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Peter Adamis  11 August 2014

THE FILE archives replaces the now defunct and almost forgotten BaillieuGate series. THE FILE will be provide readers articles, opinions and anecdotal information relevant to the grass roots members of our society. The website is under restructure to enable readers to contribute online. To obtain a complete copy of the article and associated data click on the following url: THE FILE -1

Abalinx takes no responsibility for the accuracy of the reports. Readers contributions will be admitted as long as they are in accordance with Abalinx website policies and procedures.

Changes, innovations and surprises.              The BaillieuGate leaked tape affair has almost come to a halt with no clear result. The Opposition leader, Daniel Andrews may have had some egg on his face recently over the destruction, leaking and misuse of the journalist tape, but in the end the Victorian people are not to be taken for granted or underestimated. Victorians on the whole have been traditionally happy to follow their representatives in what they do on their behalf. This traditional point of view is no longer the view amongst the younger voters who are tech savvy and up to date with the news within their own environment and that of global events.  

Tony Abbott.                        The Prime Minster has risen to the diverse challenges faced by his government, demonstrating leadership attributes that were seriously lacking in the previous Labor government. He has displayed those leadership ideals that we in Australia expect of our political leaders. He has been an avid listener to the concerns of the Australian people over suggested changes to 18C (Racial Discrimination Act), the handling of the MH17 disaster, the diplomatic discussions over the Pacific and defence cooperation between the USA, and China. He has consistently supported his ministers and assisted in developing them to meet their portfolios.

This has not gone unnoticed and his messages to the Australia people to join the Australian people has gone down well.  He was at his best when he demonstrated compassion and a good understanding of Islamic communities who were beginning to feel alienated living within Australian society. Tony Abbott was able show that a clear demarcation existed between those Muslims in Australia and those who left our shores to become involved in the Middle East. 

To date, Tony Abbott has met all of the challenges faced by his government and in doing so has shed the negative profile that Labor attempted to paint him with at the last Federal election. The only negative reaction to Tony Abbott came from the Veteran community who did not appreciate his unfortunate comments regarding the Japanese presence during WW2 and the alleged “honourable” acts during that same period.  (Read more as per attached articles)

Julie Bishop.                        The Foreign Minister has also emulated her leader Ton Abbott in rising above all of the diplomatic challenges and barriers since coming to government. Her charge in the United Nations against the powers responsible for bring down the MH17 airplane was commendable, her handling of the sensitive spying allegations in Indonesia are coming to a close in air of reconciliation with her Indonesian counterpart. The hardline stance on suspending, cancelling and monitoring of radical Australians attempting to leave Australia to fight for an ideal that is not compatible with Australian way of life and beliefs. Her discussions with world leaders, especially those of China and the USA in resolving sensitive issues, her support to her colleagues over the unfortunate budget fiasco are an indication of the wealth and depth of experience that she has accumulated in the past and has prepared her well for her role. (Read more as per attached articles)

Joe Hockey.             The Treasurer Joe Hockey has fallen upon his sword on at least three  occasions, in both cases the Prime Minister has been supportive of his ministers and yet has managed to distance himself from their ill timed, ill conceived and poorly received comments.  Still Joe Hockey means well and his heart is in the right place but he will need some support to tone down his arrogance if he is to remain relevant in today’s changing society. His attitude and over exuberant management of a budget considered by many to be draconian and harsh may have been over the tip but if one stood still for one moment and took into consideration the ramifications of diluting the budget, they would reconsider their opposition, The short term pain for long term gain is commensurate with Australia current financial situation and his budget would have resolved many of the issues facing all Australians.   (Read more as per attached articles)

George Brandis.     George Brandis for all his faults is still a believable and competent Attorney General. At a recent tribute to the former Senator Helen Roger, George Brandis demonstrated that he was able to laugh at himself regarding a misunderstanding what metadata was all about, Methinks that George Brandis was put on the spot and could not and was unable to reveal exactly what was to be checked and monitored by security agencies as it would have provided terrorists and other nefarious groups the information need to counter any such monitoring. This has been overlooked by many and George Brandis has taken it on the chin very well.  George Brandis advisers in future should also ensure that others involved in  making changes to legislation are involved. In this case one means involving the Communication Minster and the Privacy Commissioner so that they too can add their weight and points of view to any suggested changes.  (Read more as per attached articles)

Scott Morison.         After a flying start and a rise in popularism for six months into the Tony Abbott Liberal Government, Scott Morrison showed to the Australian people that he meant business in returning illegal refugee boats back to their place of origin. However once the honeymoon was over cracks appeared that challenged all of the best advisers associate with Immigration. 

However it is of interest to note a softening of the Federal governments softening on the illegal boats even though illegal refugee boats are still turned away, the children of those in detention are soon to be released into the Australian community. This was only done under a Liberal Government and the previous Labor government have much t answer for their inadequate handling of the illegal refugee boats.

Kevin Andrews – Senior Victorian Federal Minister.              The Minister for Social Services has possibly the largest budget to manage and is the best minister to oversee and manage a department that is in serious need of a restructure. His approach to dealing with welfare recipients appear to be harsh but what he is attempting to achieve is to change the attitudes of all Australians, especially those of the younger generation that the age of welfare payments are over and that the youth will require to give back to the community what they receive in funds from Centre-link. One must admit that despite all the positive rhetoric emanating from Kevin Andrews, the position have misconstrued his policies and for some time appeared to be succeeding in diluting the programs in place to reduce the welfare bill on Australians.

Kevin Andrews is Victoria’s senior Federal Minster who has a enormous wealth of political experience and having served under a previous Howard government is the best minister to tackle the Social Services portfolio.   In addition to his Social Services responsibilities, he is also the Federal Multicultural Minister, a role which keeps him busy in attending the many diverse community events throughout Australia. It’s a pity more Victorian Federal members were not as proactive.

On a local level, Kevin Andrews was born and raised in  raised in country Victoria, he studied law and arts at Melbourne University before completing a Master of Laws at Monash University. He has a love of cycling and is current involved in the Pollie cycling raising funds for  a needy cause. He is a devout Christian whose ideals on life are found in the traditional values of Australia and one can judge by his achievements that he will be around for some time to ensure that the programs being implemented are embedded well into the future.

Kevin Andrews is supported by a team of advisers well versed in their responsibilities and also by a team of dedicated and committed team within his own seat of Menzies headed by Sandra Mercer Moore. It is of interest to point out that Sandra Mercer Moore was the former Metropolitan Female President,  a role that she excelled in and ensured that the values of the Liberal party were being maintained in line with traditional Liberal conservatist ideologies. As chairperson for the seat of Menzies, Sandra Mercer Moore has been instrumental in ensuring that  the seat of Menzies remains a strong part of the Liberal coalition heartland

Eric Abetz.                Eric Abetz as the employment Minister has a difficult portfolio in changing employment practices and creating an environment where Australians can contribute to the long term economic stability of Australia.Work for the Dole is high up on his agenda  and one must add that it has caused some angst amongst the non profit organisations and these long term unemployed. There is some concern over the raising of the age of retirement to 70 by many have failed to see that it will not come into effect for some years yet. It also provides Australians with the opportunities to continue working shod they want to do so.

The Work for the Dole is a good concept but the name and some of the mechanisms require further tweaking to make it presentable and acceptable to the wider community. Tenders for organisations considering taking on Work for the Dole were recently closed, but it would appear that the concepts being considered appear somewhat different and varied from the previous successful Work for the Dole programs under the Howard Liberal government. Although it’s still far too early to tell what the ramifications are, one believes that much work and research needs to be conducted in order to emulate some of the successes and achievements of its predecessor.

BaillieuGate Leaked tape.                        The matter of the leaked Liberal party email addresses has not been resolved and one wonders whether the independent investigation employed by the Liberal party found huge gaps in the Secretariats methodologies that left it open to hackers, misuse of power, misappropriation of responsibilities and poor management practices. Some have been trying to link the Liberal Party’s parting of ways with the staff member responsible for membership with the leaked email addresses. This however cuts no ice with many senior Liberals as the matter of separation and the leaking of the BaillieuGate were weeks if not months apart.  There parliamentary colleagues of the Opposition leader, Andrew Daniels now affectionately calling him “Dictaphone Dan” or “”DD” for short. I am of the opinion that they are trying to emulate Richard Nixon where he was called “Dirty Dick” (another DD acronym)

Abbot Lies website.                       Whoever thought of purchasing the domain name of abbot lies is a fool to think that they would be so clever as to attract members by redirecting them to a website of their own choosing. In the first place denigrating the Prime Ministers is not a good start. Secondly only those interesting in smut and making stupid comments would be attracted to such a site. It appears to me that those who are supposed to be the online social media gurus could well do with some retraining on what is the best strategy to winning elections. I can say with some experience that rubbishing ones leader in that manner is not the way to go. Should Victorian Liberals believe that it’s the best way forward, think again, as they should not be blaming their poor political performance on the Federal Government. any poor showing s in the Victorian polls is symptomatic with their own poor performance by mediocre parliamentarians who should have stood down and allowed a new generation to be bloodied in the arena of politics. (Read more as per attached articles)


Cause for concern amongst senior Liberals.             Presently there is so consternation amongst Liberal at the recent polling in Victoria. Senior Liberals were hoping that the Royal commission, the Labor debacle over the BaillieuGate leak tape, the Shaw exile from Parliament, the good management of Victorian assets, the low unemployment, the projected building projects to select but a few, would close the gap between Labor and the Liberal Government.

Ill-conceived witch hunt.              This closing of the gap scenario was almost realized when it was found that labor had mishandled the BaillieuGate leaked tape affair and  but in doing so the political arm of the Liberal party embarked on an ill conceived witch hunt which created an environment of disunity, break away groups alienated its members and in doing so failed to focus on what was important, that of the looming state election.

The recent polls indicate that they have returned back to their positions sometime in early April of this year and this is becoming somewhat o a worry as it will mean that some marginal seats may be beyond the grasp of those contesting those seats to close the voter gap. I am of the belief that it will one of the closest and hard fought political battle where every vote will count and where surprises will emerge from seats that were considered unwinnable and others will be lost due to the incompetence of those who are in the belief that it has been won. (Read more as per attached articles)

Innuendoes.                        There are also some members spreading malicious gossip and innuendoes of other members in order to remain relevant in the hierarchy of the management team. This form of behaviour has no place n conservatist circles and these members are being isolated and their views no longer considered to be of any value.

Ambulance and paramedics.      Labor’s political influence with the unions in not resolving the Ambulance and paramedics anomies will back fire as Victorian voters are beginning to wake up to the reluctance of Labor to bring about closure to a long standing thorny issue. Labor want the matter to become  a major issue against the Liberal government and do what it takes to ensure that the matter is still a contentious issue at the State election.

Reneged promises.                       There are rumours that promises made to a certain upper house member will not be kept and that the person will be left high and dry. This same member had conceded their seat in order that another more valued member was given a safe seat in order to remain in parliament.

Holidays for the boys.       A couple of parliamentarians were overseas at the expense of the tax payer having a holiday prior to stepping down from their parliamentary duties. Maybe they were on a research mission in order to find methodologies and concept that would benefit the Australian tax payer.  On the other hand who knows it could be a genuine holiday with their family.  Who they are nobody knows and I guess nobody cares, Such is the way of politics.

Chinese bashing by Clive Palmer.                     Whatever one may think of Clive Palmer, I can guarantee readers that he is only saying what is on many Australians lips but is not mentioned openly. It is true that other nations are looking towards  Australia and ‘owning it’ by proxy means via business dealing and projects, agricultural holdings. and large tracts of land that hold vast resources.

It is true that overseas Chinese investors are pricing young Australians out of a home buyers market and that is despite what the economists tell us that the figures indicate otherwise. Whatever the case may be with Clive palmer, one wonders whether its a strategic political ploy on his part because his private business are in a legal tangle with Chinse investors and therefore his public comments are designed to intimidate or deflect opponents from further action. Only time will tell. (Read more as per attached articles)

Travel rorts and false claims.      I have stated this in the past that some Victorian parliamentarians should be ashamed of their disgraceful behaviour in thinking that they can get away with making false claims as indicated in a recent article. Geoff Shaw backs those claims of false documents being submitted to avoid Fringe Benefit Tax. Parliamentarians should be setting an example once they reach the dizzy heights of parliamentary gladiators. It is no wonder we the Victorian voter has lost faith in our politicians and that there are few who rise above the nefarious activities of their colleagues.

A lurch to the left.               There is concern within the Victorian Liberal party that there has been a lurch to the left and that the values that attracted many to the Liberal party are no longer as relevant as they once were. There is a clear lack of positive leadership, lack of a long term vision, no political objectives that one can say that they are worth pursuing and it has created an environment where its every man for himself.

The Victorian Liberal party once the Jewel for Liberalism has degenerated into a cesspool of sycophants, hangers on and recalcitrant’s clinging onto to staffer roles and others doing medial roles according to the bidding of their parliamentary masters with no second glance that some of the activities are only fit for the gutter. Many staffers are responsible for such activities and for the spread of vile comments that only brings a disrespect upon them and those they represent.

Authors note:                      Apologies to the purists for the decimation of the English language. We hope that the website will be restructured and up and running next month in time for readers online contributions.

Peter Adamis Australia Day iconThe Voice from the Pavement – Peter Adamis is a Journalist/Commentator and writer. He is a retired Australian military serviceman and an Industry organisational & Occupational (OHS) & Training Consultant whose interests are within the parameters of domestic and international political spectrum.  He is an avid blogger and contributes to domestic and international community news media outlets as well as to local and Ethnic News.  He holds a Bachelor   of Adult Learning & Development (Monash), Grad Dip Occupational Health  & Safety, (Monash),  Dip. Training & Assessment, Dip Public Administration, and Dip Frontline Management. Contact via Email: [email protected] or via Mobile: 0409965538

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