The Twilight years


2 May 2023

PREAMBLE. This article is not for everyone as it is outside my normal writing style and yet, I cannot but help myself into picking up the electronic quill and sharing my thoughts with readers. I guess, I am just a lost soul, a poor old fool seeking answers in his twilight years.

This does not mean that I have lost it completely but I have come to the realisation that change is coming and it is coming at such a fast pace that I may not be able to run with the pack like the young wolf that I was of my youth.  This is but an article expressing the tide of years, the changes yet to come and facing them gracefully without the negative emotions that sometimes accompany them.

Have you ever taken the time out to sit down, rest, relax and allow your mind to wander. To sit under the shade of a tree, munching on an apple, sipping a glass of wine, or being down at the beach with your feet and toes in the water while you lay on the sand sunbathing and allowing the sun’s rays to turn your body into bronze.

I do that quite often and seek out a place of solitude, away from the world outside, close my eyes, and simply let go of reality. The mind seeing that you are in that state takes control and sends you on journeys that bring you peace, enabling to re-energise your body’s batteries so to speak.

Now that I have approached the twilight years of life, I grab myself a cup of tea, a beer or even a cup of coffee, put my feet up on the side table or a bench and look outside the window towards the sun as it strikes the glass, splintering its rays throughout the room and illuminating it for just a moment before it disappears again behind a cloud.

“Ahhh”, I sigh and silently say to myself, “that is Melbourne weather” gazing into the heavens outside wondering where my life’s journey has taken me and what other adventures are in store. I flood my mind with all wonders of life and experiences and become lost in a journey of forget-fulness and of reflection. Meandering from one thought to a memory here and there, a jump to another reflection, a twist and turn, a glance, a reminder of positive mind vibrations and before long I am flying through a melody of sounds, visual sequences and in doing so skip over experiences of a bygone era.

Throughout this journey, one feels the influences of unwanted and negative forces attempting to break through the idyllic barrier of mindful solace and I move on before they break into my journey of peace and solitude. The sun in the heavens above, not to be deterred, shines through the lens of the clouds and as such magnifies the light into what appears like a bright star on fire.

I feel its warmth on my face as it made its way through the emptiness of space. In response to its warmth, I grin and curl my lips into a smile, a smile that can be misconstrued for narcissism and self-importance. Yet it is a good feeling that reinforces the positive thoughts now racing through the meadows and glens of my mind. Like the tiny rivulets that they, gathering speed as they propel themselves forward, each trying to outpace the other seeking out the pleasures of the mind and of the past.

Yes, the mind is a wonderful vehicle that is often overlooked and few have ever bothered to harness its potential. Mankind is so possessed with creating life in its own image by delving in artificial intelligence that it overlooks the wonders of the mind itself. There is no comparison with non-organic forms of life, for the mind is not controlled or governed by mere calculations, mathematics, logic, algorithms, processors and rules.

Mankind’s mind is so powerful that I shudder to think of the enormous unknown power that the brain itself contains. It all boils down to, having free choice and the ability to change and adapt according to one’s environment and the need to survive that environment.

I say all of the above for we are on the verge of technological breakthroughs that will razzle and dazzle us and in most cases seduce and influence us (mankind) that these new technologies are so safe that human error has been eliminated and as such we should not be concerning ourselves as long as we are happy.

Those of us who decided to have a family hope that we will be surrounded by our children, grandchildren and in some cases our great grandchildren. We will want to listen to their stories, their dreams, their ambitions, their hopes and the journeys they wish to take.

We will have become good listeners by that time and we shall be nodding our heads occasionally, smiling in agreeance and/or pretending we are annoyed by the frivolous escapades of youth. This is when our minds take over and begin the journey of vigilance, reflection and seeking all manner of peace and tranquillity.

As always, remain vigilant, be of good cheer for the world is still a beautiful place, never give up and always fight the good fight.

Peter Adamis is a writer, freelance journalist and a retired Australian veteran. He holds a Bachelor of Adult Learning and Development and a post-graduate degree in Environmental Occupational Health and Safety. [Just an ordinary bloke]