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Abalinx 22 March 2018 Peter Adamis

In March last year Liberal party activist Greg Hannan put his hand up for the male Vice President.  Back then Greg Hannan was supporting Peter Reith for the Presidency but given that he was able to snatch victory, it was believed that he had softened his stance towards Michael Kroger and was willing to work with him rather to undermine him. Unfortunately that was never the case. Greg Hannan is hoping that the recent case of Cormack versus the Liberal Party will go against Michael Kroger and boost his chances at becoming the next President of the Liberal Party in Victoria. A copy of the article may be downloaded by clicking on: The Weasel – Greg Hannan

I first met young Greg Hannan in Brighton during a lecture organised by Marcus Bastiaan and being presented by an anti-terrorist expert now working for the Government elsewhere. At first glance he looked like a likable character and I could not see that he was anything special at the time. He stood in the background quietly listening to the lecturer and then afterwards began to mingle with the guests. I then met him again at other functions and found that upon observing him, he made sure that he met as many people as he could.  I then saw him at an Australia Day function held by Senator Scott Ryan in Moonee Ponds and even there young Greg was working the room politically speaking.

As he came towards me, he nodded his head and said hi.  I responded in kind and said it was good to see a young bloke making the rounds and meeting people from across the board.   During the discussion I advised him that the Liberal Party wanted new blood to help replenish the elders who were now getting old and tired.  I found it odd that he had come out so far to attend the Australia Day BBQ but thought nothing of it at the time.

I remember saying to him that if he truly wanted to get ahead in the party he should aim high and attempt to get onto the Administrative Committee. Young Greg chuckled and then went over to talk with Frank Greenstein, another strong Liberal Party activist, mentor of the young Liberals and supporter of many candidates.

As time went on I heard more and more about Greg Hannan and his bid for higher office. Good luck to him I would often say to myself as I always believed in generational change.  However Greg Hannan became known as being on the Administrative Committee when the then State Director was Damien Mantach. It was a great pity that Greg being a member of the Administrative Committee would be tarnished with the same brush as Tony Snell, Peter McWilliams, Frank Greenstein, Caroline Elliot and others in failing to uncover the theft by Damien Mantach

Ever since that dreadful dark period of the Mantach period I took a critical look at Greg Hannan and found to my dismay that he was not who I thought he was. I must say what I discovered disappointed me as I had high hope for young Greg Hannan. I asked myself whether Greg Hannan was an opportunist and was the type of bloke that would kick a bloke who was down. Something which I abhor with a passion as it is un-Australian in my book.  

It was later brought to my attention that Greg Hannan was delighted to hear that the Lobster Dinner article written on Matthew Guy meant that Michael O’Brien would take on the role of Opposition leader and Mathew Guy being put out to pasture. I guess in hindsight that is politics, but if it is true that Greg Hannan was delighted at Matthews Guys demise as a political force then my faith in Greg Hannan would vanish.

In recent weeks the Cormack versus Liberal Party has been the focus of attention as well as the emails being distributed by a chap called Ian Quick, another member of the Administrative Committee.  All this at a time when there are State Council elections looming in late April and those who are hoping to be elected are positioning themselves politically in order to be successful at the State Council.  I am of the opinion that if someone wants to be elected to State Council they must put in the hard yards and travel to most if not all of the electorates in Victoria in order that everyone gets the opportunity to meet with the candidates.

The only ones that I hear that attend any of these events, functions, gatherings, fund raisers and meetings from the Administrative Committee were those supporting Matthew Guy and Michael Kroger.  I am advised that the others with the exception of Greg Mirabella have yet to be seen in the regional and rural electorates and/or seen to be supporting any fund raisers or attracting new members. I must say in defence of these members is that they have decided to lobby in their own strongholds within the Melbourne inner city regions.

I guess this is good strategy on their part, because it meant that they have done their numbers and know where to garner their support. I can only assume that people like Greg Hannan have good mentors and supporters who think alike.  It is alleged that Frank Greenstein is a mentor to his young apprentice Greg Hannan. If this true then Greg Hannan is in very good hands and could learn much from that grand master of strategic political chess. But then again, as Eric Abetz put it when describing Danial Andrews: ”You can judge a man by the company he keeps.”  I believe that despite the mentorship and support from various quarters, I view Greg Hannan’s challenge as merely a test to see how strong his support base.

I for one don’t believe for one moment that the Greg Hanna is getting any pressure from the “Grass Roots” to challenge Michael Kroger and I thinks that he must have rocks in his head. The only Grass Roots that young Greg Hannan has is the soil that he has in his back yard and even there would not be much to talk about during this hot weather.  

There is no such group as the “Grass Roots” and the sooner people realise that the meaning of “Grass Roots” means absolutely nothing the better.  But then again if you belong to a faction for example say those alleged “Grass Roots” that supported Tony Abbott then maybe Greg Hannan belongs to that faction. Maybe that is what Greg Hannan is referring to. If someone wanted to know the true meaning of “Grass Roots” look no further that the explanation by Wikipedia.

On the other hand, Greg Hannan is laying the foundations to ward off any potential challenge from his rival Marcus Bastiaan. Whatever the case maybe, it will be the best man on the day who wins the prize.  The desire to succeed in the political arena by undermining the leader, is nothing new. It is no surprise that too many that there are unsavoury characters within the Liberal Party who are hoping that Michael Kroger court case (who has put in one Million dollars of his own money) against the Cormack Foundation on behalf of the Liberal Party fails. 

Such are the thoughts of those who have nothing better to do other than being purveyors of iniquity hoping to pick up crumbs that fall from the top table. Such iniquity cannot go unnoticed and I am sure that the delegates at the next State Council will vote accordingly.  No one is above the constitution and those who pervert the course of justice only go towards destroying the threads that bind all members within the Liberal Party. But then again, I ask myself whether opportunistic apprentices really care?

In conclusion, my message is the same for all articles leading up to the State Council Elections. That, support the Administrative Committee under the leadership of Michael Kroger is support to Matthew Guy to win Government at the next State Election. 

Post Script.  I have written a number of political article on various subjects and other matters. Since that time I have received a number of abusive telephone calls at home and on my mobile. Furthermore please note that all my calls are monitored due to inappropriate behaviour. I have also received unwarranted and inappropriate threatening emails.  As I take such matters to heart, I would like to point out that I have no malice towards any individual. In fact I admire anyone who stands up or what they believe in.  I am the same and will do what is right in the eyes of our society. If any reader is aggrieved by my comments, then an apology is in order on my part.

I will go even further and apologise to all and sundry if my posts have offended or upset my very dear friends, mates, ex-military, retired cobbers political, military, community and all those I have met throughout life.  But having apologised does not mean that we do not have our political differences and I don’t expect us as individuals to see eye to eye on many things apart from wanting as in my case Liberal Governments in power. My disagreements if any with individual are never personal.

If those who read what I have written, please be assured that it was not my intention and I am sorry if people have taken it the wrong way. I have explained in another post what has occurred to my database and in my own manner of speaking I hoped that it would make matters clearer. If not then I am sorry if readers have taken my posts the wrong way. I welcome as always constructive criticism to mattes which readers may feel need further clarification and I will endeavour to correct it. It may also mean that I may have to add a postscript to any article that I write in order that others understand that what is being written is not personal at all.  Thank you to everyone for their kind support and understanding. Peter Adamis.

Peter Adamis is a Journalist/Social Media Commentator and writer. He is a retired Australian military serviceman and an Industry organisational & Occupational (OHS) & Training Consultant whose interests are within the parameters of domestic and international political spectrum.  He is an avid blogger and contributes to domestic and international community news media outlets as well as to local and Ethnic News.  He holds a Bachelor   of Adult Learning & Development (Monash), Grad Dip Occupational Health & Safety, (Monash), and Dip. Training & Assessment, Dip Public Administration, and Dip Frontline Management. Website: Contact via Email: [email protected] or via Mobile: 0481 342 791

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