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Abalinx Peter Adamis 20 August 2015

I woke up this morning with renewed confidence that Spring was most upon and that today the sun would shine. Alas I was to be disappointed when I read the News regarding the machinations of the previous management of the Liberal Party.  After reading the articles shown below, I felt like wanting to “throttle those responsible” (metaphorically speaking) for mismanaging our hard earned funds. I guess like many other like minded individuals I am fuming and want justice. A copy of the article may be downloaded by clicking on: GET OUT OR BE THROWN OUT

Where does one start when confronted with such news? “Disbelief, I told you so, I knew there was something fishy, the administration was no good anyway, heads must roll, whose fault is it, gosh why didn’t we listen to the prophets back in 2014, why was it so hard to believe, at least two people are vindicated, what are disgrace, they should all be sacked, anyone associated should be removed from any administrative, decision making or positions of influence, I cannot believe it,  they should be ashamed of themselves, what a bunch of wankers, stupid and ignorant bastards, send them to jail for corruption, get rid of the sycophants and those who believe they have the solutions for everything.” These are but of the few selected comments that have been thrown my way since this news story broke on mass media.

Am I disappointed? Yes I am. I consider myself just an ordinary little bloke whose love of traditional conservatives values with a sprinkling of social issues to boot. I am the bloke that stands at all the election booths on Election Day along with our Labor, Greens and other minor parties giving out how to vote cards. Yes I have had my fair share of ups and downs as a political activist but having said that my credibility as an activist has depth, knowledge and political strategic experience, honed buy the past 25 years of political savvy. I dont write this to big not myself other than to point out how I now feel utterly betrayed and let down by an organisation that I have been an active participant.  Am I angry? Too right I am and I want to see that those responsible be brought to justice and if that is not the case be exposed and shamed. If that is not an option, then let them resign of their own accord and let the Liberal party renew itself and return the Jewel back where it belongs. Victoria.

I remember quite well back in 2013 where at a State Council the then Metro Female Vice President, Sandra Mercer Moore would actively advise members that something was crook but could not for reasons of confidentiality advise Liberal Party members exactly what was afoot. Gathering a few close supporters around her he valiant attempt to remain the Metro Female Vice President was thwarted by those who were the decision makers at the highest level and failed to garner sufficient support.

Mind you not many people knew that at that State Council meeting, those who said they would support her failed to do so and numerous other failed to turn up as a demonstration of disgust for the ruling Administrative committee. If one analysis the state Council votes at the time, they would find that far more members failed to turn up and that many came by proxy to support the ruling administrative galahs at the time. Sandra Mercer Moore deserved much more respect for her role and it is a great pity that those of influence in the party failed to heed her warnings and provide the support.

Never in the history of the Liberal Party has so much venom, lies, innuendoes, whispering campaigns, harassment, intimidation, untruths, political traps, undermining, personal attacks been made on one person to break them and drag them down. However despite all of the above Sandra Mercer Moore conducted herself in a manner worthy of any statesman. The Liberal party owes much to this woman and one hopes that the Liberal party recognises the errors and due honours be paid for her unselfishness and support to the Liberal party. Sandra Mercer Moore has been a respected beacon of light whose voice went unheard in a sycophantic wilderness of recalcitrants.

However she was not alone in being targeted by the “sycophants, the whisperers, the purveyors of iniquity and the never ending list of recalcitrants. Other members of the party were also subject to vitriolic attacks on a personal and professional level. In some cases men and women lost their jobs and the strain on the families to recover and survive were enormous. All this was done by individuals who considered themselves above everyone else using the liberal party infrastructure to carry out their pet projects. A few selected Parliamentarians were also in on it and should have known better when such inglorious attacks were being made. These same individuals lacked the courage and the emotional political maturity to see that what they were doing was unjust.

This author on many occasions has publicly stated for the sycophants to resign. They are not being named as they all know exactly who they are and hanging around to feel part of the power is not conducive to the longevity of the Liberal party and its aims. Where these sycophants were during the years the Liberals were in opposition? Hibernating, hiding in their enclaves and allowing the numerous volunteers to take up the slack, raising funds, keeping the branches together, ensuring members were engaged and working towards a Liberal Party victory. It was of interest to note that when the Liberals did win government and a meeting of the party faithful met in the halls of a well known Melbourne church, all the sycophants returned as a blow fly does when they smell decomposing cow dung. This author felt sick to the stomach and the nauseous feeling lasted for some years.

Where does that leave the Liberal Party is the question at the moment? Does the President ask those responsible to leave quietly for the good of the party, does he go ahead with a internal investigation to cut out the cancer, does he put to the members to deal with those responsible for the alleged fraud, corrupt practices and mismanagement of funds. On reflection, anyone who was associated with the previous regime should retire quietly and leave the politics to people who have the best interests of the Liberal party at heart.  This author shudders what else will be uncovered over the next few months. 

There is much work to be done, such as a return of power to the party members at the grass roots level, review all of the David Kemp failed reforms consider having a four year term for administrative committees, embrace change, support a generational change, stop the squabbling amongst the young Liberals, implement a committee that comprises warring factions if any, remove parliamentarians from position of influence such as the younger generation, attract members with merit and not based on friendship and dynasties, mentor, encourage and reward those who show promise for leadership roles.

Staffers for example should not hold any position within the Liberal Party and to be free of any conflict of interest; likewise for those on Administrative committee, who are using their position to control, manipulate and manage an electorate in order to be voted to represent the electorate. No member seeking public office should be a holder of any position within the Liberal party. The younger generation despite their lack of political wisdom should be mentored and assisted and not be given free reign as it would appear to be occurring in some quarters. These are but a few of the changes that may be considered for a renewal of the Liberal Party.

The articles below are of immense value and should be read to obtain a better understanding of what has been uncovered within the bowels of the Liberal Party and the previous regime and selected members on the current Administrative committee. Suffice to say, no matter what the media may distribute, the current financial debacle is not the work of one individual but a conglomeration of many in collusion to meet their own personal agendas and as such need to be rooted out of the system. To find out more about the previous regime, visit:

Peter Adamis Aussie iconPeter Adamis is a Journalist/Commentator and writer. He is a retired Australian military serviceman and an Industry organisational & Occupational (OHS) & Training Consultant whose interests are within the parameters of domestic and international political spectrum.  He is an avid blogger and contributes to domestic and international community news media outlets as well as to local and Ethnic News.  He holds a Bachelor   of Adult Learning & Development (Monash), Grad Dip Occupational Health  & Safety, (Monash),  Dip. Training & Assessment, Dip Public Administration, and Dip Frontline Management. Contact via Email: [email protected] or via Mobile: 0409965538



Annika Smethurst, Ellen Whinnett, James Campbell HERALD/SUN August 19, 2015 

Victorian Liberal Party President Michael Kroger raised concerns about apparent overspending. THE Victorian Liberal Party is investigating the disappearance of up to $2 million which has vanished from party coffers.  The Herald Sun can reveal a forensic audit has uncovered irregularities in invoices lodged with the party for expenses, including for those incurred during the November 2014 election loss.    

The matter has been under investigation internally for some months and it is believed the Liberal Party will on Thursday hand its initial investigations over to Victoria Police for a formal investigation.  Former state director of the Liberal Party Damien Mantach has been questioned by the party about the missing money, which is alleged to have vanished over the past four years.  When the Herald Sun put the allegations to Mr Mantach on Wednesday night, he said: “no comment.’’ 

It is understood he has co-operated with the internal investigation and met with Liberal Party lawyers on Wednesday afternoon. The alleged irregularities were uncovered after new Victorian Liberal Party President Michael Kroger raised concerns about apparent overspending on last year’s state election campaign.  This is understood to have focused heavily on the spending incurred on communications. The story was broken exclusively at 9.41pm on  One senior Liberal source said the news was “devastating”.  “White hot anger doesn’t even begin to describe it,” the source said.  The Herald Sun understands the forensic accounting firm PPB Advisory was called into Liberal Party headquarters at 104 Exhibition St and uncovered allegedly fraudulent invoices.  It is alleged that some of the invoices may have been made out to a company which did not exist.

PPB conducted a forensic examination of a number of computers at 104.  The party is understood to be planning on announcing the alleged fraud to its state and federal MPs on Thursday.  Mr Kroger did not return the Herald Sun’s calls last night.   Questions are being raised about why the party’s administrative committee — effectively the board of directors — allegedly failed to notice the apparent diversion of funds.  The administrative committee was informed about the audit findings on Monday and sought a meeting with Mr Mantach.  His lawyer is understood to have met the committee to discuss the allegations.  In a historic loss, Denis Napthine’s Coalition Government was defeated by Daniel Andrews’ Labor after just one term on November 29 last year.

Mr Mantach left his post on March 13 this year, after Mr Kroger promised changes to the party’s administration following the election loss.  He joined the Victorian secretariat in 2008 as deputy director, having previously been director of the Tasmanian branch of the Liberal Party.   He became state director in March 2011.  Mr Mantach was one of the senior Liberals figures who were covertly recorded during the secret tapes scandal in March 2013, a bombshell that led to Ted Baillieu resigning as premier.  Federal director of the Liberal Party Brian Loughnane and Victorian Opposition Leader Matthew Guy did not answer calls Wednesday night.


THE AUSTRALIAN AUGUST 20, 2015 John Ferguson


Victorian Liberal Party President Michael Kroger

One of the Liberal Party’s most senior backroom figures has been accused of the theft of up to $2 million of campaign funds in a serious and embarrassing setback for Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s bid to hold on to key Victorian seats at the next federal election.  Victoria Police will be called in Thursday to investigate the alleged disappearance of the money after suspicions were raised by Victorian Liberal president Michael Kroger.  The party’s administrative committee is set to meet this morning to discuss how to deal with the missing money, which was to be used on the upcoming federal campaign.

The Australian understands that the figure accused of being behind the fraud has admitted to the scam.  The party is believed to have isolated the scandal to one person but the fallout from the missing money will rock the entire organisation.  The person suspected of the theft is a high-profile figure who is accused of making out bogus invoices and of having funneled funds back to his family interests. 

The scam has been investigated by the party and accountants for several weeks and comes after Mr Kroger questioned how party money had been used during the state election campaign in November.  “It is shocking for everyone; it’s unbelievable that this has happened. It will rock the foundations of the party,’’ a senior Liberal said last night.  “There will be no winners.”  It is believed Mr Kroger’s intervention initially was seen internally as a factional play by the party president but that his suspicions about missing money were realised once the party’s books were opened up.  Senior sources said there was no suggestion of systemic wrongdoing by multiple people, with the offending allegedly confined to one backroom figure.  The person involved has not been directly associated with the party for many months.

The missing money comes as the party prepares to deal with what went wrong in the 2014 state election campaign, with an exhaustive review being conducted into the one-term election failure.  The party recently elevated Simon Frost to the state director’s position and he has played a key behind-the-scenes role in rooting out the alleged corruption in the party.  The Liberal Party machine in Victoria has for years been embroiled in controversy amid deep factionalism and allegations of poor behaviour.  In 2008, the party was rocked when it emerged that members of the Liberal machine had been behind a secret blog slamming then state leader Ted Baillieu.


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