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Abalinx 19 February 2019 Peter Adamis

Sign of a leader.                 Good governance, setting an example, assisting the little Aussie Battler, belief in a fair go and doing what is in the best interests of all Australians is what all political representative should strive for.  Unfortunately, I am sad to report that the past few months has been an excellent demonstration of what “not to do” in a politically environment. A copy of the article may be downloaded by clicking on: IT IS NOT OK TO TEL

Since the Victorian State election loss, every “wannabe somebody” and “look at me” sycophants”, left wing activists were waiting in the wings to pounce on Matthew Guy when he stepped down as leader. They all expected him to blame his Federal Colleagues, The Administrative Committee, President, and/or his campaign team.  No, that did not happen at all. Matthew Guy to his credit took it on the chin and took full responsibility for the loss.  This is the sign of a true leader. (See below for additional information).

Previous Administration undermined.                      It is no secret that Matthew Guy and his team were undermined long before the election, it is also true that Michael Kroger was seen assisting the numerous campaign teams throughout Victoria.  It is also a fact that the financial status of the Victorian Liberal Party is in a very strong position and that membership is at an all-time high compared to the Tony Snell and Damien Mantach Administration.  Furthermore it is also common knowledge who leaked politically sensitive emails, text messages and other communication to the media with the aim of embarrassing Matthew Guy and Michael Kroger.

Therefore given that the above is all said to be true, why then was there a need for “quick investigations” being approved and would anyone in their right mind “grant” a recount at an AGM when no member requested it.  It was alleged that Grant Hutchinson requested a recount at a recent McEwen Electorate Annual General Meeting, only to find out later that there was not only no need for such a recount but the successful candidate had more votes than the first count. It is my understanding that the successful candidate is now considering submitting a complaint to the Administrative Committee regarding the actions of Grant Hutchinson.

It has also been alleged that Grant Hutchinson has sent selective members cease and desist letters not distribute articles that are in the public interest. This is hardly the actions of an intelligent individual who is on the Administrative Committee responsible for making decisions on behalf of all members; and therefore I refuse to believe that this individual would do such a thing. Embarrassing to be sure but in such cases my advice would be that all members of the Administrative Committee should be working together, following the chain of command and abide by the constitution. I honestly cannot believe that an intelligent individual like Grant Hutchinson would take such a course of action.

Young Liberals being threatened.              It has now come to the author’s attention that allegations of intimidation and threats being levelled at the Victorian Young Liberals for not voting as they were “told” by three wannabe political activists.  Young Liberal party sources allege that they have been intimidated to vote a particular way by Sali Miftari, Ben Zherbe and Sean Armistead have attempted to influence Young Liberals to vote according to an agenda of their choosing.

Given their bastardisation of the English language and the methodologies used to influence the Young Liberals, I find this difficult to believe given that these three are capable of such action.  I am also of the belief that these three gentlemen are hardly in a position to influence anyone politically within the Victorian Liberal Party, given their low status. It is therefore scurrilous on the part of those wishing to state otherwise.  But on the other hand snapshots of the language used and text messages indicate otherwise. Young Liberals have long memories and will not forget such unwarranted manipulation.

Such wannabe political activists have much to learn and the use of negative behaviour will hardly raise their political profile and standing within the Liberal Party.  Bizarre, unorthodox Balkan and Middle Eastern political methodologies are incompatible with Australian political corroborees.  I have monitored and observed their online media behaviour and I must add that they leave a lot to be desired.  Their thinly veiled messages of intimidation have been duly noted by seasoned political veterans who are now preparing for the upcoming State Council elections early this year. 

Therefore, in hindsight, my message to those who wish to politically character assassinate their opponents should reconsider their long term political survival.   No matter what they stand for, whom they support and what their personal values are, I doubt that they will survive.

The political sieve.            It is true that during World War 2 many lost their lives due to information being leaked to those who brought about the deaths of many. It is the same within any political party, where information relevant to good governance, administration, political campaign strategies and the need to know is the domain of the political administration. In this case the Victorian Liberal party Administrative Committee leakers decided that it was in their best interests to provide information to third parties to embarrass their colleagues and bring about the downfall of an election campaign. It is true that Ian Quick distributed information via his emails to Liberal party members which somehow reached the eyes and ears of journalists.

Now it seems that according to Liberal Party sources it has been alleged that Karina Okotel, a member of the Victorian Liberal Party Administrative Committee provided information to a third party which found its way to journalists. What can I say other that state to Quick and Okotel that “it is not ok to tell”. The positions these two members held are not something to be laughed at. One wonders why it has been alleged that Karina Okotel and her sibling, Josh Bonney are being held responsible for leaking to the media. Karina it is alleged is also responsible “Fudging the minutes” of meetings, distorting the facts and then leaking them to the media before distributing to members.

Further to the above, Young Libs accuse party vice president of malicious behaviour  If these alleged incidents of leaking and undermining are true, I wonder what led Karina Okotel to take such negative action. What happened to break up a successful alliance that drove Karina Okotel to break away? Was she promised something that did not eventuate, was she manipulated and coerced by others to leak the information is anyone ones guess?  All that I can say is that I have known Karina Okotel for some time, a good person with Christian values and that the alleged accusations are not compatible with the Karina Okotel that I know.

Despite what her supporters may think and believe, Karina Okotel political future is bleak indeed. History has demonstrated time and time again that there is no room for those who jump ship, derail elections, disloyal and/or leak to the media. Very few survive the public and private scrutiny and therefore leave am organisation.  I say this because I am of the belief that Karina Okotel has served her purpose and that she will be quietly put out to pasture by the very individuals who manipulated or coerced her to act in the manner that she has.  The next generation of young Liberals certainly will have nothing to do with her and those she has allegedly was disloyal to will not assist in any to rehabilitate her.  Politics at times can be a brutal environment.

Janus Group    Prior to the election loss, a number of groups began to unite against the President, Michael Kroger, Matthew Guy, the Parliamentary wing, The Administrative arm and the Administrative Committee. They were what I once called the Janus group of individuals whose sole aim was to bring about an election loss, take control of the Liberal Party and install their own troops. I have a long list of those members, their alliances, friendships and networks, whether overt or covert in their actions.  Those who carried out covert actions were the worst of the lot with their sarcastic comments, undermining tactics, bullying, threats, intimidation and double standards

Besides Greg Mirabella, Frank Greenstein, Ian Quick, Scott Ryan, Kelly O’Dwyer, Jeff Kennett, Ted Baillieu, Sean Armistead, Mitch Fifield, Tony Smith who were overtly honest and up front with any criticism, there were many others hiding behind online pseudonyms, and playing one group against the other. Although I admire those who were upfront and honest, I found little to rejoice in those who criticised the Liberal party covertly.  I refer to one online social media canine who goes under the pseudonym of “Dingo Dingo”, who like his predator namesake, licks his paws after a successful online trolling of others. Senior Liberal party sources have pointed the finger at one individual who they allege is the culprit. Yet despite their allegations, I find it difficult to come to terms with an intelligent individual taking such precautions to hide his true identity. Still, time will tell and I am sure that his name will surface sooner rather than later.

Post-election drama.       At a recent event political event held in Bulleen where the Guest speaker was the sitting member and past Liberal Party opposition leader, Matthew Guy, statements allegedly attributed to him, astounded the fifty odd members who attended the meeting.  According to Liberal party sources, it appears that Matthew Guy did not blame anyone for the election loss, took the responsibility upon himself and was considering his political future.  It is also alleged that he went onto place the responsibility of undermining the political process, the campaign and the leaders prior to and during the election on Karina Okotel and her sibling Josh Bonney. He went onto say that the current Administrative Committee are incompetent, irresponsible and should be removed at the next State Council in order for the Liberal party to become united and move forward to winning government.

Members upset and angry.           That very old cliché “You can fool some of the people some of the time but you cannot fool all the people all of the time” is true indeed. Victorian Liberal party members are chaffing at the bit so to speak to be heard and refuse to be cowered by an Administrative Committee that is merely looking after its self-interests and not of the party. Therefore members are taking matters into their own hand to force an extraordinary meeting of members to readdress Administrative Committee poor governance, incompetence and negative matters which have been met with disapproval and disbelief by members. It is believed that request for an extraordinary meeting is being called for by Fred Ackerman, a long time Liberal party member.

According to one senior Liberal Party source, only fifty signatures are required to call an extraordinary meeting. To date, it is believed that there is over 250 signatures and the list is growing.  What does this all mean is anyone’s guess. I have seen it all before and I am not surprised b any of it other than the ferocity and brutal methods used to wreck an election campaign in order to win control of the Liberal party.  The State Council believed to be held in March may be the decider which direction the Victorian Liberal party will take. Whatever the outcome, the Victorian Liberal party according to era of Sir Robert Menzies will never be the same.

The above article is an opinion based on my own research, observations of the past and the present political environment in Victoria. If this article offends anyone, their objections will be duly noted and published in due course. However please remember, not to shoot the messenger for, it is not personal and as individuals, we will have political differences where I don’t expect everyone to agree with my comments. Cheerio for now, stay strong always.

Peter Adamis is a Freelanace Journalist/Social Media Commentator and writer. He is a retired Australian military serviceman and an Industry organisational & Occupational (OHS) & Training Consultant whose interests are within the parameters of domestic and international political spectrum.  He is an avid blogger and contributes to domestic and international community news media outlets as well as to local and Ethnic News.  He holds a Bachelor   of Adult Learning & Development (Monash), Grad Dip Occupational Health & Safety, (Monash), and Dip. Training & Assessment, Dip Public Administration, and Dip Frontline Management. Contact via Email: [email protected] 

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