Election outcomes


Abalinx 27 November 2022                    

Two days ago, I proposed a potential return of a Labor government, based on generational changes amongst other matters. It is now evident that Victorians have spoken and that the errors of judgement by the Labor government were not enough to convince Victorians to change government.  There are huge lessons to be learnt from this outcome and yet to be fair, failure cannot and should not fall upon Matthew Guy who kept the line. ELECTION OUTCOMES 2022

Matthew Guy to his credit worked very hard supporting his party’s campaign under difficult conditions; and his decision to step down as Liberal leader is not an expression of failure but rather doing what is in the best of the Liberal party.  There no rights or wrongs with the result and there is no value in seeking scapegoats. Those responsible for the administration and political representation must now take a step back and consider what are the best options available to move forward with some degree of optimism.  Mathew Guy in holding the political line so to speak has stopped the rot, thus enabling the Liberal party with a platform to create foundations for the long term.        

Over the past ten years, a case for “generational change” and for members to step aside was made. The future looked bright and the Liberal Party began to rebuild its grass root base.  However due to many unforeseen factors, the generational experiment of change did not resonate well with everyone and ended with disastrous outcomes.  It is no use pointing the bone at who was responsible for it only attracts negative publicity.        

Last night, Jeff Kennett was indeed correct during the last phases of the election stating that millenniums played a role in the election result.  There were more millennials voting than those of the baby boomers. Neither party had addressed this and both targeted the political leaders.  Jeff Kennett went on to say that the Millennium voters had grown up during a period of good times and had not the life experiences of the Baby Boomers, but concede that they did experience some hardship during the Corona Virus pandemic.          

At the present moment there are those who are monitoring the progress of the Hawthorn electorate where John Pesutto is currently ahead of his “Teal independent” opponent. John if successful is being touted as a future leader to replace Matthew Guy.        Whoever is to succeed Matthew Guy must work closely with the State President, Greg Mirabella who by all accounts is committed to bringing about the changes necessary to meet the future. We live in a democratic country and such are governed by those principles that make this nation great and the envy of the world. Therefore, like Jeff Kennett, the author does not have the answers other than to remain positive and optimistic about the future of the Liberal Party in Victoria.    

Further to the above, there is a common misunderstanding and misrepresentation quite often touted by the mass media and that of political opposition parties that the Liberal Party is influenced or administered by extreme Right-Wing members.  I can categorically deny that this is the case. I am of the opinion that in the Liberal party there are (similar to the Labor party), “Traditional members” (baby boomers)” and “Progressives” (Left of Centre).   There is a minority of others who do not have a platform to influence the political and administrative outcomes, yet appear periodically as roses but are full of thorns.  In closing, the Liberal Party is a broad church where each voice has merit and whether those voices are of a positive or negative nature, they must be allowed to be heard. 

Peter Adamis is a Writer/Journalist and Social Media Commentator. He is a retired Australian military serviceman and an Industry organisational, Environmental & Occupational (OHS) & Training Consultant whose interests are within the parameters of domestic and international political spectrum. Website: abalinx.com