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Peter Adamis 31 March 2017 Abalinx

It has been three days since I turned 67 and it is alleged that the brain still think it is only 27 years old.  If it’s only to be alleged then it is lying to its body hoping that parts of it will believe it. 

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The things we say to ourselves and what we communicate to one another is like Chinese whispers and reminds me when I first joined the Liberal Party whilst still a member of the Australian Defence Force.   I remember individuals coming to me and advising me of certain matters to influence my judgement and decision making process, only to find out later that these same individuals went about gossiping to others stating that I had allegedly told them such and such a thing. This was their way of covering their tracks. After a while as Chinese whispers do, the story became bigger, juicier and more seductive if not attractive and believable.

Today after so many years have gone by, I see that much has changed and that the political fibs get bigger and bigger. The cake whisperers at their best, the sycophants still surround their leaders advising them how wonderful they are, the recalcitrant do what they want and blame others, the misogynists are blamed for all the ills of the Liberal Party ills and woes and shy away from responsibilities and now it is alleged that no matter what good intentions individuals have, their actions are twisted to suit the occasion politically. All of this comes about from hearsay, gossip, alleged incidents, fact mixed with fiction and twisted to make it believable.  To make it even more laughable, individuals will preface their statements with the words “without prejudice”.  

What a load of bullshit, do these low life individuals and political spin doctors honestly believe that we the public will swallow their dung. I might as well state that I heard from various sources, or it is alleged or that I heard on the grape vine that some former Premiers were misogynists and skirt chasers, that other parliamentarians had extra marital affairs, used their parliamentary funds for personal use or misused their allowances. I could say that it is alleged that there is also called “Boys Club” amongst the parliamentarians who decide who gets a job in an electoral office, or that character assassinations are being carried out in order to bring down rivals.  What about parliamentarians who have, it is alleged stated in some distant past that all Ukrainian people of the Jewish faith should be exterminated. That some of the stories alleged being levelled at parliamentarians for harassing, intimidating, sexually assaulting and making amorous advances are true. 

Yes one could right many stories about our parliamentarians, after all even a past Police Commissioner has been accused of cavorting with prostitutes in bawdy houses and losing Parliamentary regalia and political symbols.  But then again all these are alleged are they not. I remember the wisdom of earlier years where I learnt that where there is smoke there surely must be some form of fire. I guess from time to time we will often hear some parliamentarian being accused of one thing or another, only to find that the matter has been hushed up or the individual being accused of having mental health issues and/or suffering from some disorder. I am reminded of one parliamentarian leader who was accused of sexually exploiting a young women and then crying to his legal team that his political career was finished, another public servant being hounded by political foes that an email he had received from a Federal Minister was concocted and the individual ended up in a Mental hospital.

I for one expects the best behaviour from our parliamentarians and that it is expected that they set the example others should be following no matter what is at stake. I am sad to report that today that is not the case and it is alleged that there are some parliamentarians who have gone just too far. These alleged incidents are not confined to the parliamentarians alone and it is a well-known fact that parliamentarians do not win elections, they lose them. It is the political organisation and the political machinery that gets them into parliament that wins elections whilst the opposition languishes in despair after their policies has failed to convince an unbelieving public. To state that parliamentarians win elections is both a farce and laughable to say the least. Such naïve comments belong to a bygone era of those living on a dung hill surrounded by sycophant mushrooms, cake whisperers and recalcitrant.

On this day, Friday, 31 March 2017, the battle lines have been set, clear guidelines and orders being given by the leaders of the alleged forces of Scott Ryan, Kelly O’Dwyer and Mitch Fifield, Matthew Guy to the vanguard of sycophants and recalcitrant go forward to seek out and close with their political opponents in order to assess their strengths and weaknesses for the coming battle scheduled for Saturday 1 April 2017, being April Fool’s Day.  One wonders who the April fools will be given that Matthew Guy and his mate Scott Ryan have made some very serious errors of judgement regarding the Victorian division of the Liberal Party. Matthew Guy has misjudged the membership by allegedly forcing Peter Reith to challenge Michael Kroger for the Presidency. Jeff Kennett is another who should hang his head in shame by again allegedly influencing Peter Reith to take up the poison chalice and run for the Presidency.

It is clear that Peter Reith was not at his best when one reflects back on his performance with Andrew Bolt and his actions at Meet the Candidates, It was clear that peter Reith was not a well man and should have been well left alone by Matthew Guy and Jeff Kennett. Let’s call a spade a spade shall we and state that if Jeff Kennett was approached to challenge Michael Kroger and Jeff Kennett stated that he considered the role but could not take the reins of power because it was a hands on job and need to be given 100 % of ones time to be effective, only means that he is inadvertently complimenting and supporting Michael Kroger. When Jeff Kennett was approached, I wonder whether he was State Council Delegate and eligible to stand for office. Let it be known that it was a decision by Michael Kroger to open up the spot of the Presidency again in order that he is not accused of obtaining the role by default.

If anything serious happens to Peter Reith, then Matthew Guy, Scott Ryan and Jeff Kennett should share the blame for any acceleration of illness on the part of Peter Reith, who is now it is alleged recuperating at home after spending one night in hospital after being diagnosed with a stroke. Mind you a stroke is a very serious business and it is well known that that if n individual is struck down with a stroke and reaches a hospital within an hour the process can be reversed. In the case of Peter Reith he must have been extremely lucky to have received medical treatment in such a short time. Good luck to him for his quick thinking colleagues. This reminds me of other stroke victims who were not so lucky after being struck down and remaining in hospital for weeks recovering from the stroke.

Remember, strokes can occur at any time, to any person and is still considered a silent deadly killer within your society. Therefore in hindsight, anybody who states that it is alleged that Peter Reith had a stroke is probably reminded of other patients who remain in hospital for weeks recovering. One hopes that Peter Reith recovers and can return to a normal life. I honestly do not understand why people have a hue and cry about an individual making public statements on social media or elsewhere as long as the facts are based on the evidence known to be true. This reminds me of two individuals who falsely and maliciously attacked me on social media, stating that I should die and that the cancer should kill me.

All of this information was being levelled at me when I was the campaign manager for Scullin and was still recovering from the cancer treatment during the last federal election. This same individual is now being employed as an electoral officer in the Northern suburbs of Melbourne. What a joke and what a farce. No except three Liberal supporters were at my side at a time when I had collapsed due to exhaustion and the candidate was undermining the whole process. Mind you the Politician who has this alleged vermin working in his office was the only Politician to contact me and see how I was battling the cancer. I am allegedly confused by it all.

With less than 48 hours to go before we find out the results of the Liberal Party State Council it is important that we draw together the threads of the past few weeks to ascertain the reasons why the membership of the Liberty has had enough of Parliamentary interference and wanting to control the party by making it in their own image. For starters if this is what parliamentarians want to achieve, thinking that they alone win government as Georgia Crozier (Old Boys Club) was heard to say at a recent meeting in Gardenvale. If that is the case, then they should conduct their own volunteering, run their own campaigns, stand out in the elements on polling day, walk the suburbs of the electorates meeting and greeting constituents and they can run their own fund raising using their own resources. Well Fiona and Caroline Elliott, you seem to have a lot to say for a non-parliamentarian and you should have stepped down from the Administrative Committee once the corruptive practices of Damien Mantach were exposed by Michael Kroger.

At the State Council level, the body of members constitute the governing arm of the Liberal Party Victorian division and it’s the one place where all stakeholders are elected and decisions are allegedly supposed to be made by the members themselves. If one needs to manipulate the State Council, take a look at the motions and ask yourself why some very good motions are placed last where there is no hope of it ever being debated thoroughly and others which are frivolous, insignificant and have little relevance are placed at the front of the State council Agenda. 

It is alleged so they say that the Agenda committee had met on a number of occasions and had placed the Damian Mantach corruption case firmly and squarely at the front to be debated first. Later those on the Agenda Committee were horrified to find that the Damian Mantach motion was placed last. Now this could only have happened if someone had manipulated the order to avert an uproar amongst members and to stop any vote going against their faction so to speak. But then again, according to Malcolm Turnbull, “there are no factions in the Liberal party”. I got a chuckle out of that remark.

Still one wonders why the Damien Mantach corruption motion should be relegated to last on the list. Is it because the motion has something to do with it being debated whether any member of the administrative Committee who was present during the Mantach corruption case should step aside for a given period.  Furthermore Jeff Kennett has come out to state that according to his information it was not Michael Kroger who found out about the Damien Mantach corruption case. Jeff must be losing his marbles I believe and could be suffering from the alleged sickness of forgetfulness. Why bring this out now when it is well known that it was Michael Kroger who made the connections between missing funds and Damien Mantach.

What is the membership to think?  It can only apply to a number of people and that points directly to Fiona Ogilvy and Caroline Elliott. It has now come to light, allegedly that it was Fiona Ogilvy who unilaterally manipulated the order of the motions to favour her faction. That faction being aligned with Scott Ryan, Matthew Guy, Mitch Fifield, Kelly O’Dwyer,  Jeff Kennett, Frank Greenstein, Greg Hannan, Simon Wilson, Gideon Rozner, Tony Snell, Scott Pierce, Sean Armistead, Jackie Douglass, Michael Poutney, Aaron Lane, Jess Wilson, Caroline Elliott, Peter McWilliams, and throw in Peter Costello to make the political soup even more tasty.

Jeff Kennett, bless his soul when he was Premier and a good one at that should have realised that it was Michael Kroger who shielded the administrative Committee from being interviewed by the Police.  The Police investigators could not believe that no one else on the administrative Committee was not aware of the nefarious activities of Damian Mantach.  Michael Kroger in my opinion succumbed to his love of the Liberal Party and did not want to see it dragged through the mud and this his decision to shield and protect the Administrative Committee was a correct one. If it was me I would have been less supportive, but allowed the Police to do their job.

Caroline Elliott in this case should be thankful to Michael Kroger and not as it has been alleged stating that she was the first to identify the illegal activities of Damien Mantach. If she was, why did she not speak up? If she did then the rest of the administrative Committee were also aware of Damien Mantach activities and Tony Snell as President should bear the responsibility if he smelled something fishy was afoot. No wonder the youth of today want to take over, they and the embers had enough.

Still there are many others who have taken the membership for granted and this time members have had enough. Last on the list, dare I say that I am wrong is James Patterson has fallen under their spell, I hope not, but many if not all of his supporters have done so. James Patterson to me is the new member on the block and should be riding his own political wave so to speak and not share the same surf board as others. It is a hard slog to the top of the hill and when one gets there, one has to defend it against those also seeking to bask in the political shade of the lone pine tree at the top. At state Council, members should read the profiles of all embers pouting to be elected and ensure that what has been stated is in fact the truth and not the alleged truth.

If I was a voting member, a delegate so to speak, I would be looking very closely at those who are challenging members of the administrative Committee to gauge whether in fact the information provided is correct. The bloke seeking office on the Administrative Committee from Frankston could be in a spot of bother for one thing or another but then again all of this is alleged is it not. One must remember that if they seek the role of Treasurer, ensure that your own financial Branch returns are in place otherwise what is the use of being Treasurer if you cannot managed your own financial Branch affairs.

Recently when I attended a Meet the Candidates function in the Northern suburbs, I met with a young man named Simon Wilson, who is related to members at the State and Federal level, standing in front of members seeking their support in his bid to challenge Greg Hannan. This same young chap was very aggressive in his bid and made some outlandish remarks which could only have come from a confidential report.  When challenged, by members, he laughed it off.  Despite his aggressive behaviour he did speak well and the audience was trying to understand where he was coming from when they knew well his connections.

This same young man went on to deliberately contact State Council Delegates by an electronic oral message describing why he was standing. When challenged by Simon Frost the State Director, Simon Wilson withdrew his nomination challenging Greg Hannan. Despite his withdrawal, the message to state council delegates had been made and now on reflection, one wonders whether it was all a setup to shore up Greg Hannan’s position to remain unopposed. Good tactics, which I am sure young Simon Wilson will reap the rewards of it someday down the track. They all do and that is what is so sad about the politics of today.

The examples we demonstrate today do not go unnoticed and as the old saying goes, you can fool the people some of the time but you cannot fool the people all the time. Remember that Greg Hannan is seeking political office and that his mentor is none other than Frank Greenstein, the same Frank Greenstein who was responsible for the Yan Yean campaign failure amongst many other campaign negative results. Yes it’s the same old Frank Greenstein who co-organised a recent South Eastern Multicultural dinner event but failed to appear when he heard that Michael Kroger was going to attend. These days, Frank Greenstein avoids Michael Kroger and I wonder if it’s it because Frank Greenstein was seeking to take credit for Julia banks win in Chisolm when he clearly had very little to do with it other than to stand at a booth like hundreds of others. Frank is plainly Frank, a man who has the ability to communicate ideas and concepts according his manner of thinking in order to achieve his objectives.  However his methodologies are at times skewed in favour of his political faction. I guess that’s politics for you.  

Greg Mirabella who is challenging Serge Petrovich for the position of country Vice President is alleged doing so in order to avenge his wife Sophie for the alleged shabby treatment she received at the last Federal election. Again it is alleged that young Greg wishes to lay the ground work for his wife to make another bid for federal parliament in 2018. This is really merely gossip designed to unsettle the current Administrative Committee and undermine the good work that is being underway. Mind you, Greg Mirabella should be congratulated for supporting his wife and it goes without saying that it is a credit to him.

As for Caroline Elliott, her use by date has arrived along with Fiona Ogilvy and make way for new blood to be transferred onto the administrative Committee. Both women unfortunately have not contributed in a positive manner to the longevity of the Liberal Party in Victoria and should quietly step aside. Saying it and doing it are two separate matters. One day in politics is a life time for others.

What has come out of all of this is that this has been one of the most ferocious, vile and malicious campaigns against a President that I have witnessed to date. Only the undermining and ousting of Tony Abbott tops it. If I were in Michael Kroger’s shoes I would no longer use the feather duster that he has used for the past two years and use the rod sparingly to rid the Administrative Committee of sycophants’, recalcitrant’ and those intent on undermining it values, belief and what we all stand for by bringing about the demise of the Liberal Party as we know it.

Tomorrows State Council elections is a battle between the Parliamentarians and the Liberal Party members. Whoever wins tomorrows political battle is set to lay the foundations for the future? It is alleged so to speak. One can only hope that this time the members speak out in a manner worthy of their being elected delegates to State Council and following what they have been told to do. If delegates and members want the Liberal Party to survive, win government and remain in the long term then they must vote accordingly. Tomorrow is certainly not a Day to be messed with.

2015 and 2016 for me were years of reflection, treatment and recovery. Not to dwell on what could have been but to ensure that whatever time we have left is not squander in futile objectives that lead to nowhere. I intend to make life more meaningful and worthwhile, worthy of those who had a hand in making me who I am today.   Life as we know it can only be sustained by vigilance and with that vigilance comes responsibility. Let us hope that 2017 is a good one.

Peter Adamis is a Journalist/Social Media Commentator and writer. He is a retired Australian military serviceman and an Industry organisational & Occupational (OHS) & Training Consultant whose interests are within the parameters of domestic and international political spectrum.  He is an avid blogger and contributes to domestic and international community news media outlets as well as to local and Ethnic News.  He holds a Bachelor   of Adult Learning & Development (Monash), Grad Dip Occupational Health & Safety, (Monash), Dip. Training & Assessment, Dip Public Administration, and Dip Frontline Management. Website: Contact via Email: [email protected] or via Mobile: 0409965538


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