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EANY MEANY MIGHTY MALAbalinx 10 June 2016 Peter Adamis

Stability, trust, economic security, Medicare, superannuation, honesty and the hope for a brighter future is resonating in the minds of the public as the major parties skirmish and skirt around each other in an effort to check the other in a game of political chess where no clear winner is evident at this stage.  Mind you it has been said that it is difficult to dislodge an entrenched opponent and that one way to win is to allow your opponent to make errors of political judgement that hasten their downfall in the overall scheme of things. A copy of the article may be downloaded by clicking on: IN WHOM DO WE TRUST

At this point in time with three weeks to go, there is no clear policy that any political party can state clearly what they are depending on to win the hearts and minds of a people bored with a long and drawn out campaign. It is no wonder that the people are looking towards alternative political parties that demonstrate the ability to govern either alone or in partnership with one of the major parties.  Heaven forbid said one senior Liberal if Labor decides to change tactics and make a deal with the Greens. On the other side of the coin Labor is also concerned about its dwindling popularity amongst its traditional voters in Labor held electorates.

So far what is emerging is that those in the 45 plus aged bracket and above, no matter their political ideology are questioning the wisdom of Liberal Party policies, with particular emphasis on Medicare, Superannuation and economic security. Those in the latter aged bracket have much more to lose than the younger generation because the three policies mentioned above will affect them in a negative sense. The hip pocket would hurt the most who are of the baby boomer generation and those approaching semi or full retirement.

They will want to know if the funds they have worked hard for all those years can be left as trust fund for their children and if the health system will be able to cope if Medicare is privatised. They are concerned as they reach retirement age because they know from life experience that no matter what pork barrelling they are fed by the government towards mature age workers the job opportunities dry up very quickly.

The public has become aware of the changes throughout the world as a result of new technologies making it the most informed and influential public not see since women were given the vote. The voting public being tech savvy and with access to the internet also see the dangers of who the real political governors are and they know that it is not in parliament or the elected government but by lobbyists who operate on behalf of industrial giants, external investors, self-interest groups, manufactures, industries, pharmaceutical companies, insurance conglomerates and the banking industry.

Warring Clans Progressives versus the Conservatives

In Victoria, the Progressives and the Conservative Right wing groups are currently engaged in deadly insider political character assassinations that would rival even that of Genghis Khan the destroyer of mankind. Political warfare is being waged using modern technologies and old age poison pen letters and whispering campaigns. A war raging unseen for political influence, positions and supremacy, aided secretly by the various factional leaders who should know better.

This war will continue until a natural leader emerges that will unite the warring political clans.  Although that leader of the future has yet to be determined, the battles continue unabated in the background, striking down friend and foe alike. It is the author’s opinion that the Old Guard should take note of the unrest amongst the new generation of wannabee politicians and heed the warning signs. The Old Guard must make way and relinquish control by allowing a generational change to occur without bloodshed.


Bill Shorten has certainly surprised his detractors with his performance to date. Either he has learned his lesson or that he has taken on board the advice from his advisers and sidekicks that he constantly surrounded by.  Bill Shorten knows that if he closes the margin to a few seats he will be guaranteed to remain leader until the next election. On the other hand if he loses the seat of Batman which is part of the Labor stronghold in Victoria to the Greens, ten that will place additional pressure on him to resign. But then there is the last scenario where those who are influential at the caucus level may in their wisdom decide that Bill Shorten must go because he has reached his ceiling of being the leader and make way for a more dynamic and provocative leadership that will take the battle to the Liberals and to some extent the Greens.

Much of Bill Shortens campaign strategies have also been carefully choreographed, rehearsed and add lib, thinking on ones feet or calling the shots according to the opportunities as they arose day to day. While Bill Shortens campaign appears to be flawless, it’s not because of the calibre of the man but because of the team that he has surrounded himself and that each evening a debrief I being conducted to ascertain the direction the campaign should take next. Both leaders are shadowing each other and this quite evident from the shadow boxing, ducking and weaving of each other when they are both in the same region and familiar territory.

Bill shorten to date has been very fortunate not because of his own performance on the campaign drover trail but because of the lack lustre performance of his opponents. Not only is he aided by his spin doctors and minders, but he is backed up by a very subtle, slick and subliminal electronic media campaign (Labor’s Triple SSS Campaign) that churns out political messages that highlight the strengths of the Labor party and the errors and gaps of the Liberal party. Social media is but a part of a campaign that was originally designed for Tony Abbott and tweaked to reduce the political messages of Malcolm Turnbull who has not done or said anything that one could point to and say he was wrong.


Malcolm Turnbull the new kid on the Prime Minister block, the darling of the media, the saviour of the academics, industrialists, small business, captains of industry and allegedly the voting public is floundering and he knows it. Watched carefully by an entourage of hawkish advisers and minders, every word spoken is carefully choreographed to obtain the maxim use of the power of the moment and have it televised and streamed using modern technologies.

A number of right wing conservatives are quietly waiting in the wings for Malcolm Turnbull to implode and bring about a revolution that will decide the direction of the Liberal Party for decades to come.

At the moment of taking on the mantle of leadership against the Prime Minister at the time, Tony Abbott, a huge sigh of relief was heard throughout the nation as if a saviour had arrived to replenish the “polling of Liberal party resources and close the gap between Labor and Liberal. On the other hand, cries of foul and disloyalty could be heard amidst the cries of loyal and conservative right wing supporters of Tony Abbott.

It was even said at the time that Tony would still have been in power had he quietly removed Peta Credlin and changed a number of ministerial portfolios as well giving access to the ministers.  Having said the above, one would also look at the seat of Wentworth and whether the member has spent sufficient time in his electorate to ensure his re-election. We cannot have a coalition win government and to find it has lost its leader.

Malcolm Turnbull needs to win this election, to shore up his defences against a right wing conservative revolution that has been simmering in the background ever since the overthrow of his predecessor, Tony Abbott.  Malcolm Turnbull requires enough seats to be won not only to retain government but also to ensure he has a mandate for the future and win in his own right. Failing to achieve even the smallest of his objectives may jeopardise his position within the party room and a return of Tony Abbott. If Malcolm Turnbull does look like failing questions will be asked whether the plotters did the right thing and regretted their decision or will they continue to hang onto a damaged leader whose credibility and integrity is in tatters.


Richard Di Natale is another kettle of fish that has surprised critics, foes and admirers alike with his affable style and the political acumen to laugh at himself. He is an intelligent political master of manipulation who has the uncanny ability to rise to the occasion even criticism is being levelled at himself.  He is no longer the nutter of old and even Michael Kroger the Liberal Party President has been known to be courting the Greens Leader and saying that he is no longer the nutter of old. Whether this is a political ploy on the part of Michael Kroger remains to be seen. What is true is that Richards Di Natale has observed and monitored the trends around the world and realised that what was happening overseas is bound to happen in Australia.

What the Greens leader has surmised correctly is that western countries around the world are looking elsewhere for political leadership, ideas and solutions in an age surrounded by a never ending a global information explosion. The public or should we say the those eligible to vote are shedding their support for the traditional parties and seeing new ideas, concepts and other methodologies that offer hope of change without damaging the very fabric of society that binds them. Richard Di Natale is smart enough to realise that he has to work hard to convince a sceptical public that it is all right to vote for the Greens.

Richard Di Natale is fully aware that this election like no other will either cement the Greens as a major Party, set the foundations for the future and or be the election that will be the barometer that may eventually spell the demise of traditional two party political ideologies and thus make room for a third party that will be strong enough to form a coalition government with either of the two traditional parties, the Liberals and the Greens. Surprise, surprise let us not forget the unthinkable and yet a reality of a future coalition government between the Greens and the Nationals. Why not one may ask, both care about the land and its resources, both have a strong sense of Australia’s purpose and both have an open mind towards the economic security of the nation without damaging its diverse and creative threads of society.

The wash-up

In the overall wash-up, both leaders are doing conducting themselves in a reasonable admirable manner devoid of any negative publicity and this not giving the media any fuel that would reignite a sleeping and bored public to sit up and take notice. One could rightly form an educated opinion that that one leader is performing at lower than expected levels, whilst another is performing at his normal level, giving the false rise in popularity amongst the voting public who expected much, much more than what they have witnessed to date.

The only winners will be the independents, who have been quietly campaigning amidst the media roundup and beat-up by a media lurking in the background waiting for the morsels and breadcrumbs that may be devoured by a public who no longer care. Suffice to say the Double Dissolution is a failure which even a rovers dog could pick up a mile away, the Government under the coalition will be faced by a hostile senate who will soon mirror that of the United States Congress who can and do veto the bills that come to the house for ratification. 

Then there is the possibility of a hung parliament which may force the government to return back to the polls later in the same year which may decide the future of the political parties once and for all which may not be conducive to expected outcomes.

What the public wants is economic stability, no changes to Medicare or superannuation, job security, economic revival, and a new direction for Australia with objectives that are achievable. Anything less would only create, instability, fear, loss of confidence and the unthinkable return of a recession which would plunge the nation into chaos. Despite all of the doomsday scenarios, it is the author’s opinion that the coalition government will win and with that win, questions will be asked about the future role of the two party system, a hostile senate, a rise in the glamor stakes of the Greens and the potential future marriage of the Greens and the Nationals. The two traditional parties will have the opportunity to reconsider their positions on how to recapture the hearts and minds of a public who will no longer believe the pork barrelling and hollow promises of wannabe politicians.

As always, my apologies for the poor grammar, punctuation and savagery of the Aussie English language. All that I can say is that it is great to be alive and one does not give up in the face of adversity.

1 PETER ADAMIS 18 APRIL 2016Peter Adamis is a Freelance Journalist/Social Media Commentator and writer. He is a retired Australian military serviceman and an Industry organisational & Occupational (OHS) & Training Consultant whose interests are within the parameters of domestic and international political spectrum.  He is an avid blogger and contributes to domestic and international community news media outlets as well as to local and Ethnic News.  He holds a Bachelor   of Adult Learning & Development (Monash), Grad Dip Occupational Health & Safety, (Monash), Dip. Training & Assessment, Dip Public Administration, and Dip Frontline Management. Website: Contact via  Email: [email protected] or via Mobile: 0409965538


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