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Abalinx Peter Adamis 15 July 2016

This article is of interest to readers because it demonstrates the language and viciousness that is going on behind the scenes. The following commentary is the result of discussions with two young Liberals who expect to be elevated within the Liberal party. Suffice to say as an interested political commentator and activist, I am bemused by their comments. A copy of the article may be downloaded by clicking on: SOCIAL MEDIA AND POLITICS

I say this because their information, facts and evidence leaves a lot to be desired and based on not what they know or what they have witnessed but by those sycophants, yes individuals and those seeking favours. I don’t know whether to laugh, smirk, brush it off as youthful negative behaviour or simply put it down to inexperience and emotional immaturity. A COPY OF THE SCULLIN REPORT MAY BE DOWNLOADED BY CLICKING ON: SCULLIN-FINAL-POST-ELECTION-REPORT-2016

As a political commentator, I will continue to expose these individuals one by one until such time that they change their behaviour and maintain a civil tongue. It matters little to me as I am confident in my own abilities to weather any criticism of my performance. If I am to be judged then it will be by a body of my peers and those who are competent and seasoned political leaders. Luckily my years in the military has hardened me to such attacks and those who know of me are aware that I don’t suffer fools gladly.

The reasons for the commentary being shown below is to demonstrate what the world of social media has come to and to what lengths individuals go to justify and hide their inadequacies. They resort as shown below to attacking the individual on a personal level hoping to unnerve or bring about his or her down fall. On the other hand they are trying to demonstrate to others higher up the political food chain that they can handle the rough and tumble of politics. What they fail to come to terms with or realise that they are destroying and belittling their own character and reducing their effectiveness to debate in a logical and robust manner.  A COPY OF THE SCULLIN REPORT MAY BE DOWNLOADED BY CLICKING ON: SCULLIN-FINAL-POST-ELECTION-REPORT-2016

At this very moment there is a battle going on behind the scenes. A battle that involves Senator Scott Ryan, Senator Mitch Fifield, Kelly O’Dwyer, Matthew Guy, Michael Kroger, Tony Nutt, Simon Frost, Caroline Elliott, Peter Costello supporters, Tony Abbott supporters, the Young Liberals, Administrative Committee and of course those behind Malcolm Turnbull. I will also include Craig Ondarchie amongst this crowd as he endeavours to create his own personal fiefdom in the North and be surrounded by members loyal to him alone.   There is nothing wrong with that concept and one hopes that his allegiance to the Liberal Party comes first and I for one wish him well.

What is of interest to note is some years ago 98% of these members were once political friends and associates of mine. Of all of those mentioned only Michael Kroger and the Tony Abbott supporters remain. What does this translate into one would wonder?  Is it the way of politics or is it based on what is best for the Liberal Party.  The young Liberals are fighting and quarrelling amongst themselves in their attempts to gain control of as much territory as possible and eventually win control of Administrative committee. I for one wish them the best as I have campaigned vigorously for the past four years for a generational change.  A COPY OF THE SCULLIN REPORT MAY BE DOWNLOADED BY CLICKING ON: SCULLIN-FINAL-POST-ELECTION-REPORT-2016

I promised myself that as soon as Michael Kroger took the role of President that I would not be involved in any factions and that I would write articles based on fair play and on the evidence that was presented to me along with my personal opinion on any given subject. To date I have kept to my word and report on how I view matters from apolitical perspective. In May of this year, I stated that the Coalition would return with a slim majority, a failed Double Dissolution and a hostile Senate. In all three I was found to be close to the mark. The only error of judgement on my part was that the Liberals in Victoria won the seat of Chisolm based on the strategic advice of Michael Kroger using local knowledge and political terrain and support from Head Office in Exhibition Street. Michael Kroger did not rely on the campaign advice being meted out by the Canberra nor did he feel compelled to follow Tony Nutt the National Campaign Director in the preferences deal with the Greens.

As it has turned out Michael Kroger was correct once again and thus strengthening his hold on the Administrative Committee and being secured of another term of office. This turn of events in Victoria do not fare well for Senators Scott Ryan and Mitch Fifield nor with Kelly O’Dwyer and they immediately went on the attack so to speak by announcing through the media that they intend to elevate Caroline Elliott to the position of President. As much as I admired Caroline Elliot’s mother and father, I don’t see the same political traits and fire in young Caroline Elliott. As such I believe that those working against Michael Kroger need to look elsewhere for a suitable replacement if any.   A COPY OF THE SCULLIN REPORT MAY BE DOWNLOADED BY CLICKING ON: SCULLIN-FINAL-POST-ELECTION-REPORT-2016

Where does that leave our two young web warriors PROFILE ONE and PROFILE TWO of social media status one may ask?  Out on a limb for starters and secondly they will be eventually politically ostracised and targeted by others who take a dim view of their comments and behaviour. What these two wannabe political activists are trying to achieve is beyond my comprehension as their actions have no solid political objectives or basis upon which they can build upon for the future. What is demonstrates to me is the lengths some would go to be noticed by their peers and others higher up on the political food chain. If they continue in the manner that they do and take matters personally without considering the political ramifications then it’s a sad world indeed.

If I am to give an opinion on what is going to happen next, my money would be on the conservative right and moderates defeating the progressive left within the ranks of Victoria. As such we shall a slow disintegration of left wing progressive influence within the Liberal party in Victoria and a return of Liberal values that have been lost since the Kemp reforms. Matthew Guy has two years or less to utilise his forces and to manage them effectively in order that they meet the challenges of a State election. 

Whether Matthew Guy heeds my advice is immaterial to me as I provide it freely without any acknowledgement. My advice is simply NOT to place too much emphasis on the so called new American style campaign techniques without paying equal attention to human resources and face to face communication. For example these two young web warriors are of the belief that the new campaign techniques were used by many other electorates with a successful outcome without taking into account the importance of face to face human contact.

Those on the Michael Sukkar campaign will attest to this and even Michael Sukkar the member for Deakin will state that it was a combination of the two concepts that gave him the swing. Michael Sukkar excelled in Deakin and others should be emulating his two pronged campaign techniques.  Those responsible for the conduct of campaigns know full well the importance of human contact and that message should be distributed throughout all future campaigns and that potential candidates take heed of.

In the end, all will be revealed and those who believe that they are web warriors will have learnt a lesson. Such is the way of social media and politics.  A COPY OF THE SCULLIN REPORT MAY BE DOWNLOADED BY CLICKING ON: SCULLIN-FINAL-POST-ELECTION-REPORT-2016

The following are extracts from social media and that some of the language and the words being used may offend some people.


Scott Mcneil You forgot Kevin mate -.56 % swing I think he needs to be in the top ten. But you know I’m a little bias. And don’t worry about peter. Have a look a Scullin results. He is the blame for a shocking result. It falls on his head and I will not let anyone forget how much he ruined a campaign in the North.

Let look at all those he complains about. All the seats that did use new technics and ideas. What did he do. Well none of that and went his way. The results show that his way is best left to the dark ages. Worst campaign manger of the Victorian campaign. IMO   A COPY OF THE SCULLIN REPORT MAY BE DOWNLOADED BY CLICKING ON: SCULLIN-FINAL-POST-ELECTION-REPORT-2016

Scott Mcneil Why would I delete anything. Also happy to stay away from a bully like your self. I know what I said and I stand by it. Happy to take you on mate I also have lot of things to back me up. You and your rants are not wanted. Everything I have ever heard about you is true. I am not a forgiving person and I will out live you.  Learn to spell my name if your going to write about me. Go back under the rock you came from. Your comments and views are not wanted and no one wants to hear them.  Also I didn’t delete anything and I’m sorry ted and others it happened on your page.

Scott Mcneil Never offered to be campaign manger only online and in my conversations with I repeated that position. Never have I offer to be Campaign manger on her campaign. She had others before you willing to do that. I didn’t need to offer it. But you made sure to get rid of all help Mel had with your bullying ways.  As for my ideas. You mean what I was learnt in future leaders and from the many hours of targeted campaigning I have done. Or the fact that I wanted a more online and visual campaign with the use of new technology? If you think Deakin was the only one using new technics. Then it shows how little you know.

Scott Mcneil What should I be ashamed of what telling you I wish the cancer had won. I do and I stand by it. You can’t even. Spell my name right. I’ll stand up right in your face with my middle finger up saying fuck you Peter go tucking die. How that for standing up Peter.  A COPY OF THE SCULLIN REPORT MAY BE DOWNLOADED BY CLICKING ON: SCULLIN-FINAL-POST-ELECTION-REPORT-2016

Scott Mcneil You use your illness as a way of hiding when you get called out. So as to try and make people feel sorry for you. But at the end of the day your a bully. Your peers have seen your comments but they already knew you were a fool. Oh course you are not interested in what I have to say as you don’t address any of the major failure of your campaign. Major failures that people are too nice to tell you to your face. 

All bully’s like you hide behind lawyers and dismiss comments. Not having a discussion with you. I’m pointing out the facts. Your a Bully and you ran a horrible campaign. You should be ashamed and never be on any team ever again. You belong in the dark ages. You go on other candidates pages and put them down and tell them how the months of hard work they had just put in was a waste and people would have voted the way they did if you had done nothing. That’s rude to the 100’s of people who campaigned each and every weekend for months. 

People need to see you for what you are. Your a fool with no friends. Who thinks everyone will feel sorry for you because you have cancer. No one cares many people have cancer and they don’t play on it like you do. I will make it my mission to follow your comments from now on and point you out for the tool you are each and every day.  You were right about one thing. I do love social. I would suggest you shut down yours as its has no use any more. Go yell on your web site that only you and your one friend look at.  I’m not like the normal people you deal with mate. I will never back down. I will stand by my comments and I you tell you to your face.  A COPY OF THE SCULLIN REPORT MAY BE DOWNLOADED BY CLICKING ON: SCULLIN-FINAL-POST-ELECTION-REPORT-2016

Scott Mcneil What threat ? That I will follow you and comment when you do to show people your a fool. 

You have very little idea about what I did in the campaign so don’t try and comment on me. Again trying to play the cancer card. I can name 1000 of people with cancer. Your trying to get people on your side again with the cancer card. It doesn’t work with your remakes. 

Scott Mcneil  Peter take your own advice. Have respect for others and I would never have started. You made your bed now lie in it. You started the rant on this page. You insulted candidates and people and the party I didn’t. Remember if you pick a fight you can’t complain when people respond.    Your an excellent demonstration of what wrong with your generation. 

It hard isn’t Peter when people don’t back down and fold like you used to. I wonder with your attitude how many people have put complains against you as you sound like your ready to lawyer up. People only do that when they are used to getting their own way. Your a big baby and is crying when you don’t get your way or you can’t bully me out like the others you have done before.  A COPY OF THE SCULLIN REPORT MAY BE DOWNLOADED BY CLICKING ON: SCULLIN-FINAL-POST-ELECTION-REPORT-2016

Scott Mcneil I will deal with your lies latter Peter. Sound like your on your own on this one. As I also kept notes on the campaign. All your comments about me stalking mel. I ask this one question. Who asked mel to run? Oh wait that was me. Who wrote a recommendation for Mel. Oh wait that’s me too. Who phone dose Mel still use. Oh wait that’s me too. For someone who stalking her as you say.

She stayed at my house a lot. With all my housemate happy to discuss the many times she would come to my house after you attacked her and made her feel like crap with your insults and bulling tactics. Which you have clearly shown today with your comments. Your right mate know your facts before you talk. And you clearly don’t know the facts. Don’t talk about think you have no idea about. 

How many campaign mangers were banned from their candidates online page. Answer one, just you. Do you want me to tell people why you were taking off her page and that 104 had to go into damage mode. Or the fact that I had to find you a candidate for your seat if your so much in control? 

I feel sorry for you your a bitter old man who the cancer didn’t win. Do come near me at anything or you will find your self wishing you hadn’t.  You have no idea what I did in this campaign. None what so ever. Your a fool and most people don’t even listen to your comments.. You have no power and any in the north refuses to deal with you. Stop getting treatment and do us a favour and just die like we all want you too.”   A COPY OF THE SCULLIN REPORT MAY BE DOWNLOADED BY CLICKING ON: SCULLIN-FINAL-POST-ELECTION-REPORT-2016

Josh Talbot If you were sick, Peter, you shouldn’t have been a Campaign Manager fullstop. Maybe if you had bothered to undertake some fundraising, you’d have had more money to spend on the campaign. Just a thought

Josh Talbot Why do you do nothing in Scullin? Why did you humiliate Michael Kroger in front of a constituent by having no flyers printed for your own candidate? Why do you do no fundraising and expect all these handouts? Most of all, why do we keep doing so poorly in Scullin?

Josh Talbot I love watching you comment, you deranged old fool. You have without a doubt proven to be Scullin’s worst FEC Chairperson of any party. Scullin is the third wealthiest Labor-held seat in the country, and yet we get trounced there. You do no fundraising and yet expect handouts to come to you that were destined for Chisholm, which may I remind you, we won. You’re a walking, talking delusion and your political days are finished even in that fetid little backwater of yours that you and a handful of loyal sycophants run”.


Life in itself is an extraordinary force. Karma they say does work. You only have to life take a course of its own and whatever negative action you take against another, it is bound to return.  Well it is interesting to read a recent discussion by Scott McNeil on social media.  A copy of that discussion can be downloaded by clicking on: SCOTT MCNEIL FACEBOOK DISCUSSION 23 FEBRUARY 2018 15

As always, my apologies for the poor grammar, punctuation and savagery of the Aussie English language. All that I can say is that it is great to be alive and one does not give up in the face of adversity.   A COPY OF THE SCULLIN REPORT MAY BE DOWNLOADED BY CLICKING ON: SCULLIN-FINAL-POST-ELECTION-REPORT-2016

1 PETER ADAMIS 18 APRIL 2016Peter Adamis is a Freelance Journalist/Social Media Commentator and writer. He is a retired Australian military serviceman and an Industry organisational & Occupational (OHS) & Training Consultant whose interests are within the parameters of domestic and international political spectrum.  He is an avid blogger and contributes to domestic and international community news media outlets as well as to local and Ethnic News.  He holds a Bachelor   of Adult Learning & Development (Monash), Grad Dip Occupational Health & Safety, (Monash), Dip. Training & Assessment, Dip Public Administration, and Dip Frontline Management. Website: Contact via  Email: [email protected] or via Mobile: 0409965538



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