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Abalinx 24 March 2018

For those that don’t know why, I have given the title of Gladiator to Michael Kroger, then think what a political gladiator must do in the political arena in order to survive. Like the Roman Gladiator, Michael Kroger is the modern day Political Gladiator. Should he perform well, we the spectators will reward him with the thumbs up.  The Gladiator knows only full too well that his political life hangs in the balance based on his political performance.  That is Michael Kroger. A copy of the article may be downloaded by clicking on: The Gladiator – Michael Kroger

This is my story on Michael Kroger. He does not know that I am writing these series of articles, nor is he aware of my constructive criticisms about him. I just call a spade a spade. In any case I am sure that the friendship will survive and we move on with our lives.  I was 40 years old, 19 years in the Australian Defence Force, a single Dad raising four sons when I first young Michael Kroger. I instantly liked the bastard and as the years went by that first meeting developed into a great friendship outside of politics.  Mind you I did not always agree with his politics and there were many times when we would argue because of differences of opinion.

Some 28 years later, I am still arguing with him over some political matter. But who am I to argue with the Big Man. The bastard is taller than me in any case and can probably flatten me from a great height. Still, a mate is a mate and you put differences aside when it comes to friendship.

On reflection, I cannot make my mind up whether he has a Napoleon and/or a Machiavellian outlook when it comes to politics. In either case many would not know that that beneath that rough smiling exterior lies a man who has principles, ethics, morals and a family values. It took me a while to uncover these characteristics and I must say they drew me even closer. After all are not these all Liberal party values?  I found that he was neither a Napoleon and/or a Machiavellian but an ordinary bloke with extraordinary leadership skills, charisma, knowledge and political strategies.

There were times when I literally want to strangle him metaphorically speaking only to find that it was I that lacked the foresight and the ability to see what the political journey was all about. Always the optimist, Michael would find ways of making friends where others would fail in the process.

But having said this, I am reminded of a discussion I once had with another friend and past President, Joy Howley. Joy was instrumental in bringing together individuals to work for the common cause and as such she would at times clash with those who followed a different path. To me she was a good person whose values matched mine.

I remember her giving me her opinion about Michael after the McMillan pre-selection. Peter, she said, Michael is a wonderful and warm human being who has a lot of charisma and yet his downfall is that he trusts people too much.  As the years went by, I reflected upon her comments and found them to be true. Michael helped and supported many people and those same people let him down. For the record, I will name them, Peter Costello, Mitch Fifield, Kelly O’Dwyer, Scott Ryan, Tony Smith to name a few. All of us were split run down the centre when Peter Costello and Michael Kroger dissolved their partnership and long-time friendship. Sad for all of us soldiers, minions and camp followers who supported the two good friends.

We did not hesitate in choosing sides no matter who was right or wrong at the time for the split. As far as many of us were concerned, Peter Costello showed his true colours and left us in the lurch after we lost the Federal election. An act which was just unforgiveable and in my view utterly disloyal. That is why he is despised.  What mattered was that a long-time friendship had come to an end. I liked both blokes very much and yet because I had met Michael first and as such, I remained a staunch ally. Scallywag’s later would tell me yarns, fibs and other stories that Peter Costello despised me. For what reason I don’t know and yet, I look back upon those golden years with much positive thoughts.

I hold no grudges against Peter Costello and his crew. After all I was but a mere grass roots soldier holding the fort in the North against overwhelming odds. It is fair to say that even though I make mincemeat of the words “grass roots”, I guess I am you typical grass roots member.    Despite my loyalty to the party, no one would dare intimidate me or attack me on a professional level because they knew that the response they would get. Everyone who knows of me, knows I cannot stand sycophants, yes individuals, weasels, worms, stupid bastards, and other undesirables. I will never be intimidated and always fight the good fight. I stand by my Australian principles of fair play, stand-up for the little Aussie Battler and call a spade a spade.

They knew how to divert my passions and aggressive nature into positive projects. Now readers are probably saying to themselves, why am I bothering to read an article on Michael Kroger when I am reading about Peter Adamis?  Well that simple to answer. Michael Kroger has been the only bloke who has managed to identify my qualities and point me in the right direction. That means that Michael has those leadership abilities that we in the part need to move forward with confidence. On the other side of the spectrum, I must add that I have made numerous of friends since I have been a member and in each case those friends are still with me today.

Without mentioning names, some have come to my aid during family crisis, some have helped financially and their support paid back in full, others have given their time to be with me and the crunch came when I found that I had more friends that I had bargained for when I was diagnosed with cancer. Today, I can pick up the telephone and say hi and begin a conversation no matter how many years had lapsed. When I injured myself overseas in 2014, a good friend said, “How can I help”. They were the first words that came out of their mouth. Sandra Mercer Moore was that person. Someone who has been underestimated, a person whose skills, knowledge and status belong up there with the best of the best. Sandra Mercer Moore is the quiet achiever behind the scenes who gets things done quietly, efficiently and without asking for acknowledgement. 

When a couple of my sons needed support, friends within the party came to my aid. Even today those same people have helped me and my family and I for one try not to let them down.  When my wife came from Canada in 2001, my friends were there for me, when we got married, my friends were there for me. When I had three heart attacks and cancer, my friends were there for. Who needs a job when you are surrounded by wonderful friends may I ask? Michael Kroger, Giuseppe De Simone, Peter Vlahos, Sandra Mercer Moore are at the top of the tree. Vi Hurley, Mabs Thrupp (Passed away) Rae Kennett, (Passed away)Eva Nagy, Geza Benke are up there with them.

Sadly my mate Harold Eather (Passed away) since gone upstairs waiting for us mere mortals to join him in the Heavenly Policy Assembly discussing with Dr. Jim Wood (Passed away)another old campaigner the politics of Heaven. I have not included my military mates, Hellenic, Childhood friends, Community as they far too numerous, but I will make a few exceptions and add Maurice Barwick, Tony Kelly, Barrie Daniels, Clinton Breeze, Peter Hatherley, Eddie Black, Noel Greaves, Con Mecuri, Barry Ziebell, Peter Bateman and Eddie Bryson.

Michael was instrumental in giving my lovely wife Yovanna her first job, working in his office alongside Jason Aldworth. Yovanna who is a Canadian has decided to become an Australian citizen (About time too if you ask me.). She has finally mastered the Aussie lingo of “Owyagoin mate”. Since leaving Michael’s office she has worked as a trainer, Career Consultant and now at Melbourne University assisting students with their career paths. Michael came to our wedding along with many other great friends.

An excellent example is that of Giuseppe De Simone, A man who is a political strategic genius, far better than any of his peers. His skills and knowledge go far beyond that of the average political astute person. A real lovely bloke and one of my closets and dearest friends. He is considered family. I say this because Michael Kroger has surrounded himself with similar type of friends in his life and they are all loyal to him.

Those that failed the friendship standards did so on selfish grounds and one could say that they were probably political rather than close friends in my book. I have already mentioned them above. In a nutshell you could say that Michael Kroger is the greatest optimist you could ever meet, an optimism that is instantly infectious when you first meet him.  He will listen to advice and compare that with other information that has been brought to his attention and use it wisely to find the best solution.  He will of course create a political environment in order to bring about change for the better and it is his charisma and leadership abilities that enable him to pull off the concept or idea people are seeking.  Michael Kroger’s ability to inspire others no matter the age differences, is phenomenal.

One day you will see him speaking with the youth, the next he is discussing tactics with the elderly who have probably seen it all before. He is also known for travelling vast distances to be at a friend’s dinner held in their honour, attend a funeral, console a mate, help out financially those who need it desperately and also give out advice to those who seek it. Why do I know all of this the reader may ask?

 It is because I have witnessed Michael Kroger in all these instances.  I do know that he does not hold a grudge against anyone personally but it is very doubtful that the other person’s name is ever mentioned at the dinner table.    I remember one time when I was recovering from cancer and at the same managing a Federal election campaign in 2016.

The candidate was a novice, new to politics, headstrong and not sure of whom to trust. No one else wanted to run the campaign and reluctantly it fell on my own shoulders. After battling with Simon Frost to obtain funds that belonged our Federal Electorate Committee we managed to run a good campaign in the dead red seat on that miniscule budget. Near the end the volunteers found me collapsed on the floor from exhaustion and the after effects of the stem cells treatment.

The campaign was almost finished and the election was over bar the shouting.  I was under the impression that I could now rest and concentrate on healing.  But unfortunately that was not the case. It was of interest to note that Simon Frost took the credit for all the good work we did at Scullin. It was also a pity that Simon Frost did not have the courage to stand up and do what was right in the Menzies Electorate alleged Branch stacking allegations. May the lessons learnt here are taken on board by the new State Director, Nick Demiris and his team!

A few days later two Liberal Party (Keyboard warrior) youths, began on Facebook to criticise me on the campaign without realising the truth. It is alleged by these two key board warriors that I had given the candidate a hard time during the campaign. It was also alleged that the candidate would go and do her own thing, not listen to advice and then go to their homes and complain about the way the campaign was being conducted. The interesting thing here is that the candidate just did not have a clue what was going on.

In the end, conversations between myself and these two young key board warrior fools ended up with them stating that I should die of my cancer. Hmm interesting to see that these two are supposed to be good young Liberals thinking that they knew everything about the political games being played out, typical un-Australian, the both of them.

In one of the conversations, I sent him a message and said in my time, people like him were sent a bullet in the mail to demonstrate that they have offended another party. The metaphor here was that “mate, if you cannot stand the heat, get out of the firing line and let those who know better to do their job.”  The next thing I know I get a telephone call from Michael Kroger advising me that I should not have done so. (I wonder who the dobber was?) I immediately went back on the attack and told him the truth of the matter. I was then left alone, but not before I put the whole conversation and interaction with these two recalcitrant on the website for all to see along with the Scullin Post-election report which nobody does these days. A pity. The next thing I find is that this young recalcitrant sycophant found himself working for Craig Ondarchie. (Craig Ondarchie was the only Liberal politician who made the effort to speak to me during the chemotherapy stages).

Two years later (2018), I am attending a BBQ function in support of in the Warrandyte area where Michael Kroger was the Guest Speaker. As always, meeting each other was always a pleasant reunion. I had just returned after seven months recuperating in Europe and this as my first function. As I was sipping my drink, whom did I spy but that young fool that I mentioned earlier. As soon as I saw him, my blood began to boil and I wanted to rip him apart.  I had to be restrained by Michael Kroger and my mate and Chairman, Geze Benke. Never in my life had I ever such a stupid young man. There is no respect at all by some who believe that the world is their oyster and that every before them knew nothing of what the “so called real world” was like.

A young man who is into wizardry and witchcraft, someone who has taken hundreds of selfies with senior members of the party just to enhance his own profile. Well young fella, life is not like that.  A couple of months later, I notice that this same young bloke is criticising the very party that employed him. I just could not believe my eyes in what I was reading. Here was one chap who thought he was going somewhere and yet all of a sudden he is sacked. No job, no friends, no alliances, nowhere to go and now he finds the courage to take on the Liberal party that once employed him.  I guess what goes round comes round. God works in mysterious ways that is for sure.

This brings me to another story about the loyalty of Michael Kroger and his friends.  In the Nineties, a good friend by the name of Karen Synon was beaten a Senate pre-selection. This should never have happened and yet, the forces against her were State driven. It is alleged that Jeff Kennett and his mates at the height of their power and influence engineered to remove Karen Synon and replace her with Tsebin Tchen an Australian Chinese Liberal.  Now both of these people were my friends but I leaned towards Karen Synon because we had similar values politically and philosophically.  A few days after the preselection, Michael Kroger addressed the Policy Assembly members and castigated those who were involved in the whole affair, stating that they had created a precedent that will eventually erode the very values of the party.

Michael Kroger was fuming that individuals at the State level who had no right to get involved in Federal matters would take into their own hands to get involved.  The message that I went away with at the time was that Michael Kroger was true to his word and demonstrated clearly that mates are mates and that he was loyal to them.   There were many lessons learnt here. Lessons that were to influence many like myself, that what we see and hear is not always the case when the truth is being covered by manure and the whispers of sycophantic recalcitrant weasels.  I say this because the individual responsible for undermining Karen Synon ended up being employed by Tsebin Tchen, to be sacked later for reasons best left to history. (Sounds familiar)

Then we have another yarn involving my feeble attempt at Northern Metro. A seat left vacant by Matthew Guy. Now I will not go into the details of Matthew Guy and his meandering political trails in the Northern electorate, but mainly deal with why I went up against a sitting member. Craig Ondarchie, I feel now after it is all over has realised that it was never against him in the first place, but that I wanted to make sure that he earned the right to win the seat vacated by Matthew Guy and to expect that it was his by right. Like all other candidates at the time, we did what we had to do in order to get the possible support. It was ironic because years before I was on Craig Ondarchie pre-selection and vote for him because he was the better candidate. Craig is doing a fine job holding the fort in the North against overwhelming Labour supporters who view that part of the world as their own.

Gladys Liu, Srinivasan (Vasan) were going for the second spot which were unwinnable whilst I went for the First and second spot. In my opinion, I am of the belief that Gladys and Vasan deserve better treatment after all the work at fundraising, gathering support and helping everyone during campaigns. When these two also attempted the Eastern Metropolitan Region and failed again, I rang them from Europe to hang in there and wished them both good luck for the future. As for Vasan, I engineered his Forest Hill Pre-selection by working silently behind the scenes to the chagrin of my mate Giuseppe De Simone who was supporting Marie Luckins at the time. Marie is a wonderful lady and I do hope that this time round she is successful. I would like to think that Matthew Guy will do what he can to place Gladys and Vasan in responsible positions commensurate with their abilities, qualifications and status within the State of Victoria.

Prior to the Northern Metro Pre-selection, Michael Kroger rang me and asked for me to pull out, but I refused on the grounds that I wanted Craig Ondarchie to win outright without having it said behind his back he did not deserve it.   The Northern Metro Region was my back yard and I wanted a bloke to be in the job as having earned it, not like some other bastards that walked into a safe seat.  I don’t care whether who believes me, only those in the need to know knew what was being played out.  Suffice to say, I then went for a quick trip to Cairns to be rung numerous times by Jason Aldworth to drop out. Again I refused as I was of the opinion that every Liberal party member had the right to run should they want to.  The end result was that I had the experience of being grilled at the pre-selection. This then gave me the credibility that I needed instead of always being the “interrogator” at pre-selections.  I had to know what it was like in order to demonstrate to those I was training and mentoring in how to present themselves at pre-selections.

After all I had attended numerous pre-selections and was also part of the Candidates School as a trainer and consultant. Very, very few people knew of pre-selection training being conducted at my home and we kept it that way in order that it did not prejudice their support from others. Suffice to say, I was happy with my performance, Craig Ondarchie won his seat fair and square and we all went our separate ways.

Now I have written this section because those of us who have been a part of the Liberal Party social circuit realise that it is not all about being a candidate, there are many facets to a political party and much fun can be derived from being involved in training, mentoring, seeking support, recruiting, volunteering, fundraising, implementing new technologies, testing new strategies and all the time seeking for opportunities that can be used amongst the higher echelons of the party.  Over the years I have used unorthodox but effective technologies, concepts and campaign techniques tested in dead red seats and I have enjoyed every moment. Some years ago we ran a campaign using social media while others failed to see its effectiveness and today those same people are using them not knowing they were tested years before in dead red seats. This is what I enjoyed and got out of the Liberal party. I was never interested in being a candidate other what I described above.  On reflection, Michael Kroger realised this and asked me some 27 years ago to move into the Mill Park and Scullin Electorates and take control. Something which I did for 25 years until I was diagnosed with cancer.

 Again, I must admit that at times I failed to see the wood for the trees and only after the forest had been burnt down did I realise the relevance of the trees being there in the first place. Michael Kroger would ring me and gently influence me in the direction he felt was best for me and the Liberal party. Even if I did not agree with him, I followed his lead, after all he was and still is the President of the Liberal party. I just wish that other members came to the same conclusion and worked with him and not against him.

They all know who they are and the Liberal party members must decide once and for all that for us to win Government under the leadership of Matthew Guy, we must all get behind Michael Kroger and his team of dedicated souls at headquarters in Exhibition Street. There is no ifs or buts.  If those working against the President of the party cannot support the President they should resign, get out or simply fade away. There is no room for disunity and disloyalty.   

There are not many that are in the know regarding the return of Michael Kroger and yet they all jump up and down that they are all responsible for bringing him back. Only a select few know of the truth and of meetings held prior to his return. Some of those who jumped on the bandwagon are now in their little cushy jobs as a result of returning back to the fold so to speak. Now that Michael was back in town what about those who stood by Michael Kroger through the dark ages of the political arena and were still there carrying on the good fight, as if nothing had happened. I guess that what sets us apart from the sycophants, does it not.

That’s part and parcel of getting on with the job, we did not bitch and moan about unless the party suffered from poor governance, Characters Assassins, “Cake Whisperers”, Sycophantic behaviour and Recalcitrant individuals.  They in my opinion are the salt of the earth, the little people who are constantly called upon to support Liberal party functions, events, give out how to vote cards, run errands, raise money, stand at polling booths weather it is in the rain, heat, or wind. They are the people that Michael Kroger was able to tap into when he returned. But then again Michael has also been instrumental in attracting the youth of today, and introducing a generational change and laying the foundation for a successful succession of power to the new members whose ambitions and aspirations will drive the Liberal Party to even greater heights.

For those of us who have been following Michael Kroger’s career, it was not unexpected that on his return he uncovered fraud and exposed the State Director Damien Mantach illegal activities that cost the Liberal Party over a million dollars. But that is not all. He also uncovered the incompetent leadership and poor governance of an Administrative Committee that should have known better.   Caroline Elliot, Peter McWilliams, Tony Snell, Frank Greenstein and others (Sandra Mercer Moore the exception who warned members of the wrong doings) sat on their haunches and allowed it all to happen. On taking the stage at State Council. Michael Kroger on his return made it quite clear of his intentions to bring back to the Liberal party ethical standards, values, integrity, credibility and the welcoming of a whole new generation of young Liberals to the adult platform. It is important to note that in October 2015, the Herald/Sun remarked that “no-one on the administration committee took responsibility for it. And no-one resigned.”  Interesting and yet they were the Administrative Committee.

Since that time, Michael Kroger has restructured Liberal party finances, rented out unused floor space which has attracted a windfall of $700,000 dollars into the Liberal party kitty, stopped the financial drain on resources, restructured how the party organisation works, patched up damaged alliances, created new fields of political opportunities, supported new members into the party, traversed the whole state of Victoria, reintroduced confidence where it was lacking, helped develop those who showed promise, cut out the dead wood, removed consultants who were siphoning much need money from Liberal party coffers, attended and still does numerous party functions and overall listening to the advice of others who have their finger on the pulse in their region of responsibility.

Today we find Michael Kroger battling forces that we mere mortals on the ground floor cannot even imagine. Michael has put one million dollars of his own money to take to court the Cormack Foundation for funds that essentially belong to the Liberal party.  What other “non-politician” leader in the western world would contemplate on doing. No one, and yet Michael Kroger puts his money where his mouth is to support the Liberal party. This is not the first time that Michael Kroger has put his money to help a worthy cause. There are many people out there, organisations and even those who were against him have been supported by Michael. I could name a few but they are now in senior roles in parliament at the State and Federal level who owe their political life to Michael Kroger. It would be embarrassing for them should I mention them by name.

Michael has critics I am sure and those who sit on the Administrative Committee of any Australian Political Party should remember that they are essentially Board Members of an organisation that is dedicated to winning Government. The Administrative Committee in the case of the Liberal Party is governed by the Constitution and it is up to the Constitutional Committee to interpret the Constitution.  It is not the job of individuals on the Administrative Committee to cast dispersions upon the “Chairman of the Board” or to undermine him and the rest of the team by leaking to Press.   Those type of antics belong to Scott Ryan and his motley crew of political cutthroats. Mind you this is not a criticism of Scott Ryan, even though I hold him responsible for almost destroying the very fabric of the Victoria Liberal Party threads with his use of political skeletons and divide and rule tactics.

There will come a time of reckoning and when that time comes, heads will roll. Kelly O’Dwyer, Tony Smith, Scott Ryan, Mitch Fifield and a few others will all have to face the new generation of politically savvy delegates. The honourable thing for them to do is to bow out gracefully and let new blood to be pumped into the party. Senator James Patterson and Matthew Guy are the perfect examples of things to come. Young James Patterson is the new broom. A good lad who shows promise and not afraid to stand up and have a good fight. Yes I have much faith in the new generation.

I have been in meetings where I brought to the table individuals of a particular industry seeking Michael Kroger’s advice and support. An industry which unfortunately was decimated by our previous government and implemented fully by the current Labor Government. The industry which involves small business, an industry which by rights has all the hallmarks of being Liberal and should be supported had come to the negotiation table to seek better terms. Michael Kroger was skilful in providing a reasonable and equitable solution which was accepted and acknowledged by those present. I am not a lobbyist and neither do I get paid for coordinating such meetings as I do it out of friendship and love of the Liberal party. This particular industry which is also in negotiation with David Davis will and has the potential to win at least three seats just by supporting them.

Mind you, Michael Kroger has ruffled many feathers during those hectic years at the helm, but the feathers being ruffled need a shakeup to bring back to their former glory so to speak. Some may argue that he is railroading them, others will say they were left in the lurch, a few will criticise his mannerisms, others his attitude towards them and finally those who have a Janus personality. (Janus was the Roman God of two faces). But you find me a leader who does not have his or her critics and I will show a leader who is shallow and driven by sycophants.

A true leader recognises how to bring out the best in people, develops them to reach their full potential, is focussed, follows up with concepts, ideas and is there when you need them. In my book Michael Kroger is the epitome of what true political leadership is all about.  My message to Liberals no matter where they are should think long and hard about the next State Council. A State Council which unfortunately I will not be available to attend due to other long held plans made some time ago. I would like to see them support Michael Kroger and Matthew Guy in winning government in Victoria.   

Everyone should put aside their differences and move forward with a degree of confidence and utilise effectively the structures and strategies put into place to win at the next State Election. If you support Matthew Guy you support Michael Kroger and his team. If you don’t want to see a Liberal government then you are not supporting Michael Kroger or Mathew Guy and their teams. It is as simple as that. Even though I hold Michael Kroger as a mate, he is not above criticism and as mate are we will have differences of opinion from time to time. But let us not confuse mateship with getting on with the job at hand. In this case I mean winning the hearts and minds of the people of Victoria to win government.

If I can forgive those who worked against me on a political level and put aside my differences, surely members within the party can do the same. But will they or will personal agendas, egos and other interests play a part in their thinking process. At the moment the new generation is re-examining past incidents and adapting them to their thought processes and in doing so are becoming far more vicious than their predecessors. In my time, people would pass on information to me, expecting me to pass it on to others. These same people would then spread the word it was me spreading the misinformation.  It was all wrong and yet it cost me some very good relationships. The majority of these sycophants who destroyed political relationships came from my own Hellenic background who knifed those doing well.  I would love to name them here but what is the use. Yes, I forgave them, along with the other recalcitrant sycophants when I was in hospital during the cancer treatment.

As for today’s latter Day critics of Michael Kroger and his team, all that I can say is that they should be ashamed of themselves for taking such hard line action. They have only themselves to blame for deciding upon a journey of destruction with self-interests and with no thought for the Liberal party.  As the Australian rightly pointed out yesterday: “Kroger is expected to remain president, in part with support of Marcus Bastiaan, the divisive 20-something Victorian Liberal factional player, who reminds many of the younger Kroger.”  It is an article worth reading.

If those in the Liberal party are in it for social reasons, then may I humbly suggest they leave!  The Liberal Party is not a place for social gathering but an organisation dedicated to winning government. If those in the party can make friends then that is a bonus. But in the end it is winning government that is the main goal.

Personal Message. I would like to leave a personal message to two blokes who had been mates for many years. My message is to Peter Costello and Michael Kroger. Fellas, life is far too short to worry about egos. You are both good blokes who have shared much in life.

Imagine what negative examples you are setting to the next generation by not being friends again. Both of you need a good kick in the arse if you ask me.  The damage is almost too much to bear at times and needless political battles have been played in the background. I will even promise not to write another article criticising you both for your bloody egos.

Imagine what can be achieved if you two blokes got back together, it would heal many divisions across the entire Liberal party and be a force to be reckoned with. If the most successful Roman Caesar Augustus and his mate Agrippa remained friends until death, then why cannot you two bastards shake hands like men and get back to winning government at the State and Federal level. Only you two can do it!

This article is from the heart, I have attempted to put aside my differences with everyone as I forgave them when I was a patient of Olivia Newton John Cancer and Wellness Centre at the Austin Hospital and I wanted to give the Liberal Party my final tribute with these series of article that are being produced prior to the State Council and State Election. I am reminded of John F Kennedy speech which I heard as a young teenager and something which I have close to my heart throughout my whole life: Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.

Post Script.  I have written a number of political article on various subjects and other matters. Since that time I have received a number of abusive telephone calls at home and on my mobile. Furthermore please note that all my calls are monitored due to inappropriate behaviour. I have also received unwarranted and inappropriate threatening emails.  As I take such matters to heart, I would like to point out that I have no malice towards any individual. In fact I admire anyone who stands up or what they believe in.  I am the same and will do what is right in the eyes of our society. If any reader is aggrieved by my comments, then an apology is in order on my part.

I will go even further and apologise to all and sundry if my posts have offended or upset my very dear friends, mates, ex-military, retired cobbers political, military, community and all those I have met throughout life.  But having apologised does not mean that we do not have our political differences and I don’t expect us as individuals to see eye to eye on many things apart from wanting as in my case Liberal Governments in power. My disagreements if any with individual are never personal.

If those who read what I have written, please be assured that it was not my intention and I am sorry if people have taken it the wrong way. I have explained in another post what has occurred to my database and in my own manner of speaking I hoped that it would make matters clearer. If not then I am sorry if readers have taken my posts the wrong way. I welcome as always constructive criticism to mattes which readers may feel need further clarification and I will endeavour to correct it. It may also mean that I may have to add a postscript to any article that I write in order that others understand that what is being written is not personal at all.  Thank you to everyone for their kind support and understanding. Peter Adamis.

Peter Adamis is a Journalist/Social Media Commentator and writer. He is a retired Australian military serviceman and an Industry organisational & Occupational (OHS) & Training Consultant whose interests are within the parameters of domestic and international political spectrum.  He is an avid blogger and contributes to domestic and international community news media outlets as well as to local and Ethnic News.  He holds a Bachelor   of Adult Learning & Development (Monash), Grad Dip Occupational Health & Safety, (Monash), and Dip. Training & Assessment, Dip Public Administration, and Dip Frontline Management. Website: Contact via Email: [email protected] or via Mobile: 0481 342 791

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