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Abalinx – Peter Vlahos 19 February 2015

The forthcoming State Council of the Liberal Party is the most crucial Council. In my opinion in thirty three years l has been a member of the Party.   We are not travelling well in the states. We lost Qld, Sth Australia and Victoria. We are struggling in the Northern Territory and we have issues in WA and we have NSW a possible beacon of hope for the future. A copy of the article may be downloaded by clicking on: VICTORIAN LIBERALS AT THE CROSS ROADS

After all, most if not all of our leaders federally have hailed from NSW since 1991 where the once proud jewel in the Liberal Party is: ‘crown’, Victoria?    Victoria is a mess.  We are divided, leaderless and on the verge of being considered irrelevant! We might not as members share in the responsibility for the administration of the Party that rests with 104.  As members we share the defeat we were dealt with last year on 27 November 2014.

  • We share in the loss of government after one term.
  • We share in the humiliation that brings
  • We share in the responsibility to set things. This time round ‘right’.

I hold no confidence in the election review….as all election reviews it merely protects those who put us in this humiliation. We need deep and wide reform of the Party structure and the way it functions. We need new talent to drive the necessary reform forward. We need to empower our once great branch network and we need to play professional politics when it comes to fight elections.

We need leadership in our parliament and leadership which understands government and how to keep it and not to treat the Parliament as ‘gentlemen’s club’ or a ‘ladies’ auxiliary meeting’. We don’t need our parliamentary members playing politics with the party organisation and its members.  We need parliamentarians who gain their seats through life experience on merit and achievement in real life….not by clever mathematics and playing one member against the other and THE FUTURE OF THE PARTY down the middle.

We need accomplished women to take up the liberal cause. We need an organization that stands up for members and provides the balance between the organisation and the parliamentary party.  We need to reform our platform to enable it to engage with the feelings of our community. We need to seriously think about the Victorian Branch this time round. We cannot afford to be duped a second time round by those who tried but didn’t do their best for the Party.

We need to give our new President Michael Kroger, the Administrative committee, Agenda committee, State Assembly and State Council which will put aside personality brawls and disagreements, faction or other divisions and seriously bring the Liberal Party into the 21st Century and this division to its leadership position.

Remember this division has given the Party the following Prime Ministers. Menzies, Holt, Gorton, Fraser and none since 1983.

This division had once Bolte as premier, Hamer. It all went belly up with Kennett lost it totally with Baillieu and now we are in opposition. Remember all this when you vote if you’re a delegate at this year’s State Council. The stakes are high and there is no room for mistakes. The Victorian Division of the Party either elects those committed to a reform agenda or we face oblivion. Liberals it is in our hands.

VLAHOSPeter Vlahos is a Former Mayor of the City of Monash, a Barrister and solicitor by profession as well as a Migration Agent, political commentator and analyst.  Peter has been an active member politically for the past 30 years and has stood for the Federal seat of Chisholm.

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