Golden Dawn in Australia to review its policies to remain credible

GD FACEBOOKThe Voice from the Pavement – Peter Adamis 16 May 2014

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Golden dawn to review its policies to remain credible in a world that is becoming fed up with extremist ideologies.     I have been saying this for some time that Golden Dawn to survive as a credible party in the eyes of the world need to review what they stand for.

For example the alleged “hate against the Jewish nation”  and/or against illegal migrants is not something that the world can or will accept under any circumstances. If the PLO and other like minded organisations can see fit to come to terms that the Jewish state and its people have a right to self determination and a life without fear, then Golden Dawn must follow their example.

The article below ’18C helped beat Facebook hate page’ is but an example of what Golden Dawn can expect as a backlash against what they stand for.  Australia has enjoyed a democratic life style and will continue to do so by remaining vigilant in its outlook on life and that of its citizens.

There are laws in each country including Islamic countries that follow the words of the prophet and the Koran and if one is to understand other religions, nowhere does it state to exterminate any race or to discriminate against them. The world is not without fear and yet, adding hatreds and attacks on others that are of not the same race or ethnic background is no reason to be attacked, ridiculed, blamed and the target for discrimination.  It is now time for Golden Dawn chapters throughout the world to review what they stand for, review the paradigms of the past, review their recruiting methods, review their online media concepts and review their media presence in order to remain a credible and effective political party.

Golden Dawn has many good policies which are acceptable to both sides of the political fence, but are blocked and marred by the inappropriate pranks, online stupidity and poor media profiles and imagery.  As an observer of Political dawn since it came to political prominence in Greece, it has attracted the wrong elements for causes that are admirable in some cases and absolutely disgraceful in others. All the good work carried out and undertaken by the numerous volunteers, supporters and sympathisers will be for nought and Golden Dawn supporters will be forced to operate underground. This must no happen as we in Australia live in a Democracy where respect and values are enshrined in our daily lives.

My advice to Golden Dawn in Australia is to step back and make decisions that are for the good of their political party and take a hard look at what they stand for and review all of the above suggestions in order to remain credible in the eyes of all Australians and the world.   I am a great believer in freedom, a great believer in the Aussie “fair Go”, standing up for the “Battlers, Young and the old”, but not for hard line tactics that undermine our society. Golden Dawn has a wonderful opportunity to make the necessary changes or otherwise face the wrath of the Australian people who abhor extremist policies and ideologies.

Golden Dawn has the administrative, logistic, manpower, intellectual and academic resources available to them to achieve all of the above and continue with their good work of volunteering in the collection of parcels and other material resources to be transported to Hellas for distribution to the needy. If they (Golden Dawn) fail to comprehend that society will not accept them based on their current negative performance and a such will lose prominence and sympathisers within the Australian and Hellenic community.

I am not a Golden Dawn Supporter but will support organisations that volunteer their time and resources to worthy causes and are within the parameters of Australian and United Nations laws. Golden Dawn must change to retain its political credibility.

Peter Adamis Australia Day iconThe Voice from the Pavement – Peter Adamis is a Journalist/Commentator and writer. He is a retired Australian military serviceman and an Industry organisational & Occupational (OHS) & Training Consultant whose interests are within the parameters of domestic and international political spectrum.  He is an avid blogger and contributes to domestic and international community news media outlets as well as to local and Ethnic News.  He holds a Bachelor   of Adult Learning & Development (Monash), Grad Dip Occupational Health  & Safety, (Monash),  Dip. Training & Assessment, Dip Public Administration, and Dip Frontline Management. Contact via Email: [email protected] or via Mobile: 0409965538


16 May 2014 The Australian Jewish news.

COMMUNITY leaders say section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act (RDA) helped them to persuade Facebook this week to close down a page run by the Australian branch of the far-right Greek political party Golden Dawn.

The Online Hate Prevention Institute (OHPI) presented the social networking site and the Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) with a briefing on Golden Dawn in Australia and on the Australia First Party, which has ties with the local Golden Dawn branch and which held a rally in Brisbane earlier this month, which drew Golden Dawn supporters.

OPHI’s CEO Dr Andre Oboler said Facebook has closed the page following the briefing. A Facebook notice stated the page “violated our community standards”.   Oboler expressed concern that racist and anti-Semitic groups are using social media to consolidate their activities and draw supporters to events like the Brisbane rally.

Australia First party president Jim Saleam posted that the Golden Dawn page “is now squarely in the sites [sic] of a Zionist group”. Oboler explained that OHPI “is a harm prevention charity, not a Zionist group. We did, however, grow out of a project based within the Zionist Federation of Australia”.

He went on to stress the important role  the RDA in its current form plays in combating online racism. “The removal of the Australian Golden Dawn page is a testament to the impact those laws have in moderating behaviour, often, as in this case, without the involvement of the courts or even the lodging of a formal complaint.  Had section 18C been removed, it is doubtful this page would have come down.”

Executive Council of Australian Jewry executive director Peter Wertheim hailed the decision to remove the Golden Dawn page. “It was disturbing to see Facebook being used by racist organisations as a way of connecting up and amplifying their efforts.

In the end, Facebook did the right thing by removing the entire content of Golden Dawn’s Facebook page, which was directed mainly against people with dark-coloured skin.”

PETER KOHN    The controversial Facebook pages. 

Source:  Australian Jewish News

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