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Peter Adamis  August 2014

It is time we took stock of what is occurring in our own environment and consider what is best for us in order to survive in an age of technology, misrepresentations and where privacy, truth and/or freedom to speak are being choked to death and overwhelmed by the raw material of a digital world that we live in today. A complete copy of the article may be downloaded by clicking on: THE FILE – 3

The strategic battle for Hawthorn.         Well, well, I told you so is all that I can muster at the moment. Every drover and his dog is coming out of the wood work to be considered for the safe seat of Hawthorn. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at some of the dismal contenders and all that I can say is to watch listen and laugh (not cry or learn). We are about to witness some interesting turn of events that may change the face of politics for many years to come. Plans, plots and methodologies are about to be unraveled from the moth ball chambers that they have been stored. I for one believe that those who have kept their powder dry for so long are about to become explosive in nature and finally come to their sense to unite against a common opponent.

Mary Wooldridge – will she take up the cudgel?                    I thought that it was of some interest that Jeff Kennett  a former Premier of Victoria was given the courtesy of whether he was interested in Hawthorn  and his laconic reply that he did not have the experience was even more characteristic of his colourful personality. On the other hand with David Davis public stating that he is no longer interested and with John Elliot merely making waves for the sake of it, leaves it open for Mary Wooldridge to decide whether it’s in her interest to contest the seat.  If she does take the bait being offered, the powers to be will only readily move heaven and earth to ensure that the seat of Hawthorn is offered to her on a plate.

Sour grapes and bitter environment.    This scenario will of course create a sour grapes environment and leave a bitter taste in the two up and coming young “johns”, (John Pesutto and John Roskam). Whatever the case may be, based on my assumptions of what is best for the party and the many years of good work being undertaken, my bet still is on John Pesutto being the successful contender. To consider any other will be sending a powerful negative message to the membership at large. This battle for Hawthorn could not have come at worst time for the Liberal party in the wake of the recent BaillieuGate scandal and one hopes that this matter will be put to rest once and for all.

Ramifications and fallout.            As discussed in a previous THE FILE article, the vacuum left behind in the Eastern Metropolitan region is a shoe in for the likes of Keith Wolahan. This young man who has been working diligently behind the scenes should take on the mantle of political responsibility and carve out a political career that will enhance an already dying empire of a bygone era. Keith Wolahan will be able to work with like minded individuals to strengthen the Liberal party presence and thus ensure that it remains within the Liberal heartland. There is no other serious new and invigorating candidate that comes to mind at this stage.

Political ideological battles.         Victorian politics is about to become even more interesting over the next three months. Furthermore the battle for control of the Liberal Party is not a new phenomenon and as such battles have been raging for time immemorial. What we are about to witness over the coming months are racks in the political systems and paradigms that we have been taking for granted for too long. Political leaders and those of influence will soon become irrelevant and relegated to a bygone era never to rise again and influence the silent majority who have been taking it n the chin for too long.

Social media and the political connection.      This is a concept that will become part of our lives in more ways than we think. The public will be able to express their voting patterns on line and as such their views will be taken seriously by a government that will try to work in the interests of the people it was elected to serve. What will this mean to the average voter is yet to be quantified and be analysed for the long term. One hope that comments and private discussions are not aired on line as they tend to became fact even though they are based on innuendos and misrepresentation of the facts. By the time the truth is revealed, it’s too late and the damage is irreparable. A good example of this was the ill-conceived witch hunt against a number of Liberals regarding the alleged leaking of the Liberal party emails and their collusion with Labor over the BaillieuGate leaked tape.

Out with old guard and in with the new.                       The old guard on both sides of the political divide will soon come to an end and in their place will arise a new breed of political gladiators to battle in the arena. These new, young, eager and enthusiastic warriors have been diligently honing their political skills in the finance, property development, business, education, military, legal and government sectors. In each case many of these will be filtered through the various political challenges that they will face and only the most resilient, craft, courageous and determined ones will succeed. Future articles of THE FILE will bring them to the public eye.

reason together

Let us reason together for Team Australia.     Sometimes an image or a simple cartoon is all that it takes for ‘reason’ to take root and grown when all else fails. Leaders chosen to lead will if they are smart surround themselves with the best possible advisers that they can find. This is not something new, but the trick is to find those advisers that are not afraid to tell their leaders the truth based on information that has been thoroughly researched and tested.   In the case of Tony Abbott he is fortunate to be blessed by some excellent advisers whose sole mission is the long term security and economic security of Australia. Once the facts are known it is then up to the leader to select the best possible course of action to take from a political point of view. In many cases it’s like being between a rock and a hard place where it will make no difference which action is taken it may mean not being able to please everyone.

Tony Abbot has now arrived at this very juncture and it will be of interest to observe how he will extricate himself from this predicament over the Australian Islamic community failing to meet with him to discuss the matter of security, overseas Jihadists, radicalisation of the Australian Muslim youth, freedom to travel overseas based on profiles and suspect individuals that have been monitored by ASIO and ASIS. Without knowing the complete reasons for the failure of Victorian Muslim leaders to meet with the Prime Minister, one thing is for certain and that is the Muslim leaders are demonstrating a complete lack of respect for the office of the Prime Minster by their refusal to meet with Tony Abbott.

The Victorian Islamic leaders must realise that it’s not Tony Abbott that they are boycotting, but the office that he represents and as such it’s an affront to all Australians. No Australian when requested to have an audience with the Prime Minister of Australia should refuse. The best form of courtesy is to attend and to listen with the respect due to the office. Alternatively send a representative who can speak on behalf of the organisation who has been invited. In most countries to refuse such an invitation is paramount to placing oneself above and beyond the parameters of the society they live in and eventually become outcasts representing no one but themselves. If this is what the Victorian Islamic leaders want to demonstrate, then they have embarked on misrepresenting the majority of the Victorian Muslim communities who seek peaceful solutions. After all, are we not always being subjected media calls that Islam is a religion of peace.

Electorate by electorate exposure.                    As we enter the phony aspect of the State election campaign we shall attempt to provide readers with information gleaned from each electorate that may influence the course of the election and the rise and fall of political parties for the next election. At this stage, each electorate has its issues confronting it and it is not yet known what issues will be the deciding factors that political parties will be judged upon. These will be garnered over the next few months in conjunction with domestic and overseas events in order to obtain provide a broad view of what will be the deciding factors that will lead to a successful political outcome.

leaking bucket

Senior Liberals leaking to the press.       Who are these ‘senior Liberals’ that continually leak to the press information that is sacred and held in custody on behalf of the membership. Are they talking with the media in order to ingratiate themselves that they are in the know and part of the so called inner circle of the ‘Boys Club’. What silly people they must be, thinking that they can be so ‘treacherous’ in their behaviour.  Why don’t they have the ‘intestinal fortitude and the balls to be named and to stand up to be counted. “Weak bastards if you ask me. It’s all right for these so called ‘Senior Liberals to leak information and seek out the alleged political guerrillas who leaked out the Liberal party addresses. What a waste of time of resources, manpower and money.

It’s one thing to comment, another to have an opinion and grossly out of character and un-Australian to leak information that creates cracks and instability and lack of trust with the membership of any political party and/or organisation that is dedicated to the well being and long term security of this country we cal home, Australia.  We all ready are aware of some of them from previous articles put out by the media and from online sources easily available on the internet, but it is those who hide behind the veil of political respectability that concerns many of us. Its time for a change and the sooner it arrives the better for all concerned.

Those responsible need to be reminded that leaking to the press is damaging to any political process, especially at a time when a State election is looming. They are probably the same so called ‘Senior Liberals’ who are saying that some sections of the membership want the Liberal party to lose government in order for a reshuffle to take place and a revolution of the party’s organisation to be implemented. They all remind me of a bucket that is shot full of holes!

Social media communication.     The social media comments, rants, raves, images and videos are and have been a part of the political scene for the past ten years and only the past twelve months have the major parties come to realise the that effective use of social media can reap benefits in the long term. Social media over rides many barriers that the average person in the street has to overcome to keep up with the news. We had written about the communication aspects and the importance of reaching voters using social media in the past and due to unfortunate recent events the public has come to realise that they can be in any place on earth witnessing atrocities and real time events within the safety of their homes.

This is not a new medium nor a new format for the dissemination of news, as its origins began some 40 years ago during the Vietnam war. Horrific images of war were streamed directly back home to a news hungry public eager to see what their sons and government were doing in a foreign country allegedly freeing them from oppression.  However all this changed post Vietnam war and there was in some cases attempts to curb news journalists from reporting on the negativity of war and its effect on a public whose opinion was able to influence politicians.

The pendulum swung back during the first Gulf war where the world was showered by a array of smart bombs being dropped on selected buildings, the rapid approach to Bagdad in Iraq, the minimal casualties of war, the continual ‘fire cracker’ explosions and the shock and awe of the whole war scene being played out in our living rooms. Social media was in its infancy at that time but that changed dramatically over the years with Facebook, Youtube, blogs and the mainstream media latching onto a digital means of transmitting news. Those who made it their business to keep abreast of the technological changes (like myself) were not surprised by the revolutionary pace of social media but to the others it came as a shock to the system.

What has this all to do with the political scene in Australia and elsewhere? Everything! Soon there will be nothing sacred nor anything that we consider to be personal or private within the Privacy Act and lives and real time events will be streaming into our living rooms a lot more that we can imagine. We will feel part of the unravelling drama, be affected emotionally by the turn of events and such in the case of political drama, vote with our feelings and emotions based on what we are being fed rather than considering all of the aspects of policies and what political parties actually represent.

I have written section on the links between social media and politics as we shall see soon over the next 95 days matters that may shock and surprise some but to others it will mean that it was to be expected. There some very clever people out there in the world of social media whose skills were gained during their early school years and enhanced once they entered into the work force. A work force that was cluttered with technology, that had few safeguards and barriers that curtailed an individual from misusing the technology for mischievous and nefarious activities. 

Today it is possible to fake any image, change any video to make it appear that a person who is speaking is saying something other what he or she actually has said, make a person be in a place where they have never been, create digital environments that make it appear so real that it’s almost impossible to deny. It’s also my understanding that it’s possible to control a home digital environment eternally and to control events. Emails can appear and be taken off your personal lap top and PC and documents added and removed without your notice. This is indeed a scary scenario and one must be vigilant at all times.

Therefore, what we read see and hear may appear at first to be true, but all such matters of a digital format must always be taken with some degree of scepticism rather than to be believed by what we are being subjected to. This is a lesson as well as a cautionary warning to our politicians and those in government responsible for the security of Australian society. Technology combined with new and revolutionary changes in nanotechnology will enable governments and information providers to store images for almost forever and/or as long as mankind exists. The age of the matrix truly exists and don’t be surprised when a link is made with human thought and that with the digital world.

Peter Adamis Australia Day iconThe Voice from the Pavement – Peter Adamis is a Journalist/Commentator and writer. He is a retired Australian military serviceman and an Industry organisational & Occupational (OHS) & Training Consultant whose interests are within the parameters of domestic and international political spectrum.  He is an avid blogger and contributes to domestic and international community news media outlets as well as to local and Ethnic News.  He holds a Bachelor   of Adult Learning & Development (Monash), Grad Dip Occupational Health  & Safety, (Monash),  Dip. Training & Assessment, Dip Public Administration, and Dip Frontline Management. Contact via Email: [email protected] or via Mobile: 0409965538

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