Success in the political arena is not due to loyalty

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Peter Adamis Abalinx 20 March 2017

According to Winston Churchill, Politics is not a game, but a serious business. Even by today’s standards that quote still stand true and therefore one must be always vigilant against falling into the trap of believing that success in politics is due to loyalty. Success in politics means using all the resources available to you at a time when the battle is about to begin. A copy of the article may be downloaded by clicking on: SUCCESS IN THE POLITICAL ARENA IS NOT DUE TO LOYALTY

It is about knowing your opponents strengths and recognising whether your skills, knowledge and life experiences are sufficient to exploit the weaknesses of your opponent. A successful candidate will do what they must do in order to gain the initiative prior to any pre-selection battle taking place. To achieve this they must first recognise that they alone cannot bring about a successful outcome without relying on others to feed them information, prepare them, and to strengthen the weaknesses if any. Without going into all of the secrets of campaigning, be prepared for all contingencies and if one performs well on the day, even those who have been influenced by others to vote against them, may decide to go it alone and vote based on that performance.

I say this in view of preselection battles that are looming and delegates are jockeying for position, eager to see how candidates perform. Take the case of Peter Reith for example. Peter Reith has been absent some 16 years from the Liberal party after leaving in 2001.  What he has been doing other that writing articles to remain relevant and what contributions has he made since leaving the Ministry. In a recent Meet the candidates forum Peter Reith was found to be in Sydney, Caroline Elliot, Fiona Ogilvey were also noticeably absent and one wonders whether they are taking the membership lightly or worse still just don’t care/. I am of the belief that it is of the latter. Still wonder never cease to amaze me anymore. Not in politics in any case.

Is Peter Reith the one to lead the Victorian Division are the questions being asked this very day. One member of the party was heard to ask of Peter Reith why he had been absent from all the forums that were being made available to meet the candidates. This same person went onto say that she was disgusted by Peter Reith for not having the courage to attend any of the Meet the Candidates. I must say I was taken aback by the strength of the outburst, but on reflection this member was merely representing what is in the minds of members since Peter Reith challenged Michael Kroger. A plot which was hatched by Scott Ryan, Mitch Fifield, Kelly O’Dwyer.

Research into the Damien Mantach affair has brought to light the fact that he at one point in time worked for Peter Reith. What does that mean to the members at large, the member who stand day after day at polling booths, to those who work in electorate offices, to those who hand out how to vote cards and to those responsible for raising funds?  It raises the question as to who influenced Damien Mantach to travel a misguided path that led to his downfall and others associated with him. As a long time member, I take umbrage to such corruptive practices and makes a mockery of all those who worked tirelessly for the Liberal party in Victoria.

Enterprise Victoria which is supposed to be a forum that enables the sharing of views and perspectives between business professionals and leading liberals is not as productive as it should be and took a huge blow when it was being managed under the leadership of peter Reith. Now Scott Ryan, Mitch Fifield and Kelly O’Dwyer want Peter Reith to replace Michael Kroger who was responsible for exposing the poor financial controls that were in place under Tony Snell and his Administrative Committee. No wonder the membership is up in arms against Scott Ryan, Mitch Fifield, Kelly O’Dwyer, Fiona Ogilvey, Caroline Elliot and others who sat on the previous administration. What a joke these people have become. Rank is not even close word to describe the smell of incompetency, mismanagement and poor financial risk management practices.  Peter Reith’s management of Enterprise Victoria unfortunately has not been the best and I shudder to think what he would do if he was handed the baton of leadership and brought about the destruction of the Liberal party in Victoria.  

Peter Reith last known Election campaign is believed to have been in 1998. What skills, knowledge and experience will he bring when all of his campaigning experience belongs to a bygone era and it was embarrassing to see him falter, stutter and fall back on humour to cover his lack of knowledge of the Liberal Party Victorian Division when he was interviewed recently on the Andrew Bolt show.  I honestly felt sorry for Peter Reith and I wondered to myself what motivated him to go on the show in the first place unprepared, without any research and above all without the knowledge of the political kingdom that he hoped to inherit. Everyone who follows Andrew Bolt is fully aware that Andrew Bolt is no fool and does extensive research into the subjects he discuss during his show.  Whoever was responsible for letting Peter Reith go on nationwide television unprepared need to seek employment elsewhere

Scott Ryan, Mitch Fifield and Kelly O’Dwyer seeing that the Liberal party under Michael Kroger has gained momentum and new members being recruited are afraid of losing their influence, power and party support; are now hell bent on destroying the very party that elected them to office. They are doing this against all the best advice, against the will of the members and are ruthless in overriding the will of the membership in Victoria. I am very very disappointed in these three members. Gosh I can remember a time when we were all friends and one side battling the ogre at the time and winning battles. Today the Liberal party is faced with voting for what is in its best interests rather than voting for the few that believe that they alone have the right to charter the courses of political history in Victoria.

Now, these three have another companion by their side; he is called “fear” and it is their fear of the unknown that is driving them to oblivion. Whether they have realised it or not, sooner or later, they will be challenged and those challenges will come out of the blue by those they consider to be close to them. Mark my words, watch and see political history being made. Scott Ryan, Mitch Fifield and Kelly O’Dwyer will not be re-elected again despite all their influence, they have been tarred with the same brush of incompetency, irrelevance and political has-beens. A new broom is being created as we speak and those candidates are merely biding their time.

Caroline Elliot and Fiona Ogilvey one must remember are two such members still on the Administrative Committee who should have resigned or not stood for reflection, especially at a time when corruption had been identified under their watch. Why they still remain on the Administrative committee is beyond belief. I chuckled when I first heard that Caroline Elliott tried to take the credit for the exposure of Damien Mantach.  Well let me tell you the truth, only one man asked the right questions regarding the poor financial controls under the leadership of Tony Snell and his Administration. That man was none other than Michael Kroger. If I was a delegate, I would not be voting for Caroline Elliot, Fiona Ogilvey or anyone else associated with Scott Ryan, Mitch Fifield, Kelly O’Dwyer, Frank Greenstein, Fran Henderson and other likeminded individuals.

Parliamentary members should stick to parliamentary matters and keep out of membership issues such who is to be on the administrative Committee.  How would Parliamentary members like it if the membership told the Parliamentary party what to do when in parliament? I am quite sure that they will not be amused. Why then are they becoming embroiled in matters which is of no concern to them? I for one will not condone such inappropriate behaviour on the part of Parliamentarians and I would politely tell them to pull their heads in. If Parliamentarians continue taking the road of interference then they will be held responsible for negative outcomes in any upcoming preselection battles. Parliamentarians stick to your duties and work hard to retain your electorate and allow the membership to get on with the winning of Government.

Up to some here weeks ago, the relationship between Matthew Guy and Michael Kroger was very good, harmonious and working well together. What has changed is the influence and predatory actions of Scott Ryan, Mitch Fifield and Kelly O’Dwyer against Michael Kroger who they can see has revitalised the party in Victoria and now they want to bring about its destruction. Foul cry the members. Today delegates are hearing the voices of the members they represent and they are out for blood. They have had enough interference from the Parliamentary Party, those members of parliament who hound, cajole, intimidate, seduce and in some cases dangle the golden employment carrot in front of delegates to vote in their favour. I take my hat off to all those members who find have the courage to stand firm and vote for what is best for the Liberal Party and not what is in the best interests of Scott Ryan, Mitch Fifield, Kelly O’Dwyer.  They are no longer follow the values and beliefs of the Liberal Party as we know it.

In conclusion, one must remember that although success in the political arena is not due to loyalty; it is the member’s values and beliefs in collaboration with parliamentarian’s policies and good governance that will win the hearts and minds of the people of Victoria. The people of Victoria seek a stable government, financial management; employment, food on the table, good education, security and the freedoms that go with it. Only a Liberal Government can achieve those goals under the joint leadership of Michael Kroger and Matthew Guy. Anything less is courting disaster.

2015 and 2016 for me were years of reflection, treatment and recovery. Not to dwell on what could have been but to ensure that whatever time we have left is not squander in futile objectives that lead to nowhere. I intend to make life more meaningful and worthwhile, worthy of those who had a hand in making me who I am today.   Life as we know it can only be sustained by vigilance and with that vigilance comes responsibility. Let us hope that 2017 is a good one. My apologies for the poor grammar and savagery of the English language. Please note that there is no malice, hidden agendas or financial outcomes as a result of the above article but merely a passionate bloke very concerned about the politics within Victoria. I have no axe to grind but merely expressing an opinion.

Peter Adamis is a Journalist/Social Media Commentator and writer. He is a retired Australian military serviceman and an Industry organisational & Occupational (OHS) & Training Consultant whose interests are within the parameters of domestic and international political spectrum.  He is an avid blogger and contributes to domestic and international community news media outlets as well as to local and Ethnic News.  He holds a Bachelor   of Adult Learning & Development (Monash), Grad Dip Occupational Health & Safety, (Monash), Dip. Training & Assessment, Dip Public Administration, and Dip Frontline Management. Website: Contact via Email: [email protected] or via Mobile: 0409965538

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