Rolf Harris was he a predator?

Rolfe Harris

Peter Adamis 1 July 2014.

I would like to think the the best of all people, especially those hold positions of responsibility and are looked up to as beacons and examples of what is good in our society. With Rolf Harris, I found it difficult to come to grips with regarding the alleged charges against him. Suffice to say, when I heard the news some months ago that an Australian media personality living in the UK was under investigation for misconduct, my thoughts went straight to Rolf Harris.The reason being is that he was the only bloke that came to mind as being successful in two countries. Months later, I am still reeling and finding it hard to believe the charges against him. A copy of the full article may be downloaded by clicking on: ROLF HARRIS WAS HE A PREDATOR

Without judging him and finding it hard to believe, my mind went back to a song called ‘Two little boys” and how it affected me on an emotional level The song to me was what it was like to be an Aussie, growing up in Australia, about mateship, giving a helping hand and also giving assistance to someone who was a mate but also an opponent or did not have the same point of view.

The song was an integral part of my growing up in Australia, it kept me stable at times when all around me everything was falling apart. In times of despair, apart from my own belief in the almighty creator,  there was the human element,  someone close by who would give me a helping hand. The lyrics to the ‘Two little boys” by Rolfe Harris was always a in  my mind that somewhere somehow help would be there if we just looked and reached out.

We as young men and women would laugh and sing along with the Rolf Harris songs of Tie me Kangaroo down, Jake the Peg, Two little boys, Pub with no beer, I’ve been everywhere, Court of King Caractacus, his version of Click go the shears and many more. I can remember singing some of those songs with my mates in the pub or in the Sergeants mess when I was in the Army or even whistling one of the tunes whilst driving along the many highways of this great country. I feel betrayed and let down I guess.

The irony of all my feelings is that I don’t feel any hatred towards Rolfe Harris other than a great disappointment that a man like him had everything going for him and yet despite his enormous talent and loved by millions that he has been found out to be a predator of human flesh and manipulator of young men and women. I must confess I feel enormous sadness for his wife and family who are still alive to witness from great heights a man who was revered and loved by many.

But most of all my emotions and inner feelings are for the victims who have gone unnoticed, hidden from view and too embarrassed to come out and tell their side of the story. These are the true victims within our society. I am pleased to see that those responsible for pursuing this case to its endth degree to ensure that justice is done and seen to be done in order that trust and credibility within our democratic systems and institutions are maintained at the highest level.

The law enforcement agencies should be congratulated for all their work as I am sure that many man hours would have gone in collecting the evidence to bring about a successful outcome. There are many of us who ready to criticise our law enforcement agencies when things go wrong but we fail to remember that for every minor error there are thousands of good outcomes.

What will the outcome for Rolf Harris be other than to languish in jail with the prospect of being released on bail and kept at home under house guard using electronic shackles o monitor his movements. This will probably occur if his health is such that if and when he is released on humanitarian grounds and allowed to go home to die. Rolf Harris gave the outward appearance of what all good things in life were about and we who were not aware of his private followed him like sheep. But then again Rolfe Harris is a product of his own making and as such has been judged accordingly.

Whatever the case may be, life will never be same for many of us who enjoyed listening to the songs and lyrics of Rolf Harris.  I am sure that there are millions out in the world who feel betrayed and the feeling of trust is becoming a byword for the multitude.  Furthermore, the song about two little boys now brings the wrong connotations to mind and it is a shame that it has come to all of this. One would hope that his victims can forgive him an move on with some degree of confidence that in life justice will eventually triumph.

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