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Abalinx 10 March 2018 Peter Adamis

FYROMITES behaviour is Un-Australian?        That is what the Australian community is currently thinking. To understand the recent anti-social behaviour we must return to its origins. A copy of the article may be downloaded by clicking on: TOGETHER WE CAN SOLVE OUR DIFFERENCES

The Community of migrants who arrived in Australia from the former Yugoslavia fled their homes seeking a better world where their children could develop and grow in to young Australians without the baggage of a bygone era that was filled with hate, violence and destruction of families.  That is the story that we in Australia have been fed to believe.  Yet some so years later we find that those same hatreds that drove this community into Australia are alive and well. I say this because as a result of the dismantling of Yugoslavia as a nation and the fall of the Soviet Union, old hatreds returned to haunt the current generation. It seemed that the Aussie Greeks and Yugoslavs got on well with each and many cases even intermarried where religion (Orthodoxy) and relationship was mutual and compatible.

Emulating their origins in the Balkans, the Yugoslav communities settled into the North of Melbourne in suburbs such as Thomastown Epping, Lalor and the outskirts of Whittlesea proper. They raised their families, built their churches, and educated the children, created businesses and employment opportunities for their children. After some 40 years in Australia this same community began to realise their political aspirations could be met by joining Australian political parties and by doing so enhanced their own position back home in the old country. This awareness became even more apparent with the creation of a pseudo nation called the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. They became more united with the introduction of new technologies that did not rely on written hard documents, visiting teachers, lecturers or books and other literature. Yes technology enabled the community now calling themselves Macedonians based on the information handed down to them by their parents and Grandparents and therefore instilled in them a false history and philosophy.

If I was in their shoes, I guess if I had any respect for my parents and Grandparents I would naturally gravitate towards that line, ignoring history and relying solely on what they would have passed onto me. There is no doubt in my mind that the early settlers had it tough living in a new country like Australia, I have no doubt that they also suffered from the remnants of WW2 and the Greek Civil War that raged immediately after WW2.  I also have no doubt that they passed on their negative experiences to the young, who made the effort to return to their parents and grandparents home back in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) which by the way was built along Communist political systems.

These youngsters once they visited FYROM found a whole new society being programmed into believing that they were descendants of Alexander the Great. They saw monuments, airports, buildings, symbols, books, literature, newspapers, attended lectures and were overall overwhelmed by their experience.  These same youngsters returned back to Australia filled with pride, passion and the answered the call to assisting the mother country.

I don’t blame these youngsters for their pride and passion at all. Pride in one’s nation and heeding the call reminds me of a time when Australians heeded the call back in 1914 and went to War against Germany. Australians answered Great Britain’s request for support and all the dominions of the Empire at that time rose up as one and supported it against a rising Germany that was bent on controlling the world and threatening and competing Great Britain’s trade monopoly and status as a world power.

In this case those of the nation called the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia are doing what Germany was attempting to do but in a different format and concept. The FYROMITE’s were stealing, borrowing, and acquiescing a history that belonged to their neighbours the Greeks. There is no doubt at all in the minds of those learned in the arts of history or at best have a fair knowledge of an ancient Greece from their school days that Alexander the Great was within the Greek world.

We all grew up reading about this little bloke they called Alexander the Great and how he led his Macedonians and Greeks across Asia Minor and into the very heart of Afghanistan and borders of India. The only one to equal or surpass him would be that great Mongol warrior Genghis Khan who sent his hordes to invade Europe. Alexander the great left his Greek influence with him long after he succumbed to an illness and even today in parts of India, Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt, Middle east, Iran, Greece, Turkey and Europe you will find the relics of a glorious past such monuments, Temples, and inscriptions, lying as silent witness to the Greek influence left behind by Alexander the Great. 

But, what does it matter when a small population seeking to survive against an overwhelming growing population of Albanians, Bulgarians and Turks who vie for a peace of the FYROMIT pie create a false history and program their children to believe such falsehoods. I guess in hindsight, that when faced with extinction, people will grasp at straws in order to survive destruction. That is only natural but does not make it right or correct and as such other solutions need to be found to ensure their survival. Those in the FYROM Diaspora who find themselves in the USA, Canada and Australia have been very successful in distributing their false sense of history and many a news broadcaster has fallen on their sword by referring to this group as Macedonians.

Even as late as the Winter Olympics in Korea, we had Australian broadcasters referring the FYROM competitors as Macedonians. Why, well that is an interesting question. I am led to believe that it is better to create a situation and/or environment that is destined to cause a furore and attract attention to the incorrect usage of the name as it sells and makes money. In other words the Greeks and those of the FYROM nations are merely pawns and playthings being used by external powers to suit their own agendas.

Take a good look at Bulgaria, Albania, Serbia, Turkey, China, USA, Russia, Great Britain and others who are currently playing geopolitical chess from afar using the two nations as their pawns. What might the prize be one may ask.  Well, Bulgaria wants its share of FYROM based on those who speak Bulgarian, Albania wants its share because of a burgeoning Albanian population, and Serbia wants a return of its old Southern Serbia in compensation for Kosovo.

Turkey wants FYROM as a platform for further expansion into the Balkans and to realise its former glory. The issue of the naming of FYROM is but a side show for Turkey which is currently attempting to solve its problems with neighbouring Syria, becoming involved in the Joint Israeli/Cyprus oil drilling operation that uses Italian rigs for its purposes. Aggravating its Greek neighbour with blockades, flying into Greek Airspace, and ramming their patrol boats with the aim of creating another Balkan War.

China which is acknowledged as a great power that almost is on par with the USA, wants peace at all costs because its trading partnership with Greece enables it to use Greece as an entry port and thus must travel through FYROM. The USA wants its own platform because of its intelligence gathering value and use the FYROM nation as a base in the heart of the Balkans for its military and support to NATO if a Russian expansion program becomes evident.

Russia on the other hand, with its vast Slav population is seen by many as the protector of the Slavs throughout the world and wants to re-enter the Balkans to control it and use its influence against the USA and eventually that of China. In short, Russia wants to be taken seriously as a Great power as it misses the prestige and influence that went with it. You must give it to Putin, as he is a master of influence and uses his online lectures and appearances very well.

Then we have Great Britain whose its interest in the Balkans is based on influence and fear of a Russian expansion into the Mediterranean that may threaten its trading relationships. A traditional ally of Greece which in recent times has not been seen as supporting the Greek cause over the naming of its Northern region called Macedonia.

Now I could be wrong in all of the above, but be that it may, it does not change the problem of what is best for this fledging nation who calls itself FYROM but has realised that its attempts to steal another nation’s history has failed. What name do you give it? What will appease its people who one day will change again due to its various organic and ethnic makeup? Will it became a greater Albania, part of Bulgaria or Southern Serbia, nobody knows.

What is a fact at least is that Greece does not have any territorial expansion plans as its Northern borders mirror that of an ancient past and have no plans to go even any further. Far too much blood has been shed by all Greeks to liberate the North and to retain it against Bulgarian, Ottoman, and former Yugoslav conglomerate interests. That decision of naming rests with the two nations, Greece and those of FYROM.

Here in Australia, Australians from all walks of life are bemused at the passions arising from the naming issue, whether it is out of being unaware of the issues involved, don’t care, find it boring, laughable and disinterested, they would only became involved if it was in their interests. Yes they may condemn the violence, the flag burning, the racist remarks, the intimidation and hurling of insults made by those of the FYROM camp but as it does not concern them, they will tolerate the demonstrations on reflection call it un-Australian and anti-social behaviour that can be arrested and curbed by our laws, intuitions and political systems.  

Australians will become involved and their passions aroused should any group attempt to burn the Australian flag, desecrate our institutions and make insulting remarks about our ANZAC heritage. If those who arrive on the shores of Australia believe that they can bring their baggage to this nation then they have another thing coming to them. Australians may be a resilient and tolerant mob that accepts other culture within its midst, but not the negative baggage that is associate with it. Look at the Cronulla riots and that alone speaks for its self.

I as an Australian of Greek heritage am appalled at the behaviour of those who fail to understand that being an Australian does not mean kicking a bloke when they are down or burning the flag of a nation. It is un-Australian. Therefore if I am appalled at such behaviour imagine what our other brothers of society think.  Time to chill out and let reason, commonsense and tolerance become the new catchwords.

If any of the two communities wish to personally challenge me on the above, I welcome their constructive comments as long as what they contribute goes towards educating those that fail to understand the historical significance of the name and how it affects people it different ways. I can never be accused of being against the Australian FYROMITE community as I have lived with them, worked with them supported them as a community financially, politically and yes as an Army recruiter when I was serving in the region. But having said that, does not mean that I would support such anti-social behaviour that is un-Australian in every format.

I have met many of the Australian Fyromite community since 1990 and in that time, I have since found that they are no different to that of my own Australian Greek background, they have the same aspirations, goals, dreams and the willingness to grow and contribute to the Australian way of life. Yet having said this, those who are seen as the leaders or the influencers in their community must realise that with that status imposed upon them willingly or unwillingly comes responsibility and that with that responsibility they must act and be seen as acting within the laws of this nation. 

If the ae to be taken seriously then they must like their Australian Greek counterparts advise their community “NOT TO”: burn flags of another nation, hurl insults, make racist remarks, display racist and insulting banner, hang signs on public infrastructure such as buildings, ladders and bridges, nor should they intimidate, threaten, paint slogans on churches, sports buildings and monuments. This is what I call un-Australian.

I say this in view of what has happened recently in the streets of Melbourne by the anti-social and un-Australian demonstrations by the FYROMITE community. The demonstrations only rallied and united to Australian Greeks have now come to the realisation that although they heeded the advice from their leaders in the Australian community not to retaliate and to remain calm.

In the Facebook post below, there is a photo of one of the leaders whose actions appear to be derogatory and yet at the same time may be viewed by others at trying to stop such actions. The FYROMITE community organiser on this occasion is named as Lidija Neskovski. It is alleged that Lidija is employed by Sheldon Receptions located somewhere in the Western suburbs of Melbourne and it is further alleged that she is a member of the Labor Party.

I am of the belief that she was in two states of mind, one to appease those who attended the rally and the other in sincerely making an attempt to put out the flames. It is clear from the video evidence that she is pointing the finger at the agitators and telling them to stop such action, Unfortunately  she is drowned out by those who making racists remarks and others  egging her on to keep burning the flag.

This to me is a clear indication that despite the good intentions of the organisers that they had no real control over the demonstrators once they began their journey of destruction and vandalism.  It was clear that there were vigilantes, breakaway groups and die hard communist agitators bent on pursuing their own doctrine and hate of a bygone era. This is not what I would expect of the sons and daughters whose parents and grandparents came to this country to get away from such violent and unruly behaviour.

I now fear that the hot blooded and passionate members may take matters into their own hands and become vigilantes in their own right. I am referring to the future where Australians of Greek heritage will be celebrating their annual Greek Independence day celebrations on the 25th of March. I do hope that the FYROMITE community does not attempt to aggravate, disrupt or create a disturbance on the day of the celebrations; as I fear violence will erupt. A violent response not seen since the Nazis burned and pillaged the Jewish shops in Nazi Germany prior to WW2 and that similar to the Turks who pillaged Greeks businesses in Istanbul (Constantinople) in Turkey in the last century.

On the positive side, I am aware of actions behind the scenes involving state government actions that are bringing together the two communities to discuss the recent anti-social behaviour and to work out a solution that will bind both communities to show and demonstrate in real terms, tolerance, good faith and respect for one another.

In addition, those who have been responsible for such antisocial behaviour are being spoken to and advised that such action could be seen as the trigger for retaliation and further violence.  One therefore is in the hope that passions are kept in check and that any issues arising out of the two nations of the Balkans is a matter for them to resolve.

Such demonstrations in the Diaspora does not influence the decision making process and negotiations that are currently underway. The sooner all demonstrators realise this the better. Anti-social behaviour is un-Australian full stop but together we can solve our differences.

Peter Adamis is a Journalist/Social Media Commentator and writer. He is a retired Australian military serviceman and an Industry organisational & Occupational (OHS) & Training Consultant whose interests are within the parameters of domestic and international political spectrum.  He is an avid blogger and contributes to domestic and international community news media outlets as well as to local and Ethnic News.  He holds a Bachelor   of Adult Learning & Development (Monash), Grad Dip Occupational Health & Safety, (Monash), and Dip. Training & Assessment, Dip Public Administration, and Dip Frontline Management. Website: Contact via Email: [email protected] or via Mobile: 0481 342 791



Facebook 10 March2018 Peter Kalliakoudis 

This is Lidija Neskovski from Sheldon’s Receptions in Sunshine.She was one of the alleged organisers & sponsors of this far right racist rally that the Fyromians all 4,500 attended in Melbourne last Sunday.  This woman is a prominent member of the Labor Party yet allows Neo Nazis, ethnic cleansers,

White supremacists to attend this rally. These Fyromians who claim discrimination by the Greeks yet are demanding non recognition of the indigenous Albanian minority of Fyrom. In the video she’s making a poor attempt of putting out the fire that burnt the sacred flags of Greece.  Yes she could have easily used water or scolded the mobs that is praising her.

This is a well-respected woman of the Fyromian community at large yet the extremist element of her community have high jacked their pseudo cause. Where are you Lidija as a self-appointed leader to condemn the haters the Neo Nazis (Fyromians supported the Axis in WWII) those white supremacists those racists those haters of their grotesque behaviour last Sunday?

And please we don’t want crocodile tears either we Greeks as indigenous people of Macedonia demand the leaders of the Fyrom community to condemn this extreme behaviour.  Our rally had no hate banners no burning of flags proper marshals no flares no masked agitators, no violence no one attacked any shops unlike your behaviour on Lonsdale St. 

The behaviour of these Fyromians soon to be named Gornamakedonija and its people Gornamakedoniskis or Gornies for short has gone too far. I’m sorry Lidija there’s no excuse you can sulk all you like and shed those crocodile tears but the facts are all there and the video shows you up in a poor attempt at putting out the fire.

If our counter rally was there I doubt those cowards would have the guts to burn the Greek flags knowing that we can see them and their identity. No cowards only commit such crimes in the safety of the mob. In Lidija’s defence she did try and smother the fire she did tell the fire burners off by lighting the Greek flags let’s make sure that we understand this. Lidija did not light up any Greek flags whatsoever.


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