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Abalinx 3 September 2018 Peter Adamis

With only a few months out from a State election, it has become obvious to political observers that Matthew Guy is being undermined from within his own Party.  Those of the left and the moderates who call themselves progressives in nature but covert in reality have been operating quietly behind the scenes to bring about the downfall of Matthew Guy and his parliamentary team.

 Suffice to say the covert operators hiding behind pseudonyms using face book and emails to spread their negative and innocuous material are not confined to the Melbourne area but can also be found on the fringes and outer regions of Melbourne proper.

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These same left wing and alleged moderate progressive lobbied Matthew Guy to severe his ties with Michael Kroger the President of the Liberal party in Victoria but to his credit refused, advising the recalcitrants that he had no issues at all with Michael Kroger as they were both on the same wave length and campaign trail.  There are those associated with Greg Hannan who challenged Michael Kroger at the last State Council and was found wanting.  The left wing and moderate progressives have been working the various electorates in order to create a storm of dissent against Matthew Guy, using Michael Kroger as their crutch.  Liberals have not yet woken up to these tactics by stealth, intrigue and whispering campaigns that their target is Matthew Guy, not Michael Kroger. Michael Kroger unfortunately is the weapon they hope will bring down Matthew Guy.

Matthew Guys Parliamentary team have nothing to brag about. They are failing in their responsibilities and are not doing enough to support Matthew Guy and his team.  There are even a number of front bench members failing to pull their wright behind Matthew Guy, dragging their heels, failing to conduct functions, events or even campaign on behalf of the Liberal Party.  Everyone who has been involved in any election campaign knows that boots on the ground, press the flesh, kiss the babies, talk on radio and create a swell of mini campaigns around their particular electorates to remind members that they have a representative who cares.

For example in the seat of Cranbourne and Narre Warren there are different people doing different things, lacking campaign experience and not working as a team.  In Yan Yean, the candidate is struggling to make an impact but it’s not her fault as she has been white anted and undermined by high profile Liberals who should be ashamed of themselves for their character assassination and negative whispering campaign against her. Nick McGowan in the seat of Eltham and next door to his mate Matthew Guy does not appear to have much of a chance of winning this green belt but I for one wish him well even if it’s for old times’ sake.  Craig Ondarchie has wedged himself nicely in the North of Melbourne, and recently created some waves when he attended an event only to find that his staff had not sent the invitation.  Still you have to hand it to Craig Ondarchie, he is ambitious to get ahead, a good orator, surrounds himself with individuals that think along the same lines as him and wants to be seen as “doer” rather than as a “gunna”

Of Matthew Guys front bench there appears to be only five or six front bench members who are actually campaigning hard and supporting Matthew Guy in preparation for the State Election. Members such as John Pesutto, Tim Smith, Ryan Smith, Edward Donahue, David Hodgetts and Inga Peulich are out campaigning on a daily basis whilst many others including the Upper House members are not doing anything constructive. Take for example the Shadow Health Minister Mary Woolridge who was seen at one event that paid tribute to a long time member of the Liberal Party, Eva Nagy is being criticised for her lack of campaigning and appears absent from many campaign events being conducted throughout the State by candidates. Whether this is a fair criticism of Mary Woolridge is not known but the rumour mill is not far wrong.

Gladys Lieu has decided to contest Chisolm and not take up the State Seat offered to her by Inga Peulich, Helen Kroger, Theo Zographos, Peter Vlahos and Phillip Liu have also had their names mentioned as potential candidates. Bruce Atkinson who likes to be seen as a local power broker, has promised him the seat and that he will work towards handing him the seat. This remains to be seen.  However despite their enthusiasm for the seat of Chisholm, I have gone on record stating that it can be won. But I must add a word of caution, I fear that it may be a poison chalice as Julia Banks has done little to increase her margin once she was elected into the seat and tied her political aspirations to Malcolm Turnbull.  Whoever wins the pre-selection, the candidate must be worthy of their respect and be well known to the electorate, otherwise it will return back to Labor.

Then we have others who are actually on the Administrative Committee undermining the Committee and its Board members.  There are two not one on the Board leaking information. One is overt and the other is covert.  Both members are leaking the information to anyone who listens, their actions are being monitored but very little if any action has been taken to bring them into line.  Some would this is politics, others would say it has connotations of the traitor tag, but I call it sheer neglect and misguided attempts to influence Liberals who just want to see unity within the Liberal party amongst members in the Victorian Division.

The Federal circus clowns and the Turnbull, Banks departure is not helping Matthew Guy at all and the animosity has spilled over into the laps of Victorian Liberals trying to come to grips with it all. It is well known that Matthew Guy has been on campaign footing since the beginning of this year and has made huge inroads into Daniel Andrews’s territory and Labor held regions.  Not content with rorting the system, putting people’s interests last, jobs for the boys and covering up errors of judgement is but the tip of the iceberg. Crime in the streets, rampaging youths, people don’t feel safe, Police have been hogtied to their political masters and are not free to tackle crime up front and all the time Daniel Andrews is pork barrelling his plans to a Victorian public fed up with his and his colleagues poor and inconsistent policies.   

On the other hand we have Silly Billy Shorten who spends less time in his own electorate under the guise of campaigning at the Federal level. He pontificates about the errors of judgement by the government while his hands are tied behind his back by the union factions that control him. It is well known amongst Labor insiders that of the general public would vote Labor into government if Albanese became leader of the Labor Party.   However the deals, the alliances, job promises and agreements made by Silly Billy Shorten hinders his chances of winning government in 2018. Methinks that if Morrison can keep his head above water, makes the right moves, brings stability to government, regains the moral high ground on a global platform and looks after the interests of Australians first, then he will be in like Flynn.

The trouble with that scenario is that the Liberal party has been on a destructive path for some time and it should not come as a surprise to the public that Malcolm Turnbull was challenged. In a previous article I had inferred that the Victorian Liberal party Division had engineered the downfall of Malcolm Turnbull and that Scott Morrison knew months ago of the dissent amongst his colleagues.  Scott Morrison and not Peter Dutton will be seen as the instigator of the coup and only time will tell who the real Benedict Arnold is.

I am of the belief that Scott Morrison knowing that he could not win without the support of Malcolm Turnbull sought the support of his Victorian colleagues during his numerous visits down South on a number of occasions, canvassing their support.  Julie Bishop was never in the running and she was kept happy by being provided with all sorts of toys to play at the Foreign Office.  In fact one could say that Scott Morrison was Brutus by stealth and Malcolm Turnbull fell not on his sword but Scott Morrison’s.

Julia banks on the other hand, with her leader gone knew that her days were numbered.  This business of coming out and stating that she was bullied by both sides is merely a tantrum on her part and a diversion from the problems with her own electorate. She failed to address matters with her own sphere of influence, she was not effective at all in Canberra, and she did not hold any fund raisers within her electorate, did not go on a campaign trail, failed her constituents, disliked by her own colleagues and failed to acknowledge the work done on her behalf.

She clung to the coat tails of Malcolm Turnbull looking upon him as the ultimate Messiah, failing to see his political indiscretions and poor judgement and above all failing to advise her leader (Malcolm Turnbull) that he was losing the confidence of his colleagues.  The only way out for her was to create a scenario that would give her a get out of jail card by stating that she had been bullied.  Maybe if Julia Banks took a leaf out of Chris Crewther, who did not complain about being pressured. What is the difference?  Is it gender, or is it a failure as a political representative of the people on her part?

None of the above has helped Matthew Guy and he was correct in criticising his Canberra related political cousins recently, that their actions weakened all his good work that he was doing in Victoria.  The facts are there for all to see, parliamentary failing in their responsibilities, campaigns are relying on the electronic concept and not out in the electorate meeting with the people and spreading the message.  The left wing and moderate progressives with the Liberal party undermining any one associate with Michael Kroger and Matthew Guy. The leaking of information by members of the Administrative Committee, and creating disunity. The Federal political cousins creating chaos and mayhem in Canberra which has spilled over into the Victorian Division. Electorate campaign teams in Labor held seats are found to be inexperienced, poorly resourced and strategically illiterate, lacking defined roles and communication strategies.  Put all these into one campaign basket and you get a polyglot of different campaign strategies that fail to impress the Victorian voters.

I will go on record and state that if all of the above do not put aside their differences in order to support Matthew Guy, I will be the first to point the finger at them and place the blame of defeat upon their shoulders. If and when that time comes they should be exposed for who they truly are, sycophants and innocuous weeds that need Monsanto’s Round up and then sheared with the whipper snipper. I must add that Matthew Guy and Michael Kroger are demonstrating true leadership by keeping the team together and both deserves better that the gutter stealth tactics of the left wing and moderate progressives of the Victorian Division of the Liberal Party.

Peter Adamis is a Journalist/Social Media Commentator and writer. He is a retired Australian military serviceman and an Industry organisational & Occupational (OHS) & Training Consultant whose interests are within the parameters of domestic and international political spectrum.  He is an avid blogger and contributes to domestic and international community news media outlets as well as to local and Ethnic News.  He holds a Bachelor   of Adult Learning & Development (Monash), Grad Dip Occupational Health & Safety, (Monash), and Dip. Training & Assessment, Dip Public Administration, and Dip Frontline Management. Website: abalinx.com Contact via Email: [email protected]


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