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Abalinx 29 June 2018 Peter Adamis

The silent majority of Australians are becoming increasingly fed up with the direction our nation’s leaders are going. They believe that Australia’s moral compass is at stake and that were being bled dry by external forces that are not in the best interests of Australia. 

People such as Ken “Rocket” Rundell are beginning to voice their opinion over the voluminous barriers of political correctness.   It is my view that we have reached the end of our tether and that our tolerance levels have been stretched to the max.  I am of the opinion that Ken is a typical Aussie bloke. He is definitely not a racist, but loves dearly the country we all call home, Australia.  A copy of the article may be downloaded by clicking on: THE SILENT MAJORITY

He is an ex-military chap whose skills with the quill is an expression of what the silent majority of Australians think. Rocket says it as it is.  He is a good demonstration that Australians are not afraid to stand up for what they believe in and as such we who continue to write against the insane decisions of those who should know better don’t give up the fight. 

He has an expressive and forceful manner which from a personal point of view I admire as like him, I call a spade a spade which does attract the ire of those who fail to understand the message.  We live in a difficult and dangerous world at the moment where society is being forced to change as a result of political correctness, far too much legislation, freedom of speech curtailed, high cost of living, insane laws regarding gender and the lack of leadership. 

I for one do not believe that Ken is a racist, far from it. He is merely a very passionate Aussie bloke who cares very much to what is happening in our neck of the words. His language is descriptive, flowery, and provocative and at times could be seen as extremist. However if one reads between the lines they will be able to capture the essence of what he is trying to say.  People do not have to agree with all of Ken’s comments, but they must all agree that he has the right to express his view and concerns without being called a racist or shut down because of his views.

Therefore on reflection, I would like to think that Ken’s messages and comments do not go in vain and are not seen as racist, evil, vile or intolerant of other cultures. I prefer that Ken’s comments be viewed for what they are. They are messages for all Australians to wake up and become more vigilant and proactive in the affairs that govern this nation.  People like Ken are the backbone of this nation and as such we must not allow others to dictate to this country the affairs of this nation. We have the resources, the ability, the people and the courage to run our own affairs without the influence of foreign interests. There are many lessons to be learnt her and it is time politicians listened carefully to the Australian silent majority before it is too late.

Peter Adamis is a Freelance Journalist/Social Media Commentator and writer. He is a retired Australian military serviceman and an Industry organisational & Occupational (OHS) & Training Consultant whose interests are within the parameters of domestic and international political spectrum.  He is an avid blogger and contributes to domestic and international community news media outlets as well as to local and Ethnic News.  He holds a Bachelor   of Adult Learning & Development (Monash), Grad Dip Occupational Health & Safety, (Monash), and Dip. Training & Assessment, Dip Public Administration, and Dip Frontline Management. Website: Contact via Email: [email protected]


A point of view.                        I was brought up in the ‘military school’ of, “if you wish to complain about military procedures, techniques and tactics; that’s fine but have a solution or at least a plan to fix it”  We don’t need just another “fool” whose only input is to complain about something but they never have any ideas of their own. I have written before about veterans especially the ones who have mental issues!

First thing as I stated before I am not an expert, a genius or nothing. I don’t have any training in psychiatry or any fancy ‘gobbledy-gook’ words; but I do know how to lead soldiers and I do know soldiers thinking. Soldiers problems and what motivates them to give their loyalty, how to get esprit de corps and a willingness to sacrifice themselves for their mates, they are my qualifications!

So I want to mention a few things I see as not helping soldiers? Let us take how service men and women are perceived in the USA? Their biggest sporting institutions golf tournaments, NFL, baseball. Basketball games, have charities for the services supported by the dignitaries associated with those sports; on returning from operations airports have signs up supporting their soldiers and welcoming them home and travellers clap and cheer them.

Soldiers are seen in public in their camouflage attending their kids diploma presentations, the public are proud of their service men and women being in public representing the armed forces, there is one large American flag flown at every event symbolising even if we don’t agree with everything at least we are one country! In Australia except for the AFL and NRL on ANZAC day ‘nothing’ happens or is visible, the service men and women return home without ‘fanfare’ go back to the barracks and hide, no one is putting any welcome home signs up in our airports.

 Australian dignitaries like Cate Blanchett and others, could not give a ‘flying duck’ about service personnel. Today, soldiers can’t go out in public even on ANZAC Day in their uniform (and heaven forbid, not in camouflage to public displays), at every place and event we have 3 flags flying at equal height, we and the kids in Australia don’t even know what flag is supposed to be our countries (shit even in Vietnam where there are over 80 ethnic groups they have one flag that represents all the people in their country, does the USA have a separate red Indian flag flying to represent that the red Indians were there first?)

Not good ‘old’ Australia we don’t even know who we are anymore! Do our senior officers get out on the front foot and endeavour to ‘change’ these public perceptions of us? no they are happy that we are hidden (invisible) in the barracks so they don’t have to deal with some public complaint about us during their tenure in command and therefore a ‘black mark’ on their career towards becoming a General, which is what’s important right? Anyway to my way of thinking that’s where all our problems arise, our pollies and senior commanders want sacrifice after sacrifice, but in return they want us to be ‘invisible’ unless we are on the battlefield! I could be wrong (probably are, in need of a psych myself) but that’s how ‘i’ see the problem! All the best to our soldiers, keep well!

Freedom of speech and social media.             To all the veterans and digs out there on Facebook, who are unfortunate enough or just plain unlucky to read my ‘ramblings’, I apologise! It’s just I am passionate about my country and its freedoms, I am passionate about supporting our veteran community; their welfare which encompasses the right to veterans entitlements and treatment! So i write about what concerns me, i cannot sleep, I get ‘a bee in my bonnet’.

I lay awake tossing and turning until I have to get up and bother you people with my point of view you people who are the judges if I am right or wrong or just talking ‘rubbish’! I know when we/you return from whatever campaign you were involved in, the combat is still going on inside your brain like a ‘piece of shrapnel’ wedged in there right; affecting your mental stability and in turn your health, right?

Why? Just because you have returned, your combat experience has not ‘finished’ in your own mind, it has not shut down, it has not turned off, and it has not been completed! your contacts/battles/comrades are still taking place in your mind and until you have finished. It is going to remain there, right? That is how and why the ‘black dog’ is dwelling there, why we cannot get gainful employment, why we are homeless, why our relationships don’t last (unless you find a good one)! What I am trying to say, is veterans/diggers there are people out here who know what is happening,

It’s happened/happening to them; so we are here to support you, you are not alone! so if ever you are feeling down pick up the ‘eau-de cologne’ and call someone, for a chat, a drink, support, whatever; ‘diggers’ supporting fellow ‘diggers’, that’s what life and being a veteran is about; men and women of the defence force veterans just remember that, you are not alone! Well just explaining why I come in here ‘to let off steam’, it’s what keeps me sane! Anyway if you think what I’m saying is ‘rubbish’ just bin it and get over it.

Thoughts on Muslims in Australia.      Maybe I am the one who has needs to have his head read.  If I am well just tell me and I will rearrange my priorities? On a day when Muslim worshippers (males of course) are blocking a ‘public’ street in auburn.  Denying the Australian public the use of that street and the residents access into and out of their residences by deciding to have their end of Ramadan prayer meeting outside blocking Australian citizens from having access to ratepayer funded footpaths and streets, denying Australian citizens our basic freedoms to travel on public access ways, what are our headlines?

The Australian public, the TV networks, newspaper journalists; ‘are outraged’ because the coverage of a world cup game was interfered with, our prime minister no less is going to hold discussions with the telco company about their ‘poor’ coverage! Isn’t this ‘typical’ of Australia, not getting to see a portion of a soccer game is more outrageous to the public and the pm than what was transpiring at Auburn in New South Wales.

The failure to uphold personal freedoms of Australian citizens within a democratic country! You ‘wonder’ why we can’t contain radical Islam, just look at their priorities and ours. I can reliably inform you there were no TV screens present at Auburn, showing the world cup at the religious prayer meeting and do you know what else? Nobody there was ‘complaining’ about it!

Immigration debate.                 I have to say this about immigration? After WW2 until about the mid 1990’s, Australia had people from many countries come to live here as immigrants! Australia was very multi-cultural and except for a small amount of crime due to their initially being in the lower income bracket, these immigrants accepted Australia for what it was and is and Australians mostly ‘accepted’ them! They didn’t want separate schools, they didn’t want separate laws, they didn’t ‘complain’ every bloody day about how hard done they were, they didn’t ‘crap’ on about how they only stood up for Mohammed. They didn’t go to Hyde Park and have riots demanding the beheading of infidels or invite speakers to Australia to speak in their churches with anti-Australian sentiment.

They didn’t want to ‘kill’ anyone or blow anything up, they didn’t cover themselves with ‘special’ items of religious clothing so they looked different to the general Australian community; they went and worked for a living, they weren’t all down at the ‘dole office’, they weren’t all on disability benefits and they learnt ‘English’ (the language of their new country)! I remember when we used to go to footy/cricket games and the only reason our bags were searched was for beer, I remember when we just went to the airport and got on a plane without oppressive security searches, I remember when we used to be able to visit army camp boozers and messes by only showing our identity card or ex members identity card or just signing in at the front gate.

Now you can’t even get in to the barracks without soldiers coming to get you! So since that mid 90’s time we have still had immigrants from many nationalities but it appears by welcoming in a large amount of Muslim immigrants all this has changed, they are ‘different’? Regardless of nationality if you are of the Muslim religion it would appear that you have to be a ‘bastard’. It is all part of your makeup, you don’t want, you cannot ‘fit in’! Australia we only came here to get what we can out of the ‘joint’ and be ‘fools while we are doing it!

As Erdogan, the president of Turkey said, “There are no moderate Muslims only Muslims”! So why are we ‘saddled’ with all these senior officers and ex senior officers in high government positions (army, navy and air force), crapping on to us about how we have to keep ‘moderate’ Muslims onside so as to prevent terrorist attacks? It hasn’t worked in any European country, it hasn’t prevented anyone being killed in Australia, I didn’t see any of your moderate Muslims coming out in public against the Bali killings or London or France or Belgium and saying this isn’t our religion.

But I did see them coming out in 100’s in Hyde Park and protesting and demanding infidels be beheaded in Hyde Park over some ‘grainy’ unseen shit film about Mohammed that nobody has ever seen! And you know for all that protest of smashing stuff, attacking policemen, going against the very fabric of what is acceptable behaviour in Australia only 3 people got arrested and nobody ever got charged for anything! (and the government is telling me if i commit some act of racial vilification, i will be fined and charged! Oh, I must be a white Anglo Saxon male!)

Not to mention that the Department of Defence said it would charge and discharge any defence member who put anything anti the riot on their Facebook page! Anyway why am I complaining?  Well it appears there is this group of sycophant senior and ex senior officers who believe if you be nice to these ‘mongrels’ then they won’t be naughty and kill anyone or blow anything up and if you are an Aussie who thinks they are ‘halfwits’ then you should be shut up or ostracised? Well I have a surprise for you blokes, they don’t care that you are ‘sucking up’ to them and you can go and get stuffed!

So the Federal Government tells me that we have multi-culturalism, I figure that means all the immigrants who arrive to live in Australia from many nations, races and cultures, we all bond together and integrate as one country and one peoples Australia and Australians; would that be a fair summation of that definition? Ok so that means if we treat or pander to one group or religion over another.

We are ‘destroying’ this concept of multi-culturalism and more likely, probably being racist to the rest of the community/communities, right? So why did our prime minister at the lodge and our defence chiefs at the Australian war memorial have and participate in a Muslim only dinner? I don’t believe being Muslim is a race, nation or a culture but a ‘religion’, unless I’m mistaken? So why did these senior Australian officials decide to ‘honour’ the Muslim community with a dinner which to me appears to be signifying one religion to them is better than another and needs supporting? Why do I say that, well i guess the rest of the population of Australia are waiting for their turn to be invited to the lodge and the Australian War Museum by these very same officials!

I mean when (if ever) are Australian Christians being invited on good Friday or Easter Monday for a dinner, the Jewish community for Passover, the Chinese and South East Asian community for Chinese new year or buddha’s birthday, the pacific island community invited for a Hungi or even the Aboriginal/Torres Strait islander community for a welcome to country dinner; or lets even say the war widows/veteran community/ Invictus games participants for their dinner or even the volunteer workers like sees/bush fire brigades etc.? Well I’ll tell you where your invitations are, using a few Australianisms; they ‘are in the mail’.

They are ‘in the never never’, ‘trust me I’m a doctor’. Yep, don’t keep looking up the street for the postie, because they are not coming! Some of you probably are saying “well i invite people over to dinner, so what’s the big deal”? Well when you invite people over your hand goes into your pocket and you pay for the dinner so invite who you like but our pm and our defence chiefs they didn’t pay for their Muslim festivities (the cost of unused crockery and cutlery) so they hadn’t been touched by the rest of the Australian infidel population. NO, stands for NO while the tab was picked up by the rest of the Australian population i.e. ‘Tax payers’ because the federal government and our defence chiefs don’t have any money to splurge on dinners without our ‘permission’ (where was the permission.

The postal vote) from the rest of the Australian population to have a dinner to ‘single’ out one religion as being more important than any other within the Australian population! You want racism that is blatant racism, where is the discrimination commissioner doing his job there? We all know the answer to that one don’t we? It’s only racism if you are a white Anglo Saxon male and ‘try’ to do or say anything about the ‘state of affairs’ in this country! Right? You might say I’m picking on the Muslim community? I’m not picking on the Muslim community, they didn’t ask the Prime Minister or the Defence Chiefs to have a ‘special’ dinner for them. No it’s these ‘sycophants’ we have in all levels of our community who think you have to ‘placate’ one section of the community over the rest of us to keep them happy!

Well you morons, they don’t care how much you suck up to them, the radical Islamists’ are still radical; suck up to them until the ‘cows come home’ it aren’t going to change anything, except to make you look ‘weak and foolish’ to them and the rest of the Australian non-Muslim population! Had my say, now I can take my ‘heart attack’ tablets and calm down! I’m not asking you to agree to anything I say but I am saying it because this is what ‘I believe’!

Response.  Ken, I like what you write and what you say has merit. However, having said that, life is far more complicated unfortunately.  The politics and diplomacy of today are more reminiscent of Byzantine times where values were put aside for the greater good.   I struggle at times coming to grips with new arrivals who have different values and yet my adopted Aussie culture tolerates the changes in society until such time that I am forced to do something alien to my Aussie values.  I have spent years supporting the “CONCEPT” of multiculturalism only because my interpretation was as follows:  


If after a reasonable period of time a new arrival has not integrated within the Australian environment accepting the values, community standards, abiding by Australian laws and institutions then I would be questioning the reasons they came here in the first place.  Some do find it difficult to integrate and not speak the English language. But even then they do not try and change society according to their way of life.

I am hardly a racist but I do call a spade a spade.   I do not like being forced to adhere to someone else’s religion, custom, laws culture unless I make that choice free of any influence, threats, intimidation or peer group pressure.  I would make my own decision because I live in a land we call home. (Australia).  I expect all new arrivals to integrate and not change our way of life to suit their own. What people do in their own home is their own business.        

Our political representatives fail at times to represent the views of all Australians and fall into the quagmire of indecision, favouritism, and inappropriate tolerance attitudes and afraid to speak their minds for in fear of being branded a racist. The laws of today are good but they need to be peppered with commonsense and not be blinded by injustices.  

I am of the belief that those who attempt to change our way of life should reconsider their decision to come here in the first place. We all must contribute to this great Southern land we all call home. It is vast and beautiful. Get off your backsides and go and see its beauty and then appreciate what it has to offer and why it is worth defending to the death.  If I have offended any one by my comments, then so be it. Peter Adamis


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