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Abalinx 12 March 2018 Peter Adamis

With the fervour of passion having been extinguished and replaced by wiser and cooler heads, maybe it is time to look at the examples left behind both the ancient and modern scholars. Admittedly the article is based on Wikipedia the online Encyclopaedia (Macedonians a history by scholars) which to some may appear without academic scholarship but in fact upon viewing the article in its entirety, the numerous references to ancient and modern scholars is not only staggering but overwhelming and to be honest it would hours to filter through every one of the check their veracity, credibility and integrity. Be that it may, the information and evidence being present stand for itself. What is at stake is the integrity, credibility of the Government of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia or otherwise known as FYROM. A copy of this article may be downloaded by clicking onMacedonia a history of Scholars

Those of us who live in the West, such as Australia, Canada, New Zealand the USA and Europe have our democratic foundations firmly rooted in ancient Greece. Therefore it is in our interests to ensure that those democratic principles are upheld and provide us with the confidence to make rational and informed decisions surrounding issues that now face the nations of Greece and FYROM.  We must put aside selfish interests and create our policies and not those of the Great Powers that use their influence for self-interest and hidden agendas. Only then we as free nations be taken seriously and not seen as sheep to be herded into the pen.

I can write from an Australian point of view with a bias towards supporting the Greek point of view that ancient Macedonia was part of the Greek world and the ancient Macedonians are Dorians and as Dorians they therefore related to the ancient Spartans and those of Dorian stock who made Greece their home. The ancient Spartans being of Dorian stock broke away from the highlands of Macedonia and made their way down to the Peloponnese with their families and flocks and after a period of integration with the indigenous population who were then of the ancient Mycenaean and Minyan stock evolved into the Spartans we know of today.

Reading the Wikipedia article, one can be lost in the numerous articles and references that have been inserted to back what has been written with evidence.  Therefore I ask myself the question, how that is after all this information is readily available to the Government and people of FYROM that they too cannot come to the same conclusion as the rest of the world. Why is that they have reverted to using technology to push forward an agenda that is false, misleading and based in another nations ancient history. I would like to believe that intelligent individuals are in the FYROM government and that they can see that what they are attempting to do is absolutely wrong in trying to create a nation based on falsehoods, lies and deception.  The old saying of: “you can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all the people all of the time”

A copy of the Online Encyclopaedia can be read by clicking on: Macedonians a history by scholars.

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