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 Abalinx 1 April 2018 Peter Adamis

End of Harvest.            After ten years of harvesting emails without one complaint, the corrupt data base of subscribers was removed. We at Abalinx and Associates would like to thank all of loyal subscribers over the years.

We also send our heartfelt thanks to all those members who have responded by sending us their new subscriptions via email.  This temporary system will be used until a suitable subscribers program is identified. A copy of the article may be downloaded by clicking on: Restructuring Abalinx Subscribers data

Attempts to salvage the data base using old data was possible, but time consuming and costly. If readers receive an email from Abalinx and Associates in the future it will be based on an old data base and new memberships. This is to identify potential hackers and stop “Denial of Service Attacks”. Members may unsubscribe by responding with the simple message of “unsubscribe”

Analysis.          Out of a total of 7909 subscribers, 136 complained. Although these were insufficient reasons to close the data base, there was no known way of identifying “sleeper emails and bogus marketers” within. The angst just was not worth the cost and effort to maintain it its present form.  A new data base with safeguards is being considered in due course.   Therefore given that it took some ten years to harvest the subscribers without one single complaint, the decision to close the corrupt data base was not taken lightly. I wonder whether it may have something to do with being targeted in Facebook where I was placed in exile if not purgatory for exposing a Fake Profile. In any case these Keyboard warriors have much to answer for, but their time will com.

Peter Adamis is a Journalist/Social Media Commentator and writer. He is a retired Australian military serviceman and an Industry organisational & Occupational (OHS) & Training Consultant whose interests are within the parameters of domestic and international political spectrum.  He is an avid blogger and contributes to domestic and international community news media outlets as well as to local and Ethnic News.  He holds a Bachelor   of Adult Learning & Development (Monash), Grad Dip Occupational Health & Safety, (Monash), and Dip. Training & Assessment, Dip Public Administration, and Dip Frontline Management. Website: Contact via Email: [email protected] 


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