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Abalinx – Peter Adamis   – 28 April 2015

First of all let me it clear that I am long time fan of Russell Crowe and his movies.  I have always known that his movies are a mixture o fact and fiction and that the story line has always been a good one. How can you forget movies such as A BEAUTIFUL MIND, GLADIATOR, and NOAH and WATER DIVINER.   All great movies that are action packed and well worth watching. Who really cares that they are true and that the truth has been glossed over by fiction and story tale licence in order to make it appealing to the masses. A copy of the article may be downloaded by clicking on: RUSSELL CROWE HIS MOVIES AND THEIR IMPACT ON AUSTRALIAN SOCIETY

However it does become somewhat of a concern if we allow ourselves to believe that the films that we watch are based on the truth. A film will mix fact with fiction in order to raise enough interest to make it worth watching. The Water Diviner touches on the very soul of what it means to be an Australian. In this case it is played by Russell Crowe who is by birthright a Kiwi. (We will not hold that against him, because he is a good bloke)

But like all good movies, we must take them all in our stride and just enjoy the moment.  One would say it would be fair to the audience that at the end of any movie some form of text regarding the historical significance of the film would suffice and please all the stakeholders.  This article is in response to those who are concerned about the recent article regarding Russell Crowe and comments made about the Greek Islands belonging to Turkey. If we are to believe history as fact, one must therefore go back into time and realise that the Greek Islands as we know of them today, that despite all the alien occupants and unwanted landlords of Greece, were always part of the ancient Greek world

I certainly don’t believe that movies such as the Ten Commandments, The Robe, The Gallipoli story, The Exodus, are correct in every detail or based on fact, but that a poetic licence had come to play because they strike a balance between emotion and the truth.  Movies are an expression of ourselves and we all like to feel good about watching them as they send a message of hope and it is up to us as individuals to seek out th truth, not believe what is on the silver screen.

Firstly, If parents are concerned what is being taught at school then they should have the courage to speak up in regards to the movie “Water Diviner”   Therefore, parents should seek out the Principal and explain that what is being taught in schools is not necessarily true or correct as it leaves a poor impression on a young mind.

Secondly the public should also become involved and demonstrate their point of view on social media and other news outlets that what is being taught at schools and depicted at the movies is not necessarily fact or the truth. If one is not sure what the TRUTH is, then one must believe in choosing between fact and fiction. 

Thirdly government representatives should also become vocal and speak out on what is right.  In this case the Hellenic Foreign Ministry should come out and state the Hellenic point of view, that what is being depicted on the movies and taught at schools is not based on fact. Being upset is one thing; manipulation of the truth is another. 

Having said the above, I am reminded of a father son exchange some many years ago. For year my father would tell me exactly what he thought the truth was bout the Ten Commandments, The Bible, the Exodus amongst other bible stories. I would argue with him and advise him that what he was saying was not really the truth as he saw it. These disagreements about the Bible and other aspects went on for years until one day when I was home on leave from the Army and we were all in a jovial mood, I said that enough was enough and challenged him to tell me his sources. Not a problem he said and quoted me apart from the movie played by the actor Victor Mature. I was astounded that he had abased his account of the truth on a movie. As much as I love my old man, I had to tell him that that what was on the movies was not always necessarily true.

The above yarn is not uncommon and even I have to admit having fallen into the trap of believing the silver screen from time to time and later upon conducting my own research that I found the flaws in the movie. Still I did return to the same movie and watched it a number of times because it appealed to me and m outlook on life.

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