a master stroke of political strategy by the Scott Ryan/Matthew Guys camp in order to obtain the maximum political coverage by entering the stage as brining in new blood that will revitalise and energise the party undo their banner. I cannot see why not.  The forces of Scott Ryan/Matthew Guy have been working diligently in the back ground seeking out disgruntled members, mollifying and coddling those who are aggrieved or have an axe to grind, making deals with selective influential members in order to gain the upper hand.

If I were to seek high office, I would have laid the ground work many years ago and would have selected members who have been tested and have been through the ring of fire so to speak. The Scott Ryan/Matthew Guy/Scott Pearce team (The Three Amigos) have certainly been successful in this regard and have worked well as a trio to achieve their aims over the past eight long years.

It is my view that Scott Ryan is the best creator of deceptive plans that I have ever come across and one who is most likely to gain for any chaos that may arise from the current Victorian leaked Ted Baillieu tapes. Scott Ryan has a long history with the Liberal Party and one could say this his political career was saved by none other than that Political gladiator, Michael Kroger.

However it is well known within Liberal political circles that Michael Kroger did not take it kindly when allegations of Scott Ryan and Matthew guy surfaced that they were also responsible amongst other members of changing the status quo regarding the Senators order of preference.  Obviously both members denied their involvement but as the old saying goes where there is smoke there is fire. Scott Ryan works diligently at the Federal level in coercing and or seducing other members towards his clan of followers.

Matthew Guy working the Victorian turnstile and making promises and becoming a local pinup boy amongst developers and diverse communities.  All of these are in aid of attracting much need  funds for future campaigns. Scott Pearce on the other hand is a brilliant young man who should be a minister and not waste his time on administrative committee and dong the bidding of his two other amigos.

Whatever the case may be, the political manoeuvring of ‘Three Amigos” is a strong possibility. They may be worth watching for the future. Already their movements in creating allies and allegiances in key electorates (not to be named at this point in time) has not gone unnoticed and within six months it is believed that they will strike unexpectedly once all of the dominoes have fallen and the political mosaic has been completed in accordance with their ling term objectives. Watch and see the mosaic being completed, piece by piece. It will be a marvel to see and a template for future political aspirants to follow.  personally take my hat off to the ‘Three Amigos” for planning and executing their plans.

12.       Another member from the past that should not be overlooked is the war horse who brought back Victorian from the financial abyss and political vacuum is Jeff Kennett. Could it be said that Jeff Kennett with his military background and many years in the political arena has contrived to engineer such a scenario in order to have the people clamour for his return. It is a great idea and I cannot see why not. all things are possible and Jeff Kennett. is still young enough to take the Victorian bull by the horns and steer it into the direction of the cattle yards so to speak.

13.       They say that the number 13 is unlucky number and yet, Pete Costello has been Australia’s most successful Treasurer. Peter Costello is a god man that deserved to have been Prime Minister , but was thwarted by the overwhelming numbers by the John Howard camp. Could it be possible that the Peter Costello/Michae O’Brien have and a hand in the leaking of the tape?  I hardly think so but then again they must not be discounted form the equation. 

It is also well known that peter Costello dislikes Scott Ryan intensely and believed that Scott Ryan should have been sacked from his political job some years ago for some misdemeanour, but was saved by the intervention of Michae Kroger.  Peter Costello, Michae O’Brien, Kelly O’Dwyer and Mitch Fifield work well together as a team and it’s a great pity that a split has occurred between Peter Costello and that of Michael Kroger. A split that Scott Ryan took advantage of to pursue his own political interests at the expense of Ted Baillieu/David Davis, Peter Costello/Michael O’brien and the Coalition of the willing.

14. The most unlikely scenario is that of David Davis being behind the leaking of the Ted Baillieu tape in order to gain the upper hand by removing Ted Ballieu from his seat of Hawthorn and moving in after Ted Baillieu has resigned. David Davis is a past master of organising gladiatorial games and a an excellent political guerrilla fighter who in most cases can achieve his objectives. Is it possible that this scenario has some merit? Why not I say. After all was it not David Davis who engineered Mary Woolridge to move into the Eastern Metropolitan Upper house after he his aborted failure of trying to put Mary Woolridge in Kew.

Is it not the same David Davis who worked with Jeff Kennet and others to remove a Victorian Senator. Is it not the same David Davis who had the hide to accuse other Liberal candidates of running against sitting members. Is it not the same David Davis who has been trying to install one of his own cronies into the lower house seats within the Federal electorate of Kooyong in order to destabilise Josh Frydenberg. Maybe David Davis want to secretly be the next Victorian Premier and ‘lead Victorians to glory and victory’ if he can remove his boss Ted Baillieu.

15.       The most likely scenario is that email addresses have been gleaned from emails addressed to members within the Liberal party by Parliamentarians themselves. Instead of using the BCC system, some bright spark has failed to do this and inadvertently exposed members email addresses to the world. Two examples that have come to our attention are those sent out by two upper house members who should have known better. The interesting fact here is that both members are supporters of Ted Baillieu and his crew

In closing Baillieugate4, to be sure that other scenarios. are possible, I am of the belief its best to leave sleeping dogs lie and not wake any wounded tiger that is currently licking their would to strike back. they say that in India a wounded and ageing tiger is the worst as they have lost their ability to chase  down game naturally and therefore revert to slower and easier prey, the species were refer to as mankind. Lets concentrate o the State Election coming up in five months shall we and put aside these ‘side shows’ for the better good of all Victorians.

Peter Adamis Australia Day iconThe Voice from the Pavement – Peter Adamis is a Journalist/Commentator and writer. He is a retired Australian military serviceman and an Industry organisational & Occupational (OHS) & Training Consultant whose interests are within the parameters of domestic and international political spectrum.  He is an avid blogger and contributes to domestic and international community news media outlets as well as to local and Ethnic News.  He holds a Bachelor   of Adult Learning & Development (Monash), Grad Dip Occupational Health  & Safety, (Monash),  Dip. Training & Assessment, Dip Public Administration, and Dip Frontline Management. Contact via Email: [email protected] or via Mobile: 0409965538

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