Taxis leaves Daniel Andrews in the rain

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Abalinx 22 June 2018 Peter Adamis

According to whom you speak to, some would lead you to believe that the Andrews Labor Government has blood on its hands as it continues to fail small business owners and the taxi/Owners associated groups. Others say that any Labor minister seeking or hailing a cab would be left standing in the rain. A copy of the article may be downloaded by clicking on: TAXIS LEAVE DANIEL ANDREWS IN THE RAIN

The reason being if we are to believe the Taxi industry is because according to them, they are fed up with lies, deception, false promises, deaths, families separating and assets being sold as a direct result of the reforms.  They have united and taking the fight up to the Government.  Discussions with members of the Taxi/Owners groups and small business owners in the strip shopping centers reveal another ugly side of the failed policies of the Andrews Labor Government.

People last.      For many of the families affected by the Andrews Labor Government taxi reforms had no regard for their citizen’s private property rights, forcibly seizing people’s private property for their own advantage.  The Andrews Labor Governments Taxi legislation is a repeat history for families, working a lifetime to build their future while Andrews Labor Government by deception, undermined and eroded the assets of the small business owner. It appears that the Andrews Labor government platform of people first is nothing but false promises and small business owners are put last. Ironically it was these same small business owners that are the bedrock and back bone of Australian small business that supported the Labor Party in the past. They now regret their decision.

Labor Party.     According to the taxi/owner groups, a government that uses the law to its own advantage can seize private property of a citizen and that same law makes it illegal to pay fair reimbursement for that individual’s loss of private property. It is odd for that law was never intended to be used against citizens who act lawfully.  The Andrews Labor Government had the opportunity to make good on their promises to put “People First” but reneged and used those laws forcibly acquire assets and private property. Many in the tax industry believe that they are being discriminated against and question the Andrews Labor government credibility that it puts “People First”

Liberal Party.   The small business community with emphasis on the taxi/owners associations have turned to the Liberal Party under the leadership of Matthew Guy and Michael Kroger for support.  It is well known that both of these men as well as David Davis the shadow Transport Minister are appalled at the manner small business owner are being treated and have made it known that they will endeavor to right the wrongs of the Andrews Labor government.

Deaths.             Another death attributed to the Andrews Labor government came suddenly on Tuesday 19th June 2018. At 2.30 p.m. another life was lost tragically with the threads of anguish and despair linked to the taxi reforms.   Mr. Kotevski, a 54 years old said that his wife Mrs. Kotevski of 45 years old and he migrated to Australia in 1991 from the Former Republic of Yugoslav Macedonia.  They struggled to pay their home off, raise two children and purchased a taxi license against their home.  While Mr. Kotevski worked as a taxi driver for over 20 years, his wife His wife worked for Australia post to assist with the family earnings.  

All was going well until taxi reforms were announced and the family tightened their belts in order to make ends meet. A difficult period for the couple but the unwarranted additional stress and strain upon the family’s finances, Mrs. Kotevski health began to deteriorate.  While the Andrews labor government dithered and his Ministers deception became exposed, Mrs. Kotevski condition became debilitating and could no longer work.

Although the government provided some initial assistance, unfortunately it just was not enough and the bank called in their home loan. This was the final straw for Mrs. Kotevski and tragically took her life by walking into the path of a train at Reservoir Victoria. Mrs. Kotevski leaves behind her husband and two children aged 18 and 19 years old.

There have been reports of other taxi owner/drivers taking their lives, families torn apart, separations, selling assets to make ends meet, children being ripped out of school because the fees were too high as a direct result of the taxi reforms. 

The Andrews Labor government miscalculated, misunderstood and failed to look after the small business owners.  This is but one of many stories that is going to haunt the Labor party for a very long time. The taxi owner/drivers feel betrayed having believed the Andres Labor government that they will be looked after.   Lies after lies, deception and betrayal are the words commonly heard amongst those associated with the taxi industry. In fact their anger is also aimed at those lobbyists who pocketed thousands of dollars promising positive results.

The taxi/Owners industry is now calling upon the Liberal party to take a leadership role and reconsider the position of the infrastructure committee who voted unanimously and made a bipartisan decision to recommend an independent valuation and a fair outcome for taxi license owners.

Peter Adamis is a Freelance Journalist/Social Media Commentator and writer. He is a retired Australian military serviceman and an Industry organisational & Occupational (OHS) & Training Consultant whose interests are within the parameters of domestic and international political spectrum.  He is an avid blogger and contributes to domestic and international community news media outlets as well as to local and Ethnic News.  He holds a Bachelor   of Adult Learning & Development (Monash), Grad Dip Occupational Health & Safety, (Monash), and Dip. Training & Assessment, Dip Public Administration, and Dip Frontline Management. Website: Contact via Email: [email protected] 


Contact:           For additional information regarding the above article; contact Esther Demian, Telephone 0413745330 or alternatively Email:  [email protected]

Help:     If you are feeling depressed/down or have suicidal thoughts, please contact: 1300 22 4636 or visit Beyond Blue:


COMPARISON TABLE. The following additional information was provided by representatives of the Taxi action Group Jacinta Allan “The most generous reform package in the country”?            When Jacinta Allan claims that her package was the most generous but there is no precedent for her reforms to be compared to.  Jacinta Allan is trying to compare her reforms to other states that did not forcibly acquired the assets of lawful business owners and remove $2 billion of their equity from the market. The only way to properly determine if her reform package was indeed the most generous is to apply the other reform packages to Victorian licence owners and Vis versa.

Jacinta Allan and other MP’s continue to claim that their reform package was the most generous in the country when the closest comparison to Melbourne’s lucrative Taxi customer base is Sydney and you don’t need a forensic accountant to do a quick comparison.

1.0   Eg. When Melbourne licenses were trading at approximately $450K, Sydney licenses were trading at approximately $350K and using this as a general reference, you can make the following general assumptions.

1.1 When the reforms happened in Sydney, the value of the Sydney licenses had dropped to approximately $250K and as a part of the reforms Sydney licence owners received $20K per license in compensation for the introduction of rideshare, they maintained ownership of their licence and their leases continue and at the same time Rideshare was introduced as a complimentary service, Sydney license owners net position was $270,000 after the reforms

1.2 Victorian licence owners had their license forcibly acquired, income terminated, asset dissolved and received $100K for the first licence, $50K for 2nd licence, $50K for 3rd licence, $50K for 4th licence and $0 NOTHING for 5 or more licences.

1.3 If the Sydney reforms were applied to Victoria, the value of the Victorian Perpetual licence at the time of reform would have been worth approximately $350,000 plus $20K cash compensation, a net position of $370,000 and a continuation of income and asset.

MELBOURNE V SYDNEY COMPARISON TABLE:       Net financial position for Melbourne versus Sydney licence comparisons x total licenses owned

Victorian Licence Net position +  Sydney Licence applying Vic reforms to Syd Licence

Sydney Licence Owners Net financial position

 Victorian Licences applying Sydney reforms Net financial position

Ref 1.2

Ref 1.1

Ref 1.3

1 Licence = $100,000

1 Licence = $270,000  

1 Licence = $370,000

2 Licences = $150,000 

2 Licences = $540,000

2 Licences = $740,000

3 Licences = $200,000 

3 Licences = $810,000

3 Licences = $1,110,000

4 Licences = $250,000

4 Licences = $1,080,000

4 Licences = $1,480,000

10 Licences = $250,000 

10 Licences = $2,700,000

10 Licenses = $3,700,000

There were families with four licenses under one name who received $250K for all 4 licenses from Jacinta Allan’s reform. Under the Sydney reforms assumptions our net position would be $1.48 million, a difference of $1.23 Million. Jacinta Allan claims that her reform package is the ‘most generous in the country’, this is not only incorrect, this is a form of ongoing harassment and bullying to families that have experienced suicides and chronic health disorders because of the extreme stress that these most devastating discriminatory actions that she has forced on to lawful Victorian families.

After the license owner’s income was cut off and transition payments too small, people were left high and dry and in no position to rationalize assets, the transition payment for many have now only become a stop gap to pay the repayments until the bank eventually takes everything they have and own. When this occurs there will be more suicides and chronic health disorders experienced by taxi families.


Contact:           For additional information regarding the above article; contact Esther Demian, Telephone 0413745330 or alternatively Email:  [email protected]

Help:     If you are feeling depressed/down or have suicidal thoughts, please contact: 1300 22 4636 or visit Beyond Blue:




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