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Abalinx Peter Adamis 24 January 2018

Australian Hellenic Peak Bodies. Today, we hope to see a press release from the Australian Hellenic peak bodies in Melbourne.  Furthermore I would not be surprised if they held a meeting soon after the rally in Melbourne for reasons of damage control. Without naming names or the peak bodies, I find leadership only in one of these organisations. A copy of the article may be downloaded by clicking on: WANNABEE AUSSIE GREEKS NEED HUGE A WAKE UP CALL

This is a great pity that the other community leaders do not follow suit. But then again, there are other left wing worms who harbour the top job and are frustrated at their inability to rise to the occasion.  A new Generation of Australian Hellenes. On reflection, irrespective of what the press release may state, one would like to believe that what they have to say will be sufficient to whet the appetites of a new generation of Australians with Hellenic origins. I will hazard a guess that this select group of peak bodies may attempt to justify their failure to demonstrate leadership by mollifying the Australians of Greek heritage with soothing words and placate them.

I would not be surprised if they congratulate those Greeks in Greece who braved the cold, the barriers put up by the Greek government, the poor reporting by media and the adverse comments by the Mayor of Thessaloniki to demonstrate in Macedonia. This new generation is challenging the baby boomers and so they should. They are questioning the paradigms of the past and found many wanting.

I congratulate them and encourage them to do more for the Australian community and carve out a new path that incorporates the best of a Hellenic heritage and culture with Australian traditions and culture. In doing so the Hellenic spirit and culture will continue to evolve and become part of the Australian landscape.

Australians of Greek heritage have always contributed to this nation and as such have strengthened the very fabric of a country we all call home. Australia. Australian Slang and Hellenic Egos. Recently I challenged a frustrated and confused Wannabee Community leader/Politician whose left wing ideology and of self-seeking connections to his religion.

I can honestly say that I felt his post was based on the lack of evidence. During the robust debate, I must confess I used the word “drongo” and “wanker”. Both words used by most Australians to describe another as being silly or downright foolish. I have always admired his use of the English language and his historical posts and often commented if I learnt something new. Compared to my inadequate and savagery use of the Aussie language, this young man skills in the English language was nothing short of greatness and superb in his craftsmanship of the written word. Now all my very close friends, military mates and acquaintances know full well that I am a caring and compassionate individual. (I will harm a fly though. I hate flies).

This bloke who shall remain unnamed, writes quite often to the Neos Kosmos an Australian Hellenic Newspaper that is distributed throughout Australia. The language he uses is beyond that of mortal men and women and I sometimes wonder whether he believes himself a Zeus, living in the lofty mountain of Olympus. During a recent debate on social media this young fella who thinks so highly of himself took exception to the Aussie slang, I used to describe his behaviour. Well no skin off my nose. If I took exception to all the derogatory comments thrown at me, I would be a raving lunatic. (Yep I have been called that too).

I used the words Wanker and Drongo as a demonstration that what he wrote was ridiculous, superfluous and devoid of any real facts. It then became obvious by his online commentary and private inbox messages that his feelings were hurt. Well “boo hoo” cry baby, toughen up, for if you wish to be seen as a serious writer and commentator, be prepared to accept constructive criticism and at times the use of good old Aussie slang. It is nothing personal. The following are not my comments but rather others who expressed their views on a recent article written by this young bloke. A bloke who by the way is old enough to be my son.

  1. What a fukd way of comparing a stolen identity.
    2. You are a moron.
    3. What a vlakia.
    4. You are a Malaka and your editorial skills even worse.
    5. Tell us whose dick you have been sucking to write such dribble.
    6. Shame on you.
    7. Not worthy of even wiping your arse with.
    8. Shame on you and that ignorant newspaper you work for.
    9. Too much philosophy happening kopse tis malakies.
    10. His article talks down to those who have a different opinion and demeaning.
    11. I take offence.
    12. I would (not) read that shit if you paid me.
    13. Idiot, and idiots for allowing such rubbish to be published.
    14. Poor attempt at humour.
    15. Extremely offending if you feel Hellenes should be prepared to dishonour its history.
    16. He can’t string two words together, flowery language that doesn’t make sense isn’t flair. 17. With his attitude and ideals we would’ve accepted our 400yr ottoman 
    18. He’s a black belt 2 Dan in thesaurus.
    19. You’re a sell-out. 
    20. No soul. 
    21. No respect. 
    22. Disgrace to our community, as is whoever gives the green light for rubbish articles!
    23. Disgusting journalism.
    24. it’s a propaganda technique.
    25. This person is nothing more than a troll.
    26. Sell out our interests. 
    27. it’s even worse than you think.
    28. A classic example of a Neo Marxist with an Arts degree to “bamboozle with BS”. 
    29. Exactly what happens to people who do not keep traditions and are unpatriotic.
    30. They turn into Traitors! We have no interest turning into Traitors. We are Greeks.
    31. Uncontrollable urge for tedious showing off. 
    32. You are a disgrace.
    33. Too FABRICATED FYROV and write yourself fantasy stories.

After reading the above responses from others, I would rather be called a wanker and/or a drongo than be called all of the above. The point is that here we have a bloke who pontificates from his lofty perch and blasts the rest of the Australian Hellenic community as if they are fools and baboons.   But let us not get too far ahead of ourselves, as this young bloke is like another who was also a journalist on this same newspaper and since parted company is trying to make a name for himself in the wide world of unemployment by degrading other Australians of Hellenic heritage.

When it suits him, he attacks and when he is given praise he heaps accolade after accolade on those who praise him for reasons known only to themselves.  Well the new generation coming through is intelligent, well informed and have opinions of their own. They don’t need to be led by the neck as lambs to the slaughter. No they will fight back and make a stand. Well, let this be a humbling experiences for all journalists whether they are professional or freelance.

The world is changing and those who wish to make a contribution using the pen had better recognise those changes. The same advice goes to the peak bodies, if you don’t reengage with their communities and demonstrate leadership you too will become irrelevant.  Calling the Kettle black. I remember in July 2016 while still recovering from cancer and was called upon to conduct a Federal Election campaign for a young candidate in my area of influence. I did not want the job but there was no one else.

The young candidate was being influenced left right and centre and in the end, I copped a barrage from her friends and called such vitriolic names and adjectives that belong to the gutter.  Furthermore I was told to die of the cancer and that I should not be alive. My detractors did not have a clue until after the election when I completed my report and forwarded it to the responsible organisation.

I was even found collapsed due in the office due to exhaustion and from the residual effects of the cancer and stem cell treatment. But what the hec we don’t live forever. I did not seek acknowledgement for taking in the task, I just did it.  This same individual is now working for a Member of Parliament as an adviser while I went onto recover from the deadly cancer.

On reflection, I am of the belief that I won the lottery and that this young bloke was typical of those who throw stones at glass houses and call the kettle black.  Life is what it is. Now I wrote the above to demonstrate that in life, we must roll with the punches, change what we can change, accept the challenges and opportunities that we face in life and try and create an environment of your own choosing.  You don’t have to be a bad person as long as you remain true to your values, abide by the laws of this nation, contribute to society and remain vigilant at all times to ensure that this nation is secure from external influences and continues to be competitive to ensure longevity and economic security.

Nothing more and nothing less. We do not give enough credit to our young people, honestly we don’t. We criticise them constantly without realising that we are doing more harm than good.  The name Macedonia. It is timely that such matters be brought up on this day as the United Nations in its wisdom has decided to involve itself in two peaceful sovereign nation’s problems regarding the name of Macedonia.

Suffice to say, extreme and unnecessary pressure is being applied by the European Union upon Greece to come to the negotiation table and resolve the issue of the name.  Russia considered to be a Christian Orthodox country is playing chess with the Balkans, Bulgaria is playing a cat and mouse game, while Turkey has it eyes on other matters concerning the treaty of Lausanne and distribution of land.

Not to be left out is the growing population of FYROM who don’t want the name of Macedonia and they will eventually overwhelm the country of FYROM and create a Greater Albania at the expense of FYROM itself.  Serbia who has been a traditional ally of Greece has recently recanted its stance on the use of FYROM using the name Macedonia and has again reengaged with Greece on this matter. The United States wants a neutral state in FYROM as it is a platform or if you like chess piece to be used to play chess with the Russians.

We must not forget China whose trade interests are at stake and will seek a peaceful solution on behalf of its Greek interests.  What I do find of interests is that Greece has kept the name of an ancient nation. Ancient Macedonia was located to the North of Greece, exactly where the borders are today.  I am not being critical of Greece, nor am I denying its Greekness and reliance on Greek culture and way of life other than to say I don’t understand the motives of those living in the Former Republic of Yugoslavia.

I can only assume that Venizelos the statesman of a bygone era had approached the Slavs living in Macedonia and influenced them to fight with the Greeks to liberate Thessalonica and Thrace and therefore create a Northern state called Macedonia.

Venizelos, I assume would have said to the Slavs that they were better off with Greece rather than with Bulgaria, Serbia and/or Albania. The Slavs of that period must have been won over with such rhetoric and fought valiantly on the side of the Greeks and eventually reached Thessaloniki before the arrival of the Bulgarians. Up until World War 2 everything appeared fine and people lived together in harmony.

When the Greek Civil war came to an end, Tito, the master manipulator of men and a great military strategists; to appease those who fought alongside him, gathered the thousands of Greek communists who fled over the Grammos Mountains and into Yugoslavia with thousands of children in tow.  He provided them with food and shelter and also gave them the hope that they would be seen as Macedonians. This was a geopolitical master stroke with strategic long term intentions of engulfing Macedonia proper that was in Greece and thus have a port into the Aegean.

I may be wrong in my assumptions and look forward to constructive criticism on this subject.  Recently, a huge rally was conducted in Thessaloniki and a small demonstration of solidarity was shown by Australians of Greek heritage who wanted to demonstrate against the use of the name Macedonia being forced onto the Greek Nation.  This small band of loyalist, bless their soul went against the advice of the peak bodies and did what was in their heart of hearts.

One cannot blame them for pursuing the values and traditions of their forefathers and felt that they too wanted to show that Greece was not alone. After all is not Thessaloniki a sister city of Melbourne or have people forgotten that.   What is also of interest is that no known demonstration was conducted in the USA or Canada and one must beg the question why. Is it because they have lost their passion or have they discarded their Hellenism.

In this article I have covered three subjects, one being the peak bodies and their lack of leadership, two, the emerging new generation and the use of Aussie slang and Hellenic egos; three the use of the name Macedonia.  I don’t expect everyone to agree with me and prefer constructive rather than destructive commentary and responses. I am 67 years old and still young enough to see the light that the world has changed and will continue to develop in ways that we cannot imagine.

We must recognise those signs and move forward united as a nation and with confidence. We all have a part to play in this country, which as I state above Australia, a place we call home.

Peter Adamis is a Journalist/Social Media Commentator and writer. A retired Australian military serviceman and an Industry organisational & Occupational (OHS) & Training Consultant whose interests are within the parameters of domestic and international political spectrum.  An avid blogger and contributes to domestic and international community news media outlets as well as to local and Ethnic News.  He holds a Bachelor   of Adult Learning & Development (Monash), Grad Dip Occupational Health & Safety, (Monash), and Dip. Training & Assessment, Dip Public Administration, and Dip Frontline Management. Website: Contact via Email: [email protected] or via Mobile: 0481 342 791


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