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Peter Adamis   July 2014.   Liberal grass root activists voice their displeasure It is of interest to note that the Liberal party has taken upon itself to conduct a “witch Hunt” in order to deflect the damage by the BaillieuGate leaked tape.   Visit for more information.  To view the complete article download by clicking on:  BALLIEUGATE 5 

This is truly a sad state of affairs and one wonders whether it has been designed to deflect away from real issues facing the Liberal party.   The damage and disunity caused by Ted Baillieu’s comments about his parliamentary colleagues has been cleverly sidetracked amidst a cloud of supporters who have created an environment of sympathy for his outspoken and unwarranted remarks against his colleagues.  This not the first time that such matters have been leaked.  See below for further details on ABC with Ted Baillieu.

Good bloke, but!     Ted Ballieu may be a good and compassionate bloke and I like him as a person, but the fact of the matter is that his comments have worried the Liberal party hierarchy as well as that of his parliamentary colleagues. Maybe the leaked tape was in revenge against those who had undermined Ted Baillieu in the 2008, the answer to this question is slowly beginning to unravel. To understand some of the background we need to revisit an only discussion on the ABC with Ted Baillieu. See below for further details.

The online weasels.                       The introduction of our law enforcement agencies to ferret out the ‘weasel’ within the Liberal party is a good example of heading towards the wrong direction. See below an extract from the Herald Sun. On the other hand the Liberal party should take a leaf out the labor party’s attempts to deflect and diffuse potential future problems arising from their dealings with the unions. This attempt by the labor party has merit and can be seen as clearing the decks so to speak and thus disabling Denis Napthine’s attacks on labor during the state election. Clever move but will it be sufficient to bring Labor over the Line? See below Labours attempt to deflect their domestic and in-house issues.

I am of the opinion that they were hoping to report to the party faithful at the recent State Assembly that they had found the ‘weasel’.   Had they found the ‘weasel’, it would be a political and strategic coup on their part as it would indicate that they were in control of the situation and that it would be a good lesson for others contemplating on taking such a negative course of action. We as a party now need to concentrate all of our resources in order to win the next state election and not look for scapegoats or conduct witch hunts. The weasel and/or weasels involved will sooner or later be exposed.

Lynch mob mentality.       Putting aside who is responsible for the moment, the current Liberal Party management team are but a witch hunt posse intent on identifying and chasing an unknown an d alleged political tape (leaked) rustler. The utilisation of our law enforcement agencies to do their work is a waste of Police resources and should b reconsidered in light of the State election. This is lynch mob mentality is not the way to go but they are baying for blood and are using behavioural tactics to weed out the ‘weasel’. It is my opinion that they do not care who it is other than to pin it on some who has been and still is a thorn in their side. 

Federal Minister under attack.    Other Liberal sources are indicating that it’s a deliberate attempt to undermine a Victorian Federal Minister because they are of the belief that the Federal Minister is a barrier to their long term plans and their domino theory has not worked as expected at the federal level. It is no secret that Tony abbot the Prime Minister does not need Victoria to retain power and yet he will be compelled to step in and support for the Federal Minister currently under attack by recalcitrant parliamentarians and ‘wannabe’ ministers at the next Federal election. Potential scenarios and who is behind it all will be published at the next BAILLEUGATE 5 article now been researched and compiled.

Grass root revelations.     There are many within the Liberal party management team that take the grass roots for granted and as such fail to capture and utilise their strengths and develop those that require support for the greater good of the individual and that of the party. This philosophy is not a new one as it has been used throughout the ages to bring out the best in individuals and communities.


The ‘Texters’ and ‘Leakers’ .       In light of the texting and leaking of the BaillieuGate tape, the grassroots are often told by the hierarchy that it is in appropriate to text and pass on information to the detriment o the Liberal Party and yet these same people have been named in the main media as being the “Leakers” to the press. One asks, as to who is calling the kettle black now in the wake of the Liberal party management team ‘Witch Hunt’. We often hear of individuals given jobs once they have lost their seats because of their own stupidity and not catering or looking after their Liberal party members at the grass roots. We also often hear of individuals being given jobs when clearly they belonged to other political parties in the past. (Political parties such as Labor and Greens.)  

Skeleton exposures.                     Members within the Liberal party have long memories and have retained over the years the whereabouts  many “Dead bodies”, “skeletons” and misbehaviour of those seeking Liberal party leadership and/or nomination.  We can begin by questioning those who hold office now and who are supposed to represent the people.  We are the people. Others who have leadership aspirations have recently been noted for denigrating Liberal party members based on misinformation and sycophant advice. There is no such thing as a safe seat, mainly because Liberals work hard in each electorate to support their sitting members.

Misuse of electorate resources.             Geoff Shaw is not the only member to have misused his electorate resources and one wonders whether he has been made the scapegoat to hide the nefarious activities of others who operate under the parliamentary umbrella. What about those electoral offices that misuse their offices to spread misinformation, bar their constituents from entering their offices and being rude to the constituents. Misuse funds for activities not related to their office. Where is our integrity.  The Victorian Liberal Western, Northern and Eastern lower or Upper house seats will be worth monitoring. There are a number of dominoes to fall, should they fall that is before others make their moves.

Imported misinformation programs.                 It has come to our attention that free products are being distributed throughout the Victorian region. These free products happen to arrive on the doorstep of individuals who were celebrating. Recipients though surprised and delighted at the surprise gift were at odds to fathom where their personal information was garnered from.   One can only gather it was from Facebook material that the information was gathered and/or illegal use of Liberal Party Members lists. Complete lists of members is only open to a few and select members of the Liberal Party hierarchy. 

Misuse of new communities and new cultures.         Whatever the case may be. Such unwarranted attacks on loyal and long standing Liberals will no longer be tolerated and action is now being taken to eradicate such recalcitrant individuals from Liberal party midst. No longer will new communities and new cultures be seduced by the honey words of these people. No longer will the new communities be looked upon as cash cows. Although I have discussed previously, I am still of the belief that new communities should not be looked upon as second class citizens and used for their manpower resources.  

Electorates neglected.      Sitting members on both sides of politics have lost their seats because they neglected their own grass roots members. Sitting members are the origin of much angst amongst the grass roots who loyal work hard to maintain the status quo and serve the people in their region.   We who are the silent few will no longer put up with such character assassinations and will expose all those who fail to support the grass roots.   Wisdom and freedom of speech has always come at a price and we at the grassroots have long memories. 

Character assassination.             Is it a wonder then that Liberals are overwhelmed by the misinformation, rhetoric and character assassination of individuals who dare stand up for what were once conservative values that the Liberal party once stood for. We appear to be inheriting negative values from recalcitrant and selfish individuals who have much to answer for the remarks they make about others. They will soon be exposed. 

Masks behind the masks.                        We often hear of members joining the Party espousing Liberal party ideology. Then once they have gained level of acceptance their true colours come through. They hide behind Multicultural banners holding various positions within the Party and spreading vile and malicious misinformation to bring down, reduce and/or denigrate individuals who have served the Liberal party in many capacities.

New and diverse communities.              We also have those who hide behind racist labels using “Multiculturalism” as a mask and means of hiding their racist views. These members will be exposed over the next 18 months. We have sitting members and Senators who “use” new communities as cash cows and potential sources of revenue with odious promises of “safe seats”. Don’t underestimate the value of new cultures and their communities.  We need to embrace them within the Liberal Party and assist them towards strengthen the fabric o this society.

Courage to stand up and be counted.              As Harold Eather, a dear and departed friends and mentor would always say, ‘don’t be afraid to stand up and be counted for there are many who don’t have the courage. Never feel intimidated or overawed wee also god lessons that he would pass onto young like myself many years ago. It is only a few who have the tenacity to stand up and be counted. It is always the few who stand up and tell it how it is. Where are the voices of Jeff Kennets’, the Henry Boltes’, The Peter Costellos’, the Michael Krogers’, who were not afraid to stand up and say what was on their mind. The “so called new young Turks” of our age have lost their way and their minds are full of political ambitions way beyond their capabilities. They too have skeletons n the closet which will eventually come to light.

Diplomacy versus Janus.                        Janus was a Roman God that had two faces and I am of the opinion that his followers have come down through the ages in the form of Sheep in wolfs clothing. It’s time we began to clean out this nefarious hornets’ nest of recalcitrant individuals. We in the trenches who make up the bulk of the Liberal party membership and are the grassroots and soul of the Liberal party need to rise up, coordinate and join hands with those who see the integrity of the Liberal party being decimated piece by piece.

A deaf ear to grass root concerns.                    We find that we have our sitting members sitting in “court” listening, taking advice and having their photographs taken with these former no Liberals. At one state MPs office there was an elderly action group that sat in the offices of one sitting member waiting to speak with him. They were left sitting in the foyer and with the blinds open so that the heat of the sun would bear down on the elderly couple in order to make it uncomfortable for them and thus leave. What a disgrace.

Parliamentary leakers and staffers.                   What action will the Liberal Party management team take to eradicate and discipline parliamentary members who consistently flout their position. Take for example on staffer secretly recording one Senator and relaying the information back to another Senator.  The Senator in this case was briefing a delegation from Victoria as part of their role and the briefing was misused, twisted and given a new interpretation. Although this staffer was sacked when it was brought to the attention of the receiving Senator, tis same staffer soon found himself being relocated to an upper house member, only to be relocated again when his nefarious activities were brought to the upper House members attention.  Now that same staffer is apparently working for another Senator.  What a joke and a mockery of our system.

Bullies and standover merchants.                     These same sitting members who are closely related through personal and political relationships and  use such words effectively to reduce or isolate those who have the courage to stand up against these bullies. Should they be exposed?  Should those members responsible for bringing down one of our Senators be exposed. Take for example those member’s who brought down Ted Ballieu, they do have a lot to answer for.  Those members who continuously work against Liberal Party ethos and values should have their activities curtailed and spoken to that it’s against Liberal values need to take a hike.

Now with the leaked Baillieu tape we at the grassroots wonder who is really behind the leaked tape and whatever are their long term objectives. There are scenarios that were discussed in BaillieuGate 4 but it is believed that there are additional scenarios to be exposed and these will soon be published as they come to hand.  It is my opinion that non performing parliamentary members should retire as soon as possible and allow others to take on the responsibility before they too are removed as an embarrassment.   The new generation shows great promise, and require support to take on the reins of government in the future. Therefore its always best to arm them with the knowledge, skills and wisdom to move forward with gusto and confidence.

Broken reforms.      What happened to the reforms we were promised in the Liberal Party. The reforms that were to bring in change, reforms that were to stop the factions, reforms that will make it easier for all grass roots members to participate. What utter drivel and a waste of good manpower , political skills and corporate knowledge.  For many of us who joined the Liberal party it was to retain a way of life according to Liberal party ethos and values, not for social interaction or entertainment.

2014 State election resources.               We are in such serious danger of losing the next State election that we don’t know which way to turn. So serious is this fact that everyone is looking after their own interests and not that of the Liberal party and its members at the grass roots level.  We don’t have much time to reverse the negativity that is eating away at the soul of the liberal party.  We as Liberal Party members are all volunteers and we all charged with supporting and/or attending Party events in order to raise funds in order that they are redirected towards winning elections. 

Leading by negative example.    Others were caught red handed sending emails and denigrating Senators using Government offices and offices. They don’t get sacked at all but are transferred or removed to other members offices. What a joke and a stain on our integrity, Liberal ethos and values. What about those who sit at the head tables observed to texting to their supporters during crucial election periods and the passing of misinformation about others to deflect any suspicion upon themselves. This has not gone noticed by the many who have long memories.

Denis Napthine.      It will be not the fault of Denis Napthine if we lose the next election. He is doing a fine job in keeping the Liberal team together and one hopes that he can emulate Sir Henry Bolte from Meredith (Bless his soul). On the other hand there are the “puppy” hounds that are nipping at his heels undermining him with their long term goals and putting in electorates their family, friends and sycophants.

Liberal party president.    Tony Snell and his management team should be concentrating all of their efforts on winning the State election and not seeking out for scapegoats that they can blame in the event we lose the State Election in late November. Grass roots members are voicing their opinions behind closed doors, reluctant to speak their mind and this is a worry as members should not feel complacent and afraid to speak against those who are seen as being indecisive and chasing popularism. Tony Snell needs to reappraise his position and lead by example in order that future generations aspiring for the top job have a role model to emulate.

State Director.                      The State Director, Damien Mantach should take up the cudgel and advise the Liberal party hierarchy of the dangers in conducting a ‘Witch Hunt” and to stop using much need resources at a time when they should be focusing on the State Election. Mind you Damien Mantach has a difficult role and keeping abreast of all the recalcitrant’s is not his job or responsibility. His role is to manage and coordinate resources towards winning government, nothing more and nothing less.

Grass roots.             The members in the electorate are looked upon as mere pawns and chess pieces to be used only when required and yet these same loyal Liberals, year after year always come out of hiding, retirement, shadows, background to help and support the Liberal party.  Where is the acknowledgement, where is the thanks for their volunteer status. Over the years we have often seen individuals being burnt out because they were used unjustly and then discarded when the jobs are being distributed.

A bleak or a bright  future?                      After years of Labor mismanagement and the eroding of the billions that were saved as a result of the John Howard/Peter Costello partnership and that of the Coalition, we need to move forward with confidence.  Let us therefore put aside the petty political ambitions, the character assassinations and nefarious recalcitrant ideas and get on with the job of governing Victoria and Australia. We may be a conglomeration of many fabrics that is what make this country stand tall in the eyes of the world. We are after all Australians, united in our aspirations to become a great country.   All previous BaillieuGate chronicles 1 to 4 may be found at:

Peter Adamis Australia Day iconThe Voice from the Pavement – Peter Adamis is a Journalist/Commentator and writer. He is a retired Australian military serviceman and an Industry organisational & Occupational (OHS) & Training Consultant whose interests are within the parameters of domestic and international political spectrum.  He is an avid blogger and contributes to domestic and international community news media outlets as well as to local and Ethnic News.  He holds a Bachelor   of Adult Learning & Development (Monash), Grad Dip Occupational Health  & Safety, (Monash),  Dip. Training & Assessment, Dip Public Administration, and Dip Frontline Management. Contact via Email: [email protected] or via Mobile: 0409965538

To view the complete article download by clicking on:  BALLIEUGATE 5 

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