Did the Victorian Liberal Party Division engineer Malcolm Turnbull’s downfall

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Abalinx 25 August 2018 Peter Adamis

Background.    Political media commentators and Liberal politicians are in the habit of labelling the Australian Liberal Party as a broad church and that within the church the congregation made up of disciples with different views and ideologies that reflect their own environment.  Peter Costello must therefore be considered of the high Priests in Victoria.

It should therefore not come as a surprise to the uninitiated public to see the rise of false messiahs all preaching their own brand of Liberal Party values. Ever since the erosion and final severing of the Peter Costello and Michael Kroger friendship, the Victorian Division has been involved in melees’ of one kind or another.  This vacuum of unity held by Peter Costello and Michael Kroger was filled in by the likes of David Kemp and his reforms, aided and abetted by Tony Snell, Damien Mantach and their crew of sycophants.  History has exposed their poor policies, reforms and over regulated practices and procedures that added more woes to a diminishing membership base.

It was only since the emergence of a whole new generation of Liberals under the leadership of Michael Kroger that the Liberal Party became more attractive to Liberal minded investors in Victoria. This coincided with events that occurred some four years when two young men decided to challenge the status quo and worked silently towards rebuilding the Liberal Party in Victoria. Marcus Bastiaan and Paul Mitchell are credited with revitalizing the Liberal Party, encouraging a new generation to become involved.  Meetings were conducted, alliances renewed and factional war lords seduced or isolated were made, culminating in controlling the Liberal party in Victoria in 2018. A copy of the article may be downloaded by clicking on: DID THE VICTORIAN LIBERAL PARTY DIVISION ENGINEER MALCOLM TURNBULL DOWNFALL

Peter Costello did not take up the subtle olive branches that were sent forth by heralds and other like minded cupid’s communication and embarked on building his own congregation of disciples.  Mitch Fifield and Scott Ryan were the vanguard followed up by Kelly O’Dwyer on the wings and a vanguard being filled with dissident factions, disenfranchised and disillusioned Liberal Party members. A brilliant pincer movement by Peter Costello, reminiscent of the Zulu wars plan of action. The plan to wrest control of Victoria almost succeed had it not been for the timely arrival of Michael Kroger. On reflection both members, Peter Costello and Michael Kroger were no different in their ideologies and their vision for Victoria and Australia, but used different strategies and political vehicles of persuasion to attract disciples to their cause.

Canberra Drama.          Thus today given the recent political drama being played out in Canberra I have come to the conclusion that it was not an ad hoc coup, nor a guerrilla type of warfare designed to destabilise the government; but a well-planned and orchestrated strategic hit against Malcolm Turnbull.  It may have appeared on face value to have been hatched by Tony Abbott using Peter Dutton as the forward scout; followed by a strike force led by Mitch Fifield, Michaelia Cash and Mathias Corman and finally the spoils being distributed by Scott Morrison and Josh Frydenberg. But this scenario does not go down well with those avid watchers of Canberra.

It is true that there was no love between Tony Abbott and Malcolm Turnbull, but there is no hard evidence that Tony Abbott actively worked against Malcolm Turnbull. It is true that Tony Abbott disagreed with the Prime Minister on the Paris Agreement and the National Energy Agreement, and is on record as saying that his views were never about personalities but merely about good policies being sold to the public.  In this Tony Abbot was proven correct, whether the public liked it or not

An alternative point of view.     What if other external and unknown forces were controlling the political environment using psychological and political stealth to achieve their aims?   Did Malcolm Turnbull find out who was involved in the in the first spill and was going to exact revenge on those responsible. If this is one scenario then it is possible, Ministers and others involved had no choice but to support the motion for the second spill.

When Malcolm Turnbull began to realise that his position was becoming untenable, he attempted a strategic withdrawal to give him time to find the high moral ground.  He used delaying tactics, blaming others for being undermined regarding the National Energy Guarantee, appealing to the public, denying access to minister’s portfolios, seeking the Solicitors Generals advice on the eligibility of his alleged nemesis, Peter Dutton; and finally speaking with the Governor General, which failed to impress those seeking to resolve the situation.

Therefore given this scenario, it is within the realms of reality to assume that Malcolm Turnbull was going to review the front bench and drag the Liberal Party further to the left, mirroring that of Labor. It must be remembered that it is no secret that he (Malcolm Turnbull) had approached the Labor Party for a seat, prior to joining the Liberals. In fact his dalliance with the Republican movement was more aligned with the Labor than with the Liberal party. Actions which did not endear him to the conservative right of the Liberal Party. Neither were his appalling actions of threats and intimidation against Brendon Nelson, forgotten.

Peter Costello Disciples.          Given the above environment, what if the real plotters seeking to maintain their hold on Federal politics decided to construct a plan of action to remove Malcolm Turnbull by influencing others that it was time for change. What if the disciples of Peter Costello seeing that their support base in Victoria was being slowly eroded, decided to throw their support behind Scott Morrison in an attempt to revitalise their defences and enhance their political longevity.

These same plotters may have wanted to match the NSW-Victoria partnership using Scott Morrison and Josh Frydenberg as the leadership couple, thus mirroring the successes of the John Howard and Peter Costello years?  This is not so far fetched if we review the drama recently played out in Canberra. To give support to this theory let the facts below speak for themselves and let readers decide for themselves.

What does the above all mean to the Victorian Public? Probably nothing by now. After being glued to the drama being played out in Canberra, information was being controlled by a predator media adding moment by moment the intense drama being played out in the political arena. . Those who felt it was business as usual came out of the party room with a glum look on their faces, the public saw and heard the various views of commentators, political representatives and were fed a constant reel of information from Twitter, Instagram, face book, WhatsApp, WeChat and a host of other mobile applications.

Never in the history of Australia has the drama in Canberra captivated the public attention. But it was not an audience that welcomed the information, but rather an angry, disgusted and fed up with political instability. In fact in hindsight one could say that the public if given the opportunity would not vote for any of the political parties involved. The Labor Party, the Greens One Nation, Deryn Hinch, the Nationals and the Independents all stuck their deadly barbs into the Liberal party brawl, leaving a public bewildered with it all.  Mind you, this is nothing new as it is technology that enables the public to be better informed than at any time in the distant past.

Scott Morrison and Josh Frydenberg have a difficult if not impossible job of healing a fractured party not seen the days of Black Jack Mc Ewen, Billy McMahon, and John Gorton and Harold years. John Howard a former Australian Prime Minister has come out in support of his protégé, Tony Abbott stating that he should be considered for the front bench and thus healing a divisive Liberal party. On the other hand we have Scott Morrison stating a “New generation of Liberal leadership, is to be on your (Australians) side”. Is this a subtle code that Kevin Andrews, Malcolm Turnbull and Tony Abbott will not be considered for the front bench?

If it is then I fear that the Liberals will certainly lose the next election and split the Party into two camps, ideologically, structurally and culturally which could lead to a separation similar to the Labor and Democratic Labor Party split many years ago.   With a $551 billion in debt, a National Energy Guarantee scrapped, high utility bills, one of Australia’s worst drought in history, a divided party room, a possible by-election by the expected resignation by a vindictive former Prime Minister, poor polls, a disgusted and fed up public, a right wing conservative revolt, a budget before the next election, healing open wounds are but a few of the issues facing Australia’s 30th Australian Prime Minister.  A Prime Minister who on the surface appears calm, consultative, jovial and embracing, does have his alter ego where he known for his aggression and forceful manner should something displease him. Still, he now is in the box seat and he has the political maturity to target and prioritise the problems facing Australia and that of his Liberal/National coalition team.        

In my humble opinion Scott Morrison was voted Prime Minister because he was seen as the least disruptive figure in the party room and thus became Australian accident Prime Minister.  A new generation of leaders is a good slogan that will be welcomed by a public fed up with the dramas being acted out in Canberra.  But will it be enough to retain government is the question. I therefore believe that when all has been said and done, Scott Morrison will surprise everyone by his consultative leadership, direct approach, and work hard to reduce the burdens on Australian families and heal wounds within the party. With Julie Bishop resigning as Foreign Minister it paves the way for opportunities to Tony Abbott and Kevin Andrews.

Therefore this new generation that Scott Morrison speaks of will involve new blood with an injection of young men and women to be on the front bench that will include Peter Dutton who is a seasoned and good performer. Scott Morrison has less than six months to achieve the impossible. Being a tolerant and forgiving lot, the public in general prefers a Liberal/National coalition government to the alternative Union controlled Labor Party under the leadership of Bill Shorten.

Question remains! Did the Victorian Liberal Party Division engineer Malcolm Turnbull’s downfall?  This is one question readers will have to come to their own conclusions.

Peter Adamis is a Journalist/Social Media Commentator and writer. He is a retired Australian military serviceman and an Industry organisational & Occupational (OHS) & Training Consultant whose interests are within the parameters of domestic and international political spectrum.  He is an avid blogger and contributes to domestic and international community news media outlets as well as to local and Ethnic News.  He holds a Bachelor   of Adult Learning & Development (Monash), Grad Dip Occupational Health & Safety, (Monash), and Dip. Training & Assessment, Dip Public Administration, and Dip Frontline Management. Website: abalinx.com Contact via Email: [email protected]

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