Tiananmen Massacre and the unfortunate death of Wu Guofeng

Wu Dingfu (lt) and Song Xiuling and son Wu GuofengWu Dingfu (lt) and Song Xiuling .   hold a portrait of their son Wu Guofeng (TOM PHILLIPS).     Tom Phillips in Xinjin, Sichuan province   01 Jun 2014.  A complete copy of the article may be downloaded by clicking on: Shot and stabbed as he tried to document the Tiananmen Massacre

Twenty-five years after the Tiananmen crackdown of June 4, 1989 the Communist Party continues to conceal the truth about the deaths of hundreds of victims including Wu Guofeng, a 20-year-old student who was among the first to die.  Flames from burning vehicles cast an amber haze over Beijing and gunfire echoed through the night as Wu Guofeng ventured out onto the streets to take the photographs that would cost him his life.  

Hoping to register the night’s momentous events, the 20-year-old student grabbed his camera, mounted his bike and sped southeast towards the action.  To this day the reasons why Guofeng’s life came to a sudden and vicious end that night remain a mystery.  The facts are that at 3 am on June 4 a fellow student had returned to their university dormitory bearing terrible news: Wu Guofeng was dead.




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