Tony Abbott & those who plot to undermine him and the government

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abbott hockey turbull punchupPeter Adamis  1 June 2014.   Cartoon: courtesy of Mark Knight.

The Australian public has recently been taken aback at the current governments budget and its alleged negative effects on society. Tony Abbott whether you like him or not represent the Australian people and yet is the target for unwarranted criticism.   

Opposition parties have been quick to jump on the bandwagon of public fury to attack the government and its alleged broken promises.  Having said this, the public have very short memories and readily believe the negative aspects of a Liberal government because they felt they were deceived.  A copy of the article may be downloaded by clicking on: ABBOTT THE LEADER , THOSE WHO PLOT TO UNDERMINE HIM & HIS GOVERNMENT

Whether this is true, we must not forget that politics is about engaging and serving the people who elected them to high office and therefore should not be surprised when changes occur.  The government when it began to learn the full extent of the debit deficit after a long period of mismanagement by Labor realised that they would have to take drastic action to stop the financial fiscal hemorrhaging and allow the body of Australian society to enjoy a quality of life unheard of in any other country. The Australian Labor Party is fully aware of its short comings and mismanagement of Australian assets, mismanagement of a number policies that went wrong, mismanagement of securing Australasia borders and worst still creating an environment where leaders were changed based on egos and not what was best for Australia.

The Liberal party cannot afford to fall into the traps laid by opposition parties, misled by well meaning individuals, influenced by self interest corporations and/worst still to be intimidated by countries based on economic foundations.  The Liberal strength is in unity, discipline and loyalty of its party members dedicated to bringing about conservative values that are consistent with enhancing the quality of life.  Any leadership spills, arguments, disagreements and ego pushing and shoving is and should be conducted behind closed doors and not to be aired in public where the slightest change from the governments objects and aims are used politically against them. 

As a right wing conservatism, I would hate to see the Liberal party follows the same path as the Labor party and create an environment where itself destructs internally and affects the political umbrella in which all parties operate.  I prefer that unity and respect for the Australian people are in the uppermost mind of all political lawmakers and not the political party that they represent. The government when it is elected is elected to represent ALL AUSTRALIANS and not the few who assisted them to govern Australia.

Tony Abbott and his coalition team of law makers in their own right have been elected to govern this country using all of the tools at their disposal to ensure a quality of life for all Australians and to ensure that the Australian institutions are supported. To do this, Australia requires strong leadership whose moral values and respect for those they serve are symbols of Australian society and as such the foundations of trust are built upon. Undermining the leader (Tony Abbott) by veiled means is not conducive to good political working relationships and engagements with the Australian people. 

Tony Abbott whether you like him or not represents all Australians no matter what their origins, faith or cultural foundations are and as such the office of Prime Minster should be respected. The Office of the Prime Minister is not a football to be kicked from one goal post to another any political player on that political playing field whose is not pulling their weight, not representing the people they represent, found to be shirking their responsibility and worst still being disloyal to the team should be taken of the team and removed from office.  

Tony Abbott demonstrates all of the leadership attributes necessary to fulfill the role of the Prime Minister and to lead a coalition government in order that all the resources and assets of Australia are safe guarded and held in trust for the current generation and the generations to follow.  It is well known that there are recalcitrant and nefarious political members on both sides f the political divide plotting to bring about the demise of the abbot government through devious diplomatic and political means on the grounds that they as the new generation require the old guard to be removed, their value reduced and or removed completely from the political scene.

To go even further, there are political members and their recalcitrant supporters who are secretly preparing for a change in leadership by stealth at the State and Federal levels to bring about that change. These members have been shoring up their members by placing them into key positions in order to grasp power when the opportunity arises and the dominoes begin to topple one by one.  The Tony Abbott government on one hand are is in a strong position on a Federal level and yet are hampered by the petty politics of State governments bent on self destruction and the undermining of members which will in turn affect the Federal political outcome.

In Victoria, there are three six groups within the Liberal party, all vying for supremacy, while at the same time supporting the current leader because its suits their long term political interests.  Neither of the groups are in a strong position to effect any long lasting change and therefore the battle for political supremacy goes on silently behind the scenes. That is where such battles belong and not in the public arena.  The calibre of candidates leave a lot to be desired and one wonders the political reasoning for their selection and why many are not based on merit, experience, knowledge and political skills and not on shoring up political loyalties and numbers to increase their position for leadership of the party. 

What it all boils down to after its reviewed and analysed,  Liberal party members and that of the public are left with a certain amount of cynicism and lack of trust , where pres election at times is just a numbers game, strengthen of loyalties, making deals, reducing an opponent’s effectiveness against what  is best for the Party. The reforms by David Kemp were welcomed, but unfortunately fine tuning is required, to make it effective and allow the party to develop to its full potential. Take for example, Branch members having lost their influence to contribute, sycophants  need to be removed, recalcitrant’s influence reduced, mediocrity replaced by professionalism, key positions be free of any political influence and create a political environment that will encourage unity respect and trust, and a return to conservative values. These would be good starting points where members can feel that they are contributing towards the maintenance, well being and longevity of  Australian values and Australian institutions that make this country, Australia we call home.

The Labor party is in basically in the same position with the union movement being looked upon as having more influence that it truly has. this perception is based on the membership of the unions and not so much on its financial basis. The Labor party’s traditional recruiting grounds have been in the unions, New Australian migrant communities, the local councils and amongst the political left wing families.  It has a young and inexperienced team of individuals who are just following their political dream without having to lift a finger other than to pint out the errors of the government and preparing for a potential takeover in November this year.

The Labor in its wisdom attracted many supporters within the New Australian communities, but over the past 15 years, this recruiting ground of capturing new members has diminished. The changes first occurred when Jeff Kennet a former Liberal party leader and Victorian premier took affirmative action and attracted members from these New Australian communities and attracted them towards a Liberal Party conservatism, philosophy and ideology.  Labor has recognised this and have gone to great pains to fill the gaps by placing candidates in key areas that will engender further adherents to their political philosophy.

Where does this affect Tony Abbott at the Federal level, is a matter which requires further investigation by all those concerned with the status quo as against those intent on making those changes occur by any means possible. If changes within the leadership, management, membership, political leadership, political community demographics, Branch and State Electorate Conference occur then those changes would be certainly welcomed.  The Liberal Party in Victoria currently lacks the political leadership necessary to bring about the unity it so desperately craves for and it appears that should the bitter battles continue, there is a likelihood of past factions re-emerging again to bring about the destruction of the Liberal Party as we know it today.  This potential political disarray will flow onto Tony abbot making his leadership position become untenable and thus questionable whether he able to quell Liberal Party dissent in the Victoria region.  Tony Abbott as leader deserves better and undermining him will certainly bring about political retribution and civil war in Victoria.

Peter Adamis Australia Day iconThe Voice from the Pavement – Peter Adamis is a Journalist/Commentator and writer. He is a retired Australian military serviceman and an Industry organisational & Occupational (OHS) & Training Consultant whose interests are within the parameters of domestic and international political spectrum.  He is an avid blogger and contributes to domestic and international community news media outlets as well as to local and Ethnic News.  He holds a Bachelor   of Adult Learning & Development (Monash), Grad Dip Occupational Health  & Safety, (Monash),  Dip. Training & Assessment, Dip Public Administration, and Dip Frontline Management. Contact via Email: [email protected] or via Mobile: 0409965538

Tony abbottTony Abbott says Malcolm Turnbull is not after his job

June 1, 2014  Judith Ireland  National political reporter.

“Not my job to impugn the integrity of people”: Tony Abbott. Photo: Alex Ellinghausen

Tony Abbott has dismissed the idea that Malcolm Turnbull is going after his job, saying it is “perfectly reasonable” that senior Coalition MPs meet with members of the crossbench following Mr Turnbull’s dinner with Clive Palmer last week.

In a sign of the delicate relationship between Mr Abbott and Mr Palmer, the Prime Minister would also not be drawn on whether he thought the Palmer United Party leader was honest. “It’s not my job to give a character reference for my political competitors,” he told Channel Ten. “But on the other hand, it’s also not my job to impugn the integrity of people who may well be our negotiating partners.”

The Coalition faces a tough battle to get key budget measures through the Senate, such as the GP co-payment and changes to pensions, Newstart and university fees. Labor, the Greens and the Palmer United Party have all expressed opposition to the plans.

Mr Abbott has begun talks with incoming senators Bob Day and David Leyonhjelm but so far Mr Palmer has warned he will hold the government’s legislative agenda to ransom until he gets more staff. Last Wednesday night, Mr Palmer had dinner with Mr Turnbull in a Canberra restaurant in a move that sparked fears among Coalition MPs that it was an attempt to destabilise Mr Abbott’s leadership,according to reports.

The Prime Minister on Sunday dismissed any suggestion about an attack on his leadership.  “I think it’s perfectly reasonable for senior members of the Coalition to talk with independent and minor party senators because we have a budget to get through the Parliament.”

Mr Abbott added that there was “nothing wrong” with Mr Palmer having a relationship with the Communications Minister and others. “Over time, I’m confident that he will have a constructive relationship with the government.” Mr Abbott also hit back at opposition to the Coalition’s first budget from other parties. “Whether it’s Bill Shorten, whether it’s the Greens, whether it’s others – it’s one long chorus of complaint. And in the end, what the public wants is a government that knows where it wants to go,” he said.

“The man with the plan has an extraordinary advantage over the person who has just got the complaint.” Mr Abbott said that he was currently talking to “various minor party and independent senators”.  “They’re really courtesy calls as much as anything,” he said.  He conceded that it would not be easy to negotiate the budget through the Senate but appeared to take heart from history, noting that it was unusual for governments to have an upper house majority.  “And yet, almost no government has failed to get the major elements of its budget through.”

Abbotts End The Last Nine Days

Bob Ellis on May 27, 2014

It’s likely Abbott will be overthrown in the next nine days and his successor Dutton, Hunt or Turnbull rapidly and brutally excise Hockey from the Treasury; not certain, but likely. Why do I say this? Well, in Question Time today he, Tony, was very strange indeed, his face calm but his voice arching upwards huskily into polecat soprano as he asserted repeatedly that ‘not one dollar’ had been cut from Health and Education, though Plibersek waved a government document saying eighty billion dollars had been, and his backbenchers’ faces behind him, and the Ministers’ faces beside him, were melancholy-dire.

He seemed mad, and it was clear they’d given up on him, the worst policy-salesman in their history (he had lost, in seven months as PM, 1.3 million votes), and were making frantic plans in hugger-mugger to be rid of him. A while ago, it was revealed in the Fairfax online papers that no AFP officer had advised him not to go to Deakin lest he be roughed up there; he had made that up; he had lied about it.

And here he was, lying again, reconfiguring history as he has this last fortnight, pretending the eighty missing billions were never there in the first place; had never existed; were figments of Shorten’s crazed imagination. No eighty billion; never ever. This was familiar. This was the Tony who had attempted a punch-up on the floor of the House, and sneered at Bernie Banton in his last week of life, run out on his pregnant bride and broken Joe Hockey’s jaw.

He had ‘gone rogue’, as the saying is, perhaps because of some back-pain-relieving drug, or simple angry sleeplessness, or some private crisis, or his Catholic conscience plaguing his dreams. But he was bonkers, innumerate, glitched, crinkle-eyed and repetitive (he urged Labor to ‘axe the Carbon Tax’) as Peter Costello predicted he would be. He had forgotten already the knighthoods due on the Queen’s Birthday. He was on some other planet. He was floating.  I predicted his arrival, and I was alone in doing so, correctly doing so; alone in the nation. I now predict his going.  Thursday or Friday next week.

Tony Abbott will be dumped by own party within week

30th May 2014

PRIME Minister Tony Abbott will be thrown out of the top job within a week, according to a former speech writer for Paul Keating and Kim Beazley.  Bob Ellis, a long-time writer and Labor supporter, wrote in his blog this week that Mr Abbott would be overthrown by next Thursday or Friday and replaced by Peter Dutton, Greg Hunt or Malcolm Turnbull.  He has also tipped that Joe Hockey could be dumped as Treasurer after the government’s unpopular budget.

Mr Ellis based his prediction on the faces of LNP MPs during Question Time this week as Mr Abbott was hammered over the budget.  “Tony, was very strange indeed, his face calm but his voice arching upwards huskily into polecat soprano as he asserted repeatedly that ‘not one dollar’ had been cut from health and education,” Mr Ellis wrote.

(The) backbenchers’ faces behind him, and the Ministers’ faces beside him, were melancholy-dire.  “He seemed mad, and it was clear they’d given up on him, the worst policy-salesman in their history (he had lost, in seven months as PM, 1.3 million votes), and were making frantic plans in hugger-mugger to be rid of him.”  “I predicted his arrival, and I was alone in doing so, correctly doing so; alone in the nation. I now predict his going. Thursday or Friday next week.”

WHO IS BOB ELLIS?   Ellis, who was born in Lismore, is an Australian writer, journalist, filmmaker and political commentator.  He was a student at the University of Sydney at the same time as other notable Australians including Clive James, Germaine Greer, Les Murray, John Bell, Ken Horler and Mungo McCallum.  He wrote two books, Goodbye Jerusalem and Goodbye Babylon, on his experiences of the Labor Party.

The first edition of Goodbye Jerusalem was pulped following a successful defamation case brought by two Liberal cabinet ministers, Tony Abbott and Peter Costello, and their wives.  The publisher, Random House, accepted that the disputed content was a falsehood and the book was removed from sale.  ACT Supreme Court Justice Higgins awarded the two politicians and their wives a total of $277,000 damages. A new edition of the book was published three months later which omitted the defamatory passage.  Source: Wikipedia



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