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Abalinx 23 February 2020 Peter Adamis

This article was previously published under the title: Robert Clark fails to unite the Liberals”. The article has been update to reflect new developments. 

Liberals have values and ideas to make people’s lives better. That statement was made on the 29 November 2018 in an article written by Robert Clark.  Some 16 days later Robert Clark was elected President of the Liberal party, Victorian Division. At the time, I spoke with the outgoing President Michael Kroger who advised me that Robert Clark was a good man.   Well good man or not, I find that some 415 days after Robert Clark was elected, Liberals are still waiting to see the changes expected to unite a party. A party that was undermined within by sycophants and recalcitrant false Liberals, otherwise known as the ‘Dark Side’ or the ‘Janus Brotherhood’. 

 I always give a bloke a fair crack of the whip to see what he is made of and whether his actions ring true, matching those of his words. As a Liberal Conservative I was impressed with his statements of: “We need to get back to doing what any political party should always do, namely apply our principles and values to the problems and opportunities of the day, so as to develop solutions and initiatives that are better than the alternatives”. (Robert Clark Robert Clark  29 November 2018). Fine words indeed. Yet despite all of his good intentions his actions to date have been very disappointing.

I also agreed with his statement that: “We also need to advocate for those solutions and initiatives in a way that will inspire Victorians to support and join our cause and demonstrate to voters that our solutions and initiatives are worth voting for.” (Robert Clark  29 November 2018). Sad to think that I didn’t know at the time that the members he had gathered around him; were not interested in the well-being of the party but were in it for personal gain.

Six months later Robert Clark is challenged again, this time by Greg Hannan, ‘a grandson of one of Prime Minister Robert Menzies’ senators, George Hannan”. Luckily for Robert Clark, this attempt failed, giving him a chance to recuperate and take action against those who opposed him.

Later we find that Ian Quick, and others with ‘blood on their hands’ in their attempts to rebrand the party with their own set of values. Furthermore the allegations of Sean Armistead approaching the newly installed State Director with a long list of names to be investigated as being unsuitable as Liberal party members took on a more sinister meaning. To his credit, it has been alleged that the State Director balked at taking at such action that would divide the party. However recent developments indicate that the State Director is out of his depth, apologises to members for failing to understand the “Grandfather” principle in a recent draw for delegates and for being new to the job. His use of ‘self’ in the first degree when communicating with the vast majority of volunteers has not gone down well. He is relying heavily on disjointed and biased advice from selected members of the Administrative Committee. Not a good start for a State Director at all.

As Administrative Committee under the leadership of Robert Clark began to create a series of committees whose outcomes had very little to do with policy and campaign strategies designed to win government, early pre-selections allegedly the brainchild of Ian Quick, the so called Campaign know it all self-proclaimed messiah of the Liberal Party have upset the the well established protocols and thrown the whole system into disarray.

When the Prime Minister, State and Federal members of parliament advised Robert Clark and his merry gang of ten that early pre-selections did more harm than good, Robert Clark defied them all.   To make matters worse, Ian Quick big noting himself yet again distributed another of his “Quickie emails to members advising them on the positive aspects of early pre-selections. This did not go down well at all with the grass roots let alone the members of parliament.

Amidst a backlash by the grass roots petition and the distribution of Abalinx ENews letters created by a long time serving Liberal party member, Ian Quick fled to the backwoods, hiding beneath Robert Clerks desk seeking sanctuary.  Robert Clark then sent another email to all members extolling the benefits of early pre-selections. This action was ridiculed by the grass root members who sought his resignation. To make matters worse, Robert Clark sought refuge in the Constitutional Committee who were only too willing to support him by misinterpreting the constitution in Robert Clarks favour. In doing so, the constitutional committee lost all semblance of credibility, independence and integrity.

Robert Clark and his gang of ten had inherited a wealth of knowledge, a strong membership base, a healthy bank balance and the foundations upon which he had the opportunity to rebuild/restructure the party to meet with 21st century political challenges. Not all only did he fail to maintain the integrity of the party but he began to dismantle the very structures that kept the broad church intact.

Membership was reduced because of witch-hunts, futile investigations, intimidation, threats, harassment and failing to invest money that was created as a result of the sale of the previous Liberal party Headquarters at 104 Exhibition Street. In those 415 days Robert Clark has become the most despised Liberal party President rivaling even that of Tony Snell and his side kick Damien Mantach. Robert Clark and his gang of ten have so much to answer for. Damaging the party so much that history will remember them as the vilest and most revengeful seeking Administrative Committee ever known. These are not my words but the words of many Liberals at a loss at trying to understand Robert Clark’s insane decisions. 

Having failed to win over the grass roots, Robert Clark then tasked the State Director to take action and stop any opposition to his plans of early pre-selections and to stifle any robust criticism and opposition to his leadership and that of his motley crew of supporters. Not only has this failed but it has put the spotlight onto Robert Clark, questioning his credibility, qualifications as a leader and his lack of charisma in uniting the party. One could say that in a space of 415 days, Robert Clark has done far more damage to the Liberal party than the Labor party and the Greens put together. Sir Robert Menzies would certainly be rolling in his grave know that the party he created post WW2 is in disarray.

With four months to go, the battle lines have been drawn up and the opposing sides are clamouring for a final battle at the May State Council elections. During this times, deals are being made, some early pre-selections will be carried out under protest, and those challenging sitting members will lose. The only winner in these early pre-selections will be young Judah Asher who has worked hard to his credit in winning over delegates to his side. Cyber warfare will continue, political character assassinations, Whispering campaigns, misuse of the young Liberals will be attempted, (to seduce them to the Dark Side), investigations and witch hunts will take on a new meaning to rival that of the Spanish Inquisition.  This will only cease on the day of the May State Council Elections.

Let the errors of this administrative committee be remembered by the next generation, let not the sacrifices of at least three generations of Liberals be for naught. Robert Clark has sent confusing messages to the grass roots, one minute he saying that he agrees with John Howard that “it is often observed that the Liberal Party is a broad church”, where there is room for everyone and then on the other hand he states whether “We Victorian Liberals just a bunch of losers to be written off as hopeless, or is there a way forward”. What does he believe is true is the question?   Recent prayer meetings by a group of pseudo Liberals have contributed to the division amongst the Victorian Division of the Liberal party. these prayer meetings have failed to save Robert Clark.

In closing, Robert Clark without a doubt is unsuited as a President due to his lack of charisma, limited leadership abilities, procrastination and poor judgement. As an attorney General he was isolated from the grass root population, preferring to live in his glass castle away from the masses who looked towards him for guidance. History will judge him and his gang of ten very harshly indeed. My advice as always is to close ranks, put aside our differences and work towards winning government. After all is that not why we joined the Liberal party in the first place. 

Peter Adamis is a Journalist/Social Media Commentator and writer. He is a retired Australian military serviceman and an Industry organisational & Occupational (OHS) & Training Consultant whose interests are within the parameters of domestic and international political spectrum. He is an avid blogger and contributes to domestic and international community news media outlets as well as to local and Ethnic News. He holds a Bachelor of Adult Learning & Development (Monash), Grad Dip Occupational Health & Safety, (Monash), and Dip. Training & Assessment, Dip Public Administration, and Dip Frontline Management. Website: Contact via Email:


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