Abalinx 8 March 2014 Peter Adamis 31 January 2018 review.
"Warrie" George Mansford (Brigadier retired).           I remember it well.  In fact I have the Exercise report somewhere in my study and no doubt it would take months trying to
ANZAC Day and its relevance to Australians of Hellenic originsIntroduction.     Peter Adamis, or affectionately known by his old comrades in arms as "Pete the Greek" has written a brief summary on his feelings and views in regards to the ANZAC legacy.
 The Voice from the Pavement - Peter Adamis  15 May 2014

A copy of the article may be downloaded by clicking on: EX-SERVICE PERSONNEL NOT
Outgoing Defence chief General David Hurley Photo: Ellinghausen  5 May 2014  Philip Dorling

The Australian Defence Force has embraced cyber warfare, deception and disinformation through the internet as key elements of future military operations. However,
Peter Adamis 17 June 2014.   For the past few years the Australian Defence Force has been rocked by allegations of abuse, harassment, intimidation and abuse of power. Such allegations in the past were always handled effectively internally by the military
'The responsibility of Government is the security of the nation. And it follows therefore that the Government has a particular responsibility towards those who have worn the nations uniform. Because there is in my view no higher calling than to wear the
Mission: A soldier of the Special Operations Task Group greets Afghans outside the Australian base in Tarin Kowt. Photo: Neil Ruskin.   25 May 2014  Natalie O'Brien  SMH
Senior Defence Department officers were seen as ''complicit'' and not doing enough
Ben Quilty  Mon 11 Nov 2013.   Ben Quilty is an Australian artist and the winner of the 2011 Archibald Prize. Remembrance Day takes on a profoundly different meaning once you have seen what people in the Armed Forces risk, their plight, their lives after
1 June 2014   Senator Elect Lambie. DON’T MAKE AMERICA’S MISTAKE says Senator Elect for Tasmania and Palmer United spokesperson for Veterans’ Affairs Jacqui Lambie and give Aussie veterans health care cards automatically as well as establishing a DVA
Abalinx - Peter Adamis - 23 March 2015
"Feeling that your life is worthwhile".  If one does not feel that one's life is worthwhile then it opens the door to a dark journey. A journey filled with uncertainty, devoid of hope, self preservation and any
Abalinx -Peter Adamis 19 April 2015
Soon we will be engulfed by media reports of the ANZAC spirit and heroic deeds of a bygone past that created a nation and a people. While at the same time, a battle would be raging on social media and other media

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