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Abalinx 2 November 2017

I have been back less than 48 hours to find my home a far different place than when I left its shores some seven months ago.

In but a few hours I have noticed the harmful decisions made by our political masters so to speak, behaving in a supercilious manner. In fact insidious may be too kind an adjective to describe their decisions. A copy of the article may be downloaded by clicking on: POLITICAL ERRORS OF JUDGEMENT THAT HARM AUSTRALIA

Reviewing and analysing their decisions only deepen my mistrust and may I fear the long term effects of such outcomes. Although these are my points of view, I am not alone and I challenge, provoke and if need be expose those political masters who employ such tactics and attract and employ individuals who belong in the gutter.

As an individual who has worn the uniform of this nation we call home – (Australia); I like many others of my ilk are appalled at the low level of knowledge, intelligence, preparedness and vision of our alleged political masters. Fear appears to be the companion of those who have been elected to steer the very people who strived so very hard to install them into these exalted positions of power and influence. In the absence of strategic, intelligent and robust debates, minority groups and individuals have hijacked media outlets influencing these elected individuals.

Take for example the following which no doubt will attract the loonies, the ill-informed, the status seekers, those who lack emotional intelligence, and those just bent on making a name for themselves by their destructive commentary.  Some may even call me an “arsehole” which is not unusual given my outspoken behaviour in previous articles which have been written on behalf of the silent majority who still believe in the conservative values and a fair go for the battler.

The debate on marriage equality is one which I found intriguing and still on my return I have not received any document or material on the subject. Why is it so necessary to make laws governing marriage equality when there are sufficient laws in place that recognise and safe guard the interests of those in love of either gender? Why is it necessary to change the status quo on gender recognition when current legislation does not deny ones qualification as a human being? Why is it necessary make new laws to pamper for the minority groups who by their own insidious actions spawn and encourage others to act in a manner incongruous to Australian threads of society?  

The political correctness that infiltrated or very institutions and way of life has become an anathema on society. I say this in view of Councils taking it upon themselves to stop celebrating Australia Day as if they have the moral right to do so, the gender differences now being introduced into the school system, not viewing the Australian with respect, the so called safe school programs and individuals being hounded and derided for their view. 

Will Australians stop in November to remember the sacrifices of men and women who gave their all in wars of the past or will they continue with their daily routine? I remember a time when respect meant everything and that on Remembrance Day in November of each year the police would stop traffic, factories would shrill the whistles for all workers to stop, children at school would stand up and remember the fallen for a mere sixty seconds of silence. Will those days of respect return or will we become yet complacent?

Why do our Australian Defence Force chiefs walk in trepidation of any decisions that may harm their rise in ranks when their main role is to safeguard the security of this nation? Why is it that only a very tiny minority have the balls (apologies to our female politicians) to stand up and fight the good fight on behalf of Australian society. What is all this utter “bullshit” about gender changes in the Australian Defence Force and it being paid at tax payer’s expense? What happened to the organisations that supported the Aussie veteran and in this case I pointing the finger at the Returned Service League which of late has come into ill repute and has let the veteran down?

I am not pointing finger, but why is there is so much angst and vitriol at the Department of Veteran Affairs. I fail to understand why the needs of veterans are not being met and society should be advised that there are far too many veteran suicides for my liking. Let us not fall the statistician and media apologist and fabricator who states that veteran suicides mirror that of the community it had come to serve and protect.

Foreign investment has always been welcomed in this country as long as the interests of the nation come first. However, public opinion is only beginning to come to grips with this dilemma as they see home ownership giving way to greed, envy, and jealousy and may I say again to corruptive practices. Our banking system needs a Royal commission and still our political masters balk at the idea in fear (yet again) of the consequences and what the Royal Commission may uncover and expose the adulterous and fraudulent practices.  Our children and their children lose hope and fall into despair at the lack of opportunities and one wonders why many are on the streets, on handouts, failed marriages, separations, children’s homes, refuges, drugs and other negative forces that fail to raise the aspirations of society.

Political parties are designed with one goal and one goal only. To win power! To state otherwise is an indication of the fallacious practices being preyed upon a society crying out for leadership and a vision for Australia.  The National Broadband (NBN) is a good example of leadership and vision for the future and yet, undue and harmful influencers have chipped away at the process creating a miniscule of its intended end product that was designed to meet the future.  A future that would have benefited all Australians and put them in touch with opportunities that are beyond our imagination.  Fear again drove those responsible to scale down the National broadband and lower its standard of service.

In Victoria the decision to scrap the East West Link cost the tax payer approximately $1.1 Billion dollars according the Auditor General and major political party is blaming each other. What a joke has been played on all Victorians let alone the Australian tax payer who also has to fund the project. I for one can understand why it was scrapped for political reasons, but even then the project had merits in being built. Like the desalination plant that was built by the then political power in government, it is only recently that it has been put into operation.

A project that was put into moth balls by the incoming political government.  The same government responsible for the desalination project could have taken the same approach to the East West Link by delaying the project until it was politically palatable to their code and ideology. Having said the above, let us not forget that the desalination was built with union superannuation funds that would only benefit those unions.

Changing of the political guard is always fraught with danger, especially when conservatism has been the stable influencer in the region. If the wrong, inept and innocuous self-seeking individual is elected, woe to the people they are elected to serve without fear or favour. It matters little what political party is involved, renewal of its elected officials is an integral part of its longevity and one would think that a suitable filtering process is in place. But, life is not like that and certainly in politics it is all about numbers and who has the most influence. I say this in view of recent changing of the guard in a conservative seat in the East where a long time and respected individual stood aside to allow the new guard to take over.

I for one as a political activist always encourage the youth and support the notion of a generational change when and where the occasion arises.   What I don’t approve of and detest is when that change occurs, the incoming elected official takes it upon themselves to heap derision, insults and negative comments about their predecessor. As a veteran of a bygone era, it reminds me of those who operated and were responsible for the lives of their men and women in such places as Afghanistan, Iraq, East Timor and Solomon Islands.

When they entered the country, they were briefed by their processors and took on the lessons of war and rules of engagement as well as learning from their experiences. To their credit, they did not and would not publicly rebuke, criticise, reduce their practices or decisions because everyone knows that the man on the ground responsible for making those decisions is the best person and not others far from the scene of battle to make judgement. Well enough said on this matter as I am sure that the incoming elected official will have enough on his plate and will be looked at in a manner that will only attract undue criticism and create an environment that will bring about disunity and the disintegration of what was once considered the stronghold of conservatism.

Recent reports on ISIS and their sympathisers are now being disseminated by the media and it is of interest to note the deceptive practices of our politicians in this country who fail to call a spade a spade.  Once during the height of successive ISIS battle reports by the media and the atrocities being carried under their banner, politicians vowed or if not howled that these ISIS volunteers and their sympathisers will never be let into this country ever again.

One media outlet is stating that ISIS supporters are free to return to Australia while an elected politician responsible for our external affairs warns of at least 40 ISIS members that have returned back in Australia remain a serious security risk.  In other words. We the people have been lied to yet again or shall I say misled as to the effectiveness or ability to stop ISIS or their sympathisers from returning. What happened to the creation of the Border Guard protection agency, the intelligence agencies, our Defence Force Personnel and other organisations specifically created in the past to gather such intelligence and ensure that individual’s contrary to the interests of Australia and Australians are never allowed to enter or land on its shores. Who is pulling the strings at the Federal parliament and is the spire at the top of Parliament house in Canberra the apex of the puppet master whoever that may be.

I have stated in the past and I am on record that Islam cannot and will not be compatible with western values and do not believe that they can coexist without everyone being educated on the positive practices of all religions that Australians follow. Australia is based on Western values that have stood the test of time and we who have friends and acquaintances of the Muslim faith should not be alarmed that they live amongst us following the traditions, abiding by our laws and respecting our institutions. It is those recalcitrant that feel they have the right to impose their way of life on others that should be educated of their ignorance for there is no place in this country for radicalism of any sort.

Readers must note that I am not anti-Islam not xenophobic but merely pointing out that Islam and the West are not compatible. What does it mean for Australians of the future? It means that if we fail to attract strong, capable and visionary leaders? Well, I for one, fear for our children and concerned that complacency, indolence and ignorance will become the guiding principles of our political masters.  

My message is to all Australians, no matter their status in life, faith, role or location, we are all Australians and as such it falls upon us to create a society that is truly Australian and not one that is forced upon us. I for one, hope to see an Australia (during my life time) that is seen as a powerful influence in the region living in peace and cooperating with its neighbours in order to bring about prosperity, longevity and economic security benefiting all.  Altruistic it may be, yet it is possible if our political masters have the courage to lead this nation and prepare it for the future and not toy with people’s lives as if they are mere slaves to consumption. Remember that vigilance is the key to the security of this nation and ignorance attracts no value at all or contributes to our society.

I welcome constructive criticise and points view and apologise for my poor display of the Australian language.  Any grammar that is incompatible with its intended message are defect s of my own and I alone is responsible. I am glad to be back home and look forward to catching up with everyone.

2015 and 2016 for me were years of reflection, treatment and recovery. 2017 was laced with sadness with the passing of family friends and acquaintances and yet despite their passing, I have become the recipient of their memories and will not forget their contribution to making me who I am. Not to dwell on what could have been but to ensure that whatever time we have left is not squander in futile objectives that lead to nowhere. I intend to make life more meaningful and worthwhile, worthy of those who had a hand in making me who I am today.   Life as we know it can only be sustained by vigilance and with that vigilance comes responsibility.

Peter Adamis is a Journalist/Social Media Commentator and writer. He is a retired Australian military serviceman and an Industry organisational & Occupational (OHS) & Training Consultant whose interests are within the parameters of domestic and international political spectrum.  He is an avid blogger and contributes to domestic and international community news media outlets as well as to local and Ethnic News.  He holds a Bachelor   of Adult Learning & Development (Monash), Grad Dip Occupational Health & Safety, (Monash), Dip. Training & Assessment, Dip Public Administration, and Dip Frontline Management. Website: abalinx.com Contact via Email: [email protected] or via Mobile: 0481 432 791



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